The fraud of leadership, that is America, and across this world; is an unclaimed inflation by suggesting the assets of a nation have simply gone up in value/ thereby the numbers “make sense”. In america for instance; with an additional 20 trillion dollars per year added to “asset value”/ which is $200,000.00 per year per each of one hundred million workers. The addition of trillions of dollars in debt are said to be OK;  because they are just a percentage of the asset value. A delusion of course, used to deceive the vast majority into believing that all is legitimate, thereby ok. Reality however knows, it is worse than just a lie! Because SOMEBODY IS SPENDING that extra $20 trillion dollars of inflation; that does make our own incomes “actually worthless”/ because the numbers are not based in any reality justified by time or resource. Therefore theft by nations, for the deliberate purpose of “whipping the slaves”: or they won’t work.

The question is why? The answer is: the universities took control over government, and gave themselves an endless supply of money; for whatever toys and trinkets they could imagine wanting. The military gave themselves an endless supply of money; for whatever games and weapons they could devise through “university poisons”.  The politicians gave themselves an endless supply of money; so they could be powerful, and make everyone believe they were gods “cause we can give you money”. The media took from politicians and every other form of power; an endless supply of money; as is so consistent with the reality of “a billion dollar presidential campaign”/ plus all the rest. The medical industry gave themselves organized crime; so as to take an endless supply of money and incarcerate the public into slavery, dedicated to themselves. The banks gave themselves an endless supply of money; because nobody stood in their way. The stock market gave themselves a pyramid game, so as to play a bigger gambling game; and take it all away; just to prove they can. The schools gave themselves a BIG pensions and benefits; so as to play and make time to be without responsibility for anything as is “school boy or girl”; so as to make the others their slaves. Every purpose of welfare is to remove the competition; so as to take more for ourselves. Every purpose of industry and agriculture and others is to create MORE FOR MYSELF; thereby let the others die/ I won’t care. Every value of business is to declare myself the winner; because I took more money for myself. And in these very basic fundamentals; the reality of our world exists as teetering on the edge of extinction. Because the children who designed a life with toys and trinkets instead of responsibility/ honor/ duty/ or courage; took over the values of life, and played god with their delusions; and lack of compassion or respect.

So today, the price of returning to reality is high. But the price of not returning to reality is extermination, and that even includes the planet itself! So the question is:  do you accept your decision to go extinct? Because if you don’t;  you WILL be VERY UNHAPPY soon; as you drown in the sewer of lies that the university diploma did create. Alas your gods turned out to be  SATAN, for lack of a better word/ but even so satan means destroyer of this world; and that does deliberately and with university expertise, “entirely fit the truth”. So you can continue as the devil worshipers you are/ or you can change and accept the price of defending our world; as a return to truth, respect, reality, disciplines, order, love, balance, hope, and all things of value.  It is YOUR choice/ and YOU ARE making that choice with everything you do, or CHOOSE not to do. No going back, once the point of no return has pasted! Nothing could be distinctly and deliberately clear about that: than the fact of terrorists with governmental funding attempting to ignite a nuclear fire (atoms are the fuel source) right here on earth. Can’t be extinguished!  “their plan is”;  not enough gravity here, so the fire will just extinguish itself! WRONG of course is, our earth becomes a sun.

 liberty   “economy; is too general/ be more specific”. Federal reserve gov accounting.
the federal reserve has hidden table L.5 total assets and liabilities of the United States of America;  because it proves fraud. even so, the table exists in that link above a few years back. included in the reality of it is.  These tables are in billions, which means the number 1 is equal to one billion dollars. While one trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each one of one hundred million people;  only workers are responsible for earning money! while the table was in view:  the increase in claimed assets was twenty trillion dollars per year throughout the Obama administration. in the year 2007 I believe “second to third quarter” as I remember it:  the federal reserve took 3 trillion dollars from the debt column and placed in in the asset column instead. when the media was informed, as always “not a single word”. when the supreme court was informed: they discarded the case with “you informed us of failure before/ and that is all you get”/ case dismissed.
Key Statistics
FDIC Insured Institutions as of 12/14/2017

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Financial Data as of 9/30/2017 ($ in millions)
Number Total
Commercial Banks 4,928 $16,070,324 $12,298,876 
FDIC-Supervised 3,266 $2,468,939 $1,958,085
OCC-Supervised 888 $10,956,334 $8,227,016
Federal Reserve-Supervised 774 $2,645,051 $2,113,775
Savings Institutions 757 $1,167,886 $917,301
FDIC-Supervised 371 $395,790 $300,913
OCC-Supervised 349 $744,534 $594,714
Federal Reserve-Supervised 37 27,219 21,363
Total Commercial Banks &
Savings Institutions.
5,685 $17,238,210 $13,216,177
U.S. Branches of Foreign Banks 10 $97,769 $48,210
Total FDIC-Insured Institutions 5,695 $17,335,980 $13,264,387
From October 1, 2017 – December 14, 2017:
Newly Established 1 N/A N/A
Merged / Closed 54 $53,709 $42,124
Failed 1 $33 $27
Data for records processed through: 12/13/2017

  OCC stands for office of the comptroller of the currency/ us dept treasury.

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The OCC charters, regulates, and supervises all national banks and federal savings associations as well as federal branches and agencies of foreign banks. The OCC is an independent bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.


To ensure that national banks and federal savings associations operate in a safe and sound manner, provide fair access to financial services, treat customers fairly, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.


The OCC is a preeminent prudential supervisor that

  • adds value through proactive and risk-based supervision;
  • is sought after as a source of knowledge and expertise; and
  • promotes a vibrant and diverse banking system that benefits consumers, communities, businesses, and the U.S. economy.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Expertise
  • Collaboration
  • Independence


The President, with the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate, appoints the Comptroller to head the agency for a five-year term. The Comptroller also is a director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and NeighborWorks® America.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the OCC has four district offices plus an office in London to supervise the international activities of national banks. The OCC’s nationwide staff of bank examiners conducts on-site reviews of national banks and federal savings associations and provides sustained supervision of these institutions’ operations. Examiners analyze loan and investment portfolios, funds management, capital, earnings, liquidity, sensitivity to market risk for all national banks and federal thrifts, and compliance with consumer banking laws for national banks and thrifts with less than $10 billion in assets. They review internal controls, internal and external audit, and compliance with law. They also evaluate management’s ability to identify and control risk.

In regulating national banks and federal thrifts, the OCC has the power to:

  • Examine the national banks and federal thrifts.
  • Approve or deny applications for new charters, branches, capital, or other changes in corporate or banking structure.
  • Take supervisory actions against national banks and federal thrifts that do not comply with laws and regulations or that otherwise engage in unsound practices. Remove officers and directors, negotiate agreements to change banking practices, and issue cease and desist orders as well as civil money penalties.
  • Issue rules and regulations, legal interpretations, and corporate decisions governing investments, lending, and other practices.

Learn more about the OCC by reading its Strategic Plan and Annual Report.


The OCC does not receive appropriations from Congress. Instead, the OCC’s operations are funded primarily by assessments on national banks and federal savings associations. National banks and federal savings associations pay for their examinations, and they pay for the OCC’s processing of their corporate applications. The OCC also receives revenue from its investment income, primarily from U.S. Treasury securities.

Help for Customers of National Banks and Federal Savings Associations at HelpWithMyBank.gov

The OCC operates www.helpwithmybank.gov to assist customers of national banks and federal savings associations. Helpwithmybank.gov provides answers to common banking questions and provides a means for consumers to file complaints online.

Minority Bankers

Recognizing the important role that minority-owned banks and savings associations play in providing financial services in the communities they serve, the OCC is committed to encouraging the success of these financial institutions.

Deposits Insured by the FDIC

The Federal deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC, insures all types of deposits—CD’s, checking, savings, money market, and NOW accounts—held in all FDIC-insured depository institutions, including national banks and federal savings associations. The permanent standard insurance amount is $250,000, per depositor, per insured depository institution for each account ownership category. For more information about deposit insurance, visit the FDIC’s Web site. Bankers and consumers can also call the FDIC at 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342).

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