The keys to happiness, the disciplines called “a path”!  It begins here: IF, you remove want/ THEN life takes over from self; and life understands how to be happy, with both expression and experience beyond the limits of your own personal demand. The key to happiness is then DON’T “want”. Be alive instead!

Discovery lives in the moments, our heart learns to sing!

  • To know, that life is a true miracle/ which does prove, life itself, is the most valuable gift of all. Making each one equal. But not the same. Humanity is about the individual; your choice, to recreate yourself, as you will choose.
  1. To understand, the blessing of a living: is its opportunities/ even when reality does not prove we must rejoice. Grace is a journey, beyond self. Mercy is the recognition, I am valued.
  2. Time exists: so you, may create “you”, in forgiveness, by letting the law, that brings justice By every decision that you make, worship, or desire to achieve: does have a purpose.
  3. Passion, is what we give to ourselves, as a purpose beyond selfishness. The discovery of what is true, in me or you.
  4. When people want, they give to themselves the excuse: to refuse the realities of life, and assume with lies, things can be changed as in “Look at me”. With greed, they attain power or pride. Truth never agrees!
  5. When people get what they want, arrogance and pride are born in you: which makes life, just a game of winners, losers, or trophies. An excuse to play god/ it is a reality that destroys soul. “Life, nor death can ever be fully understood”.
  6. When we choose honestly, to go beyond ourselves, and experience love, hope, courage, sharing, caring, happiness and respect; the destiny through these desires by truth is; we become ALIVE inside, as a soul!
  7. Discipline learns the truth. Order conceives of hope, and brings with it the courage of living this life; as we balance our soul with heart through understanding what does have value.
  8. Happiness is, “a freedom bound by love, a reality served by truth, and the discovery of what I or you value most”. The heart senses this as time inherited; the definitions of an eternity begin, and the essence of death fades away.
  9. Sharing lifts everything essential into the light of where we belong in eternity. Not as fools, who cannot understand/ but as wisdom, that conceives of truth, to let the very value of truth itself, guide our ways.
  10. Caring is the certainty, of what life itself means to me. The courage to stand, the reality to belong, as is the distance between our hearts woven as if we were one. Creates; Nothing so certain in humanity as is: “true care”. That life alive, shoves aside “the liar inside”.
  11. To have faith in our CREATOR, without question/ resides in the truth; miracles of body and planet have already answered those. Faith Is again, to understand: when JESUS came, his life became the simple & true testimony, “we are not abandoned by  GOD”.  Eternity is real, so says the evidence of HIS own truth! The value of a love, that can still be heard today!


Happiness elevates the soul, and we rise one step at a time, into the eternity of what love can be within you and me. Those who will not join us, in the passion of what life can be; surrender themselves, to the love of time, or the hate of what they could not attain on their own. None gain happiness on their own, it is a gift. The desire to achieve that opportunity, and experience that destiny is called hope. Hope lives, in the essence of your own heart/ therefore the invitation to know happiness through love, shares the living message:  “I have cared”/ I have chosen soul. Which does mean   “ GOD  in me”!  As is consistent, with all of creation itself, which does testify to this  truth!  Your heart locks from the inside, the key to happiness is then to leave what is only yourself; and come out into life itself:  “as your own true miracle, inherited from, & created by   GOD  HIMSELF”.  Just do the best you can; because it means by the evidence of truth:  literally no one does better than that/ no matter who you are, or what you can or did or did not do!

Do not judge, it is beneath you. Do forgive, it is your need as well. Be kind, even when the others are not/ or you join them. Be a friend, even when others are not; there is no other way to love. Be fair, because it is worthy. Be honest, because truth lives here. Be respectful: it is YOUR duty. Search for truth, and live by that law/ NOT the law of men and the righteous; which is to entrap or even kill; but by justice, which breathes equality, freedom, and rights. Do not be foolish/ your life is worth more than that. Do not assume prayer is “give me everything, I want”/ it Is NOT! Leave the violent and hateful alone; opposite directions never meet in eternity/ DON’T try to save anyone, all are “saved”; it is their own choices that decide. Live your life, don’t surrender it; learn, accept GOD AS GOD/ not a religion, a reality. Fight for this world and all its life:  IT IS, YOUR DUTY! Even if you fight alone.

Do not be “righteous”/ YOU, are not GOD. And neither is a book written by men, translated by men in a man’s language, and with a man’s words, about the things important to men. Time is a depository, for every decision that you make: your time on earth is about you/ NOT, someone else. In every possible detail, it is the reality of “nature and planet” that presents us with options for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Therefore do not be “wiser, than these”/ it is impossible; such a delusion, will only make you fool! Life and death by predator/ prey/ and disease;  removes the idea of a plan or a purpose, other than let the realities of existence decide. As to why: proof stands in front of us all, as 8 billion people just about to consume this whole world/ or more simply population control in one form or another MUST be adhered too! Excess births, assure survival/ when coupled to balance methods that work, as nature did provide until the university delusion crept inside to prove “they could not be god/ only pretend, and in their delusions, create all the threats that destroy a world”. Religion calls that effect,  “brains without sense, diseased by arrogance:  Satan”.

You can’t remain happy, or even achieve it for a short time: unless you accept, and identify what is true. Truth then constructs the future of all that has value, and becomes HAPPY, for life! Truth is a law:  and law that is justified and fair, brings peace/ harmony/ respect/ value/ disciplines/ honesty/ courage/ hope/ caring/ the potential for sharing/ friendship/ grace, “the opportunities we did not earn”/ beauty “the essence of an orderly freedom”/ wisdom/ and love “a value that makes eternity itself, HAPPY TO BE ALIVE”!

A liar will make you unhappy. A thief will always assume, “I have a right”; because they lie to themselves first.  A cheat believes the answer is: I come first. Greed “wants yours too”. Power lives to control you first. Pride fails life/ arrogance removes “their right” to live. The righteous are a cult: because what they believe cannot be questioned, “their god” cannot be questioned, their values cannot be questioned;  because a lie has no room for truth. Temptation merely proves the only thing you actually want, is to control and manipulate my life. A fool, searches to play god. A failure refuses to learn, the lessons life itself will teach. The religious want what they want, “one way or the other”. While the others simply don’t want, what the reality of their choices will prove life to be. Freedom is not “whatever you want”/ because that will end in tragedy or disgrace. Want has no brain, it merely exists to confront the truth; and prove the essence, and truth of your own decision.

Liberty is, a reality of values given to mean: with this, we can be friends. Eternity gives life hope, if you accept the grace and mercy called love.  While LOVE grants to the participant, a freedom chosen with respect, identified with balance:   to be ALIVE, in ways the others can only imagine! To find JOY, the elemental rise beyond self into the quest that is LIFE ITSELF.


I do wish you well


The best you can do is honesty: because without the truth, reality can easily turn to hate.

The question is simple:  even when respect is gone/ the reality of life remains. Somebody has to pay, for a future to exist. That burden rests on the person who has a future; but it is also the duty of family to insure the possibility for a future will exist, if you take on your own responsibilities honestly, as best you can.               Do the best you can/ because anything less is cause for more sorrow, and even shame.

Because just like in the past, when you were a teenager;  being upset, or angry, or whatever it is:  WILL NOT help.

Life is not about what you want!  Life is about the decisions of your own heart. Simple as that.

Every lie destroys a tiny bit of what I learned to trust in you/ without trust there is no life together; just time.

Pride only knows “I am a winner or I am a loser”/ and nothing else matters, but the game I play to win.

Power, I can control or manipulate you, or cause you pain and distress; is a deception in your own heart. Your own soul being strangled, to the point where you will no longer breathe life.

Respect decides if you can have a relationship or not. To lose that initiates personal wars.

Women want to know your little secrets, so they have a club to beat you with/ a threat, to make you obey.

Men want to believe “nothing has changed” when I marry you; because I am still free/ that is never true.

Responsibilities prove discipline/ discipline proves I have or have not the ability for honor, courage, and hope.

Order lacks romance, unless it comes from the soul:  where life itself blossoms into love.

Happiness cherishes the miraculous truth, that each body of life is so extreme, and so beyond comprehension as a reality of existence:  no one, should ever feel “common”. We are the very essence of what it means to be ALIVE! Within that truth, there is no need for sadness.

Be alive, which means truth shall decide/ NOT want, pride, or power.


Regardless to happiness:

As to “I, the disciplined expression of my world”; the reality is very simple:  the examination of evidence, proves extinction for our world is inevitable and soon, without true change. Nothing else has been important to my life, basically from the beginning; which arose, if memory is correct, from the presidential television ad: using a child with a nuclear bomb in the background.  . MY, life decision was made, when the Cuban missile crisis arose.  Or more distinctly: the extreme arrogance of those in charge, along with the horrific realities of universities without respect for life itself/ in countless ways. Was enough to change my life; into a fight for life on earth! But alas, you were not willing to do anything but demand “more stuff for me”! So here we are, at the end of your delusions/ and the realities of what the university itself can do, when left to freedoms without boundaries for life or values defined by the living or even fundamentals to protect this earth. Facing extermination, with such extreme realities of delusion leading the way: as is trying to bring the same fire here, that burns on the sun. Still no one cares, because the cult of university worship is extreme! One chance/ one gamble/ on ignition that cannot be extinguished; because the liars are wrong. IT IS, and they know it is:  a nuclear fire on the sun, and that means it burns the bond in atoms to release that energy, with a radiation that is also extreme and cannot be survived. Yet no one cares, because the delusion is:  “the university can be god”.   EVEN THOUGH, every assumption or theory provided by the university as too knowledge regarding the sun: HAS BEEN PROVEN WRONG!  No going back. A reality that brought me to the edge of “war (by my conception) with you”. The consequence being, before entering into that as a last resort:  “what would women do”? None helped, so the spiritual world of women was asked; and although THAT made the finishing of this work possible/ the consequences have been many.

       Even so, I am not the difference between whether this world lives or dies from your failures, selfishness, and foolishness/ you’re complete lack of respect for everything but greed, as you have been led too, by “you’re university gods”.  IF YOU CHANGE sufficiently, in this day, and at this time; the possibility still exists that life can go on. IF YOU DON’T, as humanity on earth decides/ then I predict to you every prophecy of the bible, about horrendous last days; will come true. NOT because I am religious/ as I clearly am not: but because the evidence does prove, by the realities of our own truth, as life on earth:  THIS IS HAPPENING, right now. Everything is prepared, the last elements for the ending of life on earth are nearly in place/ and soon, the point of no return will pass.  Ending hope forever, as you will know within yourselves!  I regard myself, as neither friend nor enemy to you/ simply the messenger to this reality of CHANGE OR DIE, as a world:  because of what you did do to your world, and yourselves.  GOD  has not condemned you/ YOU did that! Change or die, it is your reality! You blocked my path to teach you/ you refused to help in any conceivable way/ you chose “the university is your god”/ you denied reality and the evidence of truth/ you failed life, child, and yourself:  to play “we got more”.  Shame on you; our whole world is dying/ people are trying to ignite this world just like the sun/ the university delusion is mutilating nature itself/ every resource is being destroyed/ every other life is going extinct: and all you can do is demand “I WANT, me more”!

       As to every claim “he is, or he is not”; whether that be for your religious purposes or just plain disrespect:  the foundation for every claim is a delusion. Or more distinctly, the best example might be:  one day, having no clean work clothes/ since I work nearly 99% alone, I chose to wear a pants discarded by someone else (having washed it) that had the crotch cut open in the center. I had intended to sew it shut/ PRIOR to wearing it. But decided I would be working alone anyway so why not. Unfortunately that day, proved to be “not alone”/ and those who are always searching to say “he is NOT what he seems”. No doubt noticed, as was obvious from the behavior. So the question is:  “just how much gossip is that worth”?  Answer, depends on who is listening, and why! NOT perfect & never going to be in this life; but I do, and have done, the best I could; even if you disagree, “this ain’t your life to judge”. YOU, are the threat/ I am NOT;  simple as that!

Just so its clear: What is not simple, is my relationship with the spiritual reality of “woman inside”. NEVER my intent, desire, or purpose. Instead, the reality of male is war against you for choosing to destroy this world, and all its life; even mutilating nature itself. That consequence of living & being male, has largely been removed:  to make me benign (this is here, but there is nothing I can do: war Is not possible, with a world)!  As is basically consistent with woman. Spirituality is not a game, it is the essence of truth itself, by the laws which constitute that order of life. IT’S COMPLICATED, but I as male, have lost. You gained this work, through female in me; literally male could not do it/ just too angry! The result is:  Female IS NOT ME, but reality begins to prove;  what is spiritual is greater than I. Nope, not your leader/ never intended to be/ never wanted to be;  this should be enough to insure you don’t ask. No, that reality of existence makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to the threats of your extinction from this planet;  YOU did that. YOU must fix that yourselves, as YOU are the problem. As for me, I am “wandering in the darkness” regarding what spiritual woman could possibly desire from me further. We have done our work, she kept me sane while I finished. But we are done now, even so: it is absolutely clear, I will not be allowed to go back to who I was; too much is gone. In all fairness, going back would only mean “war”; so perhaps she is just saving my life again. Even though, in my wildest dreams (an imagination I do not possess in reality)/ I would NOT have come up with the scenario I now live. Still grateful to have delivered the message. Still thankful, because my hope remains:  “at least the world itself, has a chance to survive”! That is my purpose, and it was the desire that has governed my whole life. Not as your savior/ MY DUTY, my world too.

.        Most who enter the spiritual world prior to death are changed; “every door is different”. Truth by what you truly desire most, will govern that reality; even if it is not what you expect. 


 I “broke a law, of the spiritual world”, the separation of male and female: to ask a simple question. WHAT would women do different? As man had no answer that could survive! I would try to explain it; but it is literally a different dimension, and you can’t understand. The consequences in this time;  are now determined by female; as it is the foundation of “their world as both heart and soul” . LIFE IS now complicated, even if you don’t believe that is true. This last paragraph, is required;  “I don’t know why”. What will or will not happen next; is also, “not my choice to make”. I literally have no idea what the future will bring to me; plain and simple has been lost. Our world is now in your hands, believe it or not. The question remains simple:  will you/ or will you not fight for your world? YOU are threatened by your own wants; unless you care, extinction is certain.  Clearly if nothing else, surely this paragraph proves:  I AM NOT your threat. Even the fight to prove extinction is coming;  has functionally been removed.  I do hope you survive, as a world with possibilities beyond death!  “Make your decision”; life or death is up to you; the evidence is real!

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