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The reality of our time is quite simple:  “everything treacherous” has gotten past the point of a national, or even international concern. Our entire world will experience the reality of all these extreme threats! Which means, there really is nothing we can do for ourselves, as “the ship” is so large/ once it begins to sink, even if in a lifeboat/ you WILL be sucked into the vortex.

Given that fact, whether you believe it or not;  our only chance left to save ourselves from complete destruction is the knowledge to take control over the world as we the people/ instead of letting those who brought us here, by their failures; rule, to finish bringing chaos.

WORLD LAW IS A RULER/ it owns the weapon of enforcement of that law. IT OWNS THE RIGHT, to demand of leaders that they will obey, or be removed “One way, or the other”. We the people own the weapon:  called 8 BILLION PEOPLE, cannot be told what to do by any leader(s) UNLESS we are willing to surrender the fact:  THAT WE, are the military ourselves/ NOT they! That and the law is our only defense, but with law it is enough. Without law, there will be only mayhem, violence, and chaos; as the world has proven countless times.


Therefore whosoever enforces those laws, identifies and creates the world within which we will live!  More distinctly, the fate of this world now becomes entirely within our own hands: as humanity itself. Because you can no longer simply blame your leaders. OUR EXTREME POPULATION COUNT, is a greater weapon than all but the university weapons of mass destruction. OUR DECISION to remove those weapons entirely and let law decide for this earth/ by creating our own network of “world police” whose only job is to bring into our court, the leaders who do not obey our law:  makes this possible, and absolutely necessary!  More simply:  YOU DO, have everything you need to change this world for life first, and that includes all life/ NOT just the individual. Reducing every military as well;  so that life NOT death, comes first in every nation on earth.

So, life or death for our planet itself:  becomes a question, “are you/ or are you not, willing to create justice for all; so that we all can unite as one people on planet earth and gain the respect that is, “together we stand for life”!

Insanity rules by demanding “I WANT, or I DON’T want”;  because this has nothing to do with truth, nor the consequence of these decisions. That does mean:  It is necessary to let truth decide our path forward as a world/ NOT whatever you want. It is necessary to redirect life away from pride:  LIFE IS NOT a game/ every life deserves respect; we are equals, that is the truth. It is necessary to pull life away from greed (I want yours too, as in be my slave). The foundation of that, is to make the life we live worth living; rather than a competition owned by a few: limited capitalism accomplishes that end. It is necessary to redesign power, and make government a true democracy. Democracy means:  we the people SHALL GOVERN OURSELVES, by making our own laws/ by voting on those laws ourselves;  NOT voting for someone to vote for me!

Given those parameters, we MUST REBUILD all the damage the religion “university knows” has done/ and dissolve completely the cult of university knows zealots; that protect those who refuse to allow the cult leaders and their theories to be questioned. Those that insist they can be, will be, or are “gods”; by gambling with life itself/ even planet and solar system, by trying to ignite atoms on fire.  Fire, Just like on the sun, HERE!

The path forward is quite simple, and it does not hinge on any individual or group or nation:  MAKE THE LAWS, THAT EVERYONE CAN AGREE, THIS IS WHAT WE DESIRE TO PROTECT OUR LIVES AND WORLD. THIS WILL IDENTIFY THE FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS FOR WHICH WE ARE ALL UNITED, TO DEFEND, for each other, as if it were me standing before a court. That court of world law, or national law, or local law:  are all the same!  Absolutely nothing, shall be decided behind closed doors/ everything broadcast, everything known, no exception other than a child (when it is clearly necessary, to do so). As is the purpose of a jury, to insure that our “constitutional goals as described by the three most distinct descriptions America provides, accomplish”. The Virginia bill of rights/ declaration of independence/ constitution of the USA. Or more simply a jury is there to judge the judge/ the lawyers involved/ and the trial itself by the evidence, and our law:  to insure the same responsibilities, freedoms, and rights we guarantee for each other; are in fact observed and proven true. Any judge who fails will be removed or prosecuted. Any lawyer who refuses the purpose of justice and fair play which always includes the penalty and the price in all forms:  shall be disbarred; this is not a game, it is liberty, freedom, and life. The purpose is peace/ the demand is harmony/ the value is justice/ and the destiny is for friendship within our ways, so that none may be discarded or maligned. RESPECT IS MANDATORY:  not the current treason, and insurgency against democracy itself; as has been found throughout the courtrooms of America/ and state of IL.

The living path forward is also quite simple:  EITHER, you accept the task of being fair instead of being selfish and disrespectful to each other/ or you die as a world. EITHER, you respect NATURE AND    GOD   OUR CREATOR  / or you fail life itself forever, as your reality will prove: every horrendous thing found in biblical literature, is going to come true/ and it will not be stopped, until you are extinct! This is the world your leaders brought you too; and the evidence does prove it to be true. Your warning is complete.

I will add only that wealth is the right to expect:  others shall do your work, or accept your request that you are in fact owed “something” for what you have already done for them. Anything more or less is slavery: which means the accounting by numbers, is generally unfair. Life by the essence of its work, and time served is considerably more fair/ as we trade time for time, we trade life for life;  the differences in our work and risk, is then the only factor which can make time for time unequal. Limited capitalism keeps those who are always trying to enslave the others at bay;  because it rules over the numbers; and lets no one play “king or queen”. The resources are the future for every child;  they cannot be discarded without assassinating those children, even every one. That is the price of your trash/ NOT trophies or toys as you have declared:  but weapons and war, upon your own children. Cannibalism and hell upon their lives, because that is what you deliberately chose to do.

Past the point of no return;  life is dead/ even if you have not yet quit breathing, the world you were born into exists no more. Because you didn’t care enough! Or more simply: YOU just didn’t care!

For decades you have hidden and ran away/ a few even ridiculing me, to make yourselves appear “stronger” than you are. But each year, your situation just got worse. Instead of a local solution that could grow into more/ instead of a national crisis that could be dealt with/ instead of protecting life on earth:  you deliberately chose to let it die. The religious constantly telling me:  god won’t let nothing bad happen!  Even though time proves YOU have the freedom, and the power; to do just that, very thing as humans. Life or death for our world, is a testimony of who YOU accept as your gods;  the religion called university. EVEN to the point of believing in evolution, and allowing that poison to permeate through society and media to infect the world.  SHAME ON YOU, pride is a horrible thing.

Either choose to let truth itself lead you, by its relationship to the evidence that is proven by facts/ NOT theories or university delusions and fairy tales;  or die.

I am merely the messenger/ which means, you can’t kill me to make all your own threats go away. I do not threaten. I MERELY BRING YOU THIS WARNING.   Change/ care/ respect/ trust  GOD your CREATOR/ share honestly/ and bring this world back from the cult of chaos as is university rules;  or receive your reward, from believing they are “gods”.  One or the other. There is no middle ground, you have run out of time!  Biblical prophecy as is Daniel 12, the countdown of days, predicts HELL begins without retreat July 9, 2019.  The evidence against you is massive. The reality of this prophecy by that evidence predicts it will come true; not a game.  Not for panic or to lead:  simply the truth. Just like your decision “NOT to question your gods, trying to ignite atoms on fire”;  JUST ONE SECOND, past the point of no return, and all life/ even the planet itself:  IS DEAD.     What, are YOU going to do?  Make your decision.

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