We have escaped the stock market “correction” of first quarter 2018 by the promise of a 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure spending package by Trump politics. that has failed to materialize to date, and the reality is: unless it does, the so called correction will come soon now; probably in the fall. As the summer is prime time for all infrastructure spending. The failure to spend that 1.5 trillion which would turn into roughly 10 trillion dollars of business and credit even more: removes the reality of waiting. and those in the stock market who control the price, will simply take the money soon. That will turn into a depression, as the American economy is built upon counterfeiting or “hidden inflation”.


215 trillion, the claim in american assets:  divided by 8 billion people=$26,875 dollars per human face on the planet; babies and all. And it is a low estimate.  one quadrillion is equal to one million, BILLIONARIES

U.S. Stock Market Tops $25 Trillion – Up $1.9 Trillion Since Election …

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derivative is a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties based upon the asset or assets. Its value is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset.

Derivative – Investopedia

I have not looked for years: but it WAS entirely possible if you had the credit to buy $50 dollars worth of stock/ for a one dollar actual investment. One trillion dollars is again: $10,000.00 per each of one hundred million people.     Consider the consequences? Consider, the fastest computers can now initiate and complete a stock transaction in one millionth of a second. “YOU, can’t compete”.

 25 trillion dollars invested in the nyse a number from January of last year 2017; identifies that one hundred million people divided equally would each have $250,000.00 invested in JUST the stock market; after taxes. That is slightly less than one in three Americans; babies and all. Ask: is this currency inflated/ are these numbers real/ or like GM/ CHRYSLER/ FANNIE MAE/ and more; is it just numbers without reality attached? Only a tiny few own the numbers:  but every single other one of us, gets to pay the debt, because it’s called “money”.

Can’t believe it? Consider this, the “iter.org” machine cost roughly one trillion dollars/ and its only true purpose is to ignite the same fire as is on the sun. Once ignition of that fire occurs, there is no going back. “You can run/ you can hide/ you can excuse yourself by not caring”; but ignition of a ten million degree fire means, that does NOT extinguish itself, means our planet is going to be: another sun!

the reality of government is:  UNLESS THE CONSTITUTION IS RECOGNIZED AS OUR GOVERNMENT/ because it is our contract with ourselves as a nation. The alternative becomes the dull and dreary endless prattle of those who want control and take it by lulling the people to sleep. They then proclaim themselves to be the government; and the serpentine effect of what has always invaded and caused every war: which is ARROGANCE/ takes over our lives.

The problem comes in both the governance structure of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, and in the relationship between the Reserve Banks and the private banks. As originally conceived and implemented in 1913, the private banks did have a quasi-ownership relationship to the Reserve Banks, scattered unevenly throughout the United States. The Fed needed capital to get started; the private banks provided it in the form of “stock.” Once they bought “shares” of that “stock,” the Reserve Banks paid a “dividend” and allowed the private bankers to “elect” the Reserve Banks “board of directors,” who in turn take part in appointing the Reserve Bank presidents. Using the language of corporate law, the authors of the Federal Reserve Act described a system that gave the conspiracy theorists ample basis for their argument. If conspiracies require secrecy, then the private banks’ ownership of the Reserve Banks doesn’t really qualify. The ideas are written right there in the Federal Reserve Act.

The Fed and Wall Street Link is Complicated | Fortune

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Dec 16, 2015 – The problem comes in both the governance structure of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, and in the relationship between the Reserve Banks and the private banks. As originally conceived and implemented in 1913, the private banks did have a quasi-ownership relationship to the Reserve Banks, …



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