EVERYTHING THAT HAS VALUE IN THIS WORLD, was given to us by nature! EVERYTHING THAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND THE ESSENCE OF BOTH TRUTH AND LOVE, AS IS A MIRACLE;  was given to us as nature. EVERYTHING that seeks peace, harmony, love, blessings, justice, hope, salvation, or more simply the growing environment of whatever nature can be through the experience and expressions of our lives; as value/ comes from nature. Which is the CREATION OF GOD.  Everything that is a disaster coming, a violence occurring, a disease unleashed, a tragedy without exception, a war, or any other reality of hate unleashed by the human mind; is a creation of man or woman. In this world, humanity worships the university, where the worst of what men can do is multiplied across the planet: to destroy everything. Literally, or functionally, they write the instructional booklet for how to exterminate our world. The pollution/ mutilation/ over-population/ destruction of water/ every form of “we are no longer men/ but gods”; because we have overtaken nature. And make this world bend to our own will! The horrific realities of what that has brought to our planet: is nothing less than extinction. Gambling with every form of genetic life which is nature by design/ INTENTIONALLY trying to make the disciplines, order, and balance of a living body dissolve into chaos; on purpose. Because they want to re-engineer life, and make it by their own design. Gambling with extreme energy unleashed onto this planet such as is intending to ignite atoms on firejust like the sun” here on earth. LIARS/ THIEVES/ CHEATERS/ TRAITORS/ TERRORISTS/ WHORES/ BASTARDS/ FOOLS/ FAILURES/ RAPISTS/ AND THE MOST VILE CREATURES ever to be born;  “those who intend to prove they can be god, by destruction of our world”.  The summary event of our time is:  either we immediately return to everything nature brought to this world/ OR, OUR WORLD collapses into extinction, because of everything the universities and their men or women did to our beautiful world, without the slightest design for good! They have declared by lies and propaganda/ the takeover of governments through counterfeiting currency/ the insurgency of failure, by committing the children to religious delirium as is evolution; to destroy their connection with miracles of life. A failure beyond all historical catastrophe/ making this generation the evil reality of satan himself;  as that means:  “destroyer of a world”. Humanity laughs, as every fool does; when confronted with truth. But as every truth knows, the day comes quickly when you will laugh no more; forever!  Change this or die. RESPECT THE MIRACLES, which literally surround you; discarding and destroying the destruction of men. By making life first and forever. NO MORE gambling with nature or world; not ever! Stop being INSANE/ find your mind back. The cult of university worship “is a devil”;  because the end result of it, as reality clearly proves; is the end of our world, the extermination of life on earth. As does all the evidence prove. PROVE THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS GOES WRONG;  is not consistent with extermination. Find your truth!  DO SOMETHING FOR LIFE ON EARTH! not just your own.

The most elemental of all truth is: that without the benefits of specific critical realities in our lives, we die as a body of life. The list is actually long, and need not be investigated. What is important here in this elevation of a crisis from the possibilities of catastrophe, to the realities of expectation: is the truth of threat.

Every major easily detected threat has been identified in my work, the last web site of which is  the term crisis means:  without the ability to change this direction or its consequence; we must endure or die.

The endless want of humanity discards all threat, by simply believing in “the university knows/ the university would never/ the university is great/ and so on”.  Yet the reality of threat is: all but one, is specifically generated and came to its ability to destroy our world, our everything: because the university made it so. “Not your savior”/ a diseased reality of infection: that must be carefully treated to separate the “dead from the living parts”.

Even so, WANT is the critical element of disaster/ because with want, every lie erupts! Lies cannot survive/ only truth does that. Therefore to conceive of “living”/ we must find what is true.

Truth indicates:  as your elders use to say, “the children will find our garbage dumps, as their own gold mine of value”. The reality is true: every child will be forced to dig through the garbage of what was thrown away without cause:  just because they could. Another reality of university knows, as the whole world was taught:  FEED THE FACTORY, it gives us jobs, and makes us wealthy (we got stuff).

Truth indicates: as your elders chose to do under university direction. That every water source has pollution and poisons on top, underneath it, surrounding it, dumped into it, aquifers destroyed, open water polluted and in all ways is under threat by over use and human decision: of becoming extinct.  Forcing all life to congregate around whatever water they can find; as this is one of those specific things we must have to live. That of course means war, because we must have water or we die. Which gives power to anyone controlling that water source/ as there always is. The future is: a greater intensity of war, than this earth has ever seen. Because the water is not an option/ and the weapons are much more severe.

Truth indicates: as your elders chose to do under university direction. That every food source is situated under a curse, that will consume it to destroy life on earth. Every factory farm is subject to disease/ and every disease is finding a solution to the antibiotic: which means one epidemic and “livestock” will be wiped out/ with absolutely no time to rebuild. Which means every living thing will be sacrificed, including people to the cannibals (I must, or I die). The pollinators will soon be dead. The ocean will soon be empty of life. It will be “a silent spring” soon. The plant life is mutilated, and will soon turn to poison, as changes in the living chemistry becomes unavoidable and forever; through a variety of genetic and chemical invasions of life. Therefore the future is bleak at best, because “the university knows”; alas the cult was wrong.

Truth indicates:  without resources, you must invade the garbage of your ancestors; as they threw “it all away”. Can many live in a desert? No, because there are no resources to live with.

Truth indicates:  of the many things which bring hate to the surface, few are so intensive as “HE STOLE ALL MY MONEY”. Which of course is exactly what has happened across this earth, when the university elite took control over government currency; to remove reality and describe everything done “as a number”/ which means nothing is real anymore. No resource attached; its all gone/ because your elders stole the future from their children; because they didn’t want to pay. Alas all die, as war, to end all war/ and all life;  stretches across this earth. That is, what your universities chose; and the people who could have made a difference said NO, “lie to us”.

Truth indicates:  the disease of religion, which is to believe “anything you want” as true/ now forms the barriers between our lives which cannot be torn down:  because a cult NEVER questions its leaders, or the consequence of its decision. That is why cults exist:  I don’t want to be responsible for my own decisions anymore! No greater cult has ever existed than the “university knows” religion. No greater assembly of fools, has ever been in existence, than those who believe them; discarding all the evidence of threat. EVEN DISCARDING the reality of igniting a nuclear fire “just like the sun” here on earth. You CAN’T be more delusional, than that. you can’t be more delusional than to mutilate nature with genetics. You can’t be more delusional than to accept evolution; etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.

Truth indicates:  the value of every life, the value of this earth, the value of every child, the value of environment, or ocean or air or oxygen or everything else we depend upon for our existence;  has no meaning to a university brain. They risk it all/ they gamble with every life/ they strip the possibilities/ and they destroy the future by making it impossible to rebuild:  because that is what they chose, by playing god with our lives, our earth, our everything. The destruction of possibilities is beyond terrorism/ it extends to become “satanic”; along with all those who bind themselves to it. They chose to call weapons of mass destruction “your saviors”/ and the people accepted “as the patriotic” thing to do; yet like everything else being done under university knows religion (don’t question your leaders)/ it is literal, and distinctly:   death to our world.  THAT IS, A CRISIS!

We live in the crisis of time, a reality of extreme arrogance as IS led by the university elite/ who are nothing more than people who don’t know they aren’t gods. Unfortunately, the monkey brains of university go to the zoo “to say papa”/ while they have to dig in the sewer to find the microbes they call “mama”.  Somehow, through propaganda media and outright lies built upon fantasy; but mostly through bribes and manipulation of language; they bought your heart, and sold your soul. So they could mutilate all of nature, destroy every possibility of survival, and experiment with energies that are literally determined to exterminate our planet to insure death for all.  How is that not a crisis?

The courtroom insists:  we cannot allow our gods at the university to be questioned. And media insists: the university is our religion, and only cult members are allowed. While politicians all claim:  I don’t care so long as the power and pride of office is mine/ leave me alone. Just like religious leaders.

Given the state of reality that is threats everywhere, which can easily exterminate our lives. The question is: HOW, do we live with this, and not go insane ourselves?

The answer is not to “hide in your religion”/ nor is it to turn to terrorism, or anger; as that won’t help. The foundation of our own reality is:  “I/we, can only do the best we can”. Beyond that, no one does better; therefore we become innocent, of the consequences that are human, and life tragedies coming. Doing the best you can is communicating the need to change these scenarios of extinction, to produce the demand:  LIFE FOR THIS WHOLE WORLD, comes first. No more worshiping the university. No more worshiping greed. That in effect, is like a tiny few people against all of humanity itself. But even so:  YOU’RE eternity depends upon the decisions that you make/ not the decisions that others make. So the demand is:  DO YOU’RE best, for life and planet.

As to me, the reality is complex; having fought this fight for over forty years; to the best of my ability/ and gaining next to nothing among you; because “you just want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing to change except: MAKE ME RICH”.  A reality that offends me extremely; so much so, that man in me was at the doorstep to war with humanity itself;  NOT as you conceive of it/ but as I do. That fact was mediated in an extreme surprise: when I opened the spiritual door to female (another you cannot conceive of it);  “just to ask the question, HOW would you save life on earth”?  unfortunately, in the spiritual world, you cannot get out; once you open that door and step inside: unless you truly understand the laws governing this place. I don’t! but quite honestly I never intended to step inside; JUST ask a question/ but got “sucked in/ pushed or something” anyway.  Even so, it is the mediation of “female inside too {believe it or not, Revelation 12 applies}”; that has kept me at this work, and stopped me from war.

The elemental path to peace in this time, and any time is:  EVICT WANT from your life, and you will know that you are alive.  Understand the extreme value of EVERY MIRACLE of life, that was so carefully designed:  we can do so many things, and experience or express so much, including freedoms of the heart and soul.  NONE OF THAT is from chaos/ NONE OF THAT is an accident. Try building something yourself, and comprehend:   GOD CREATED THIS WORLD, AND ALL ITS LIFE!  When you do that, doesn’t matter who you are;  we each live well beyond anything human riches can buy.  The reality of living is then simply the relationships we have with each other, and the cumulative decisions all humans make. Those who choose to destroy life, are defined as hate. Those who choose to identify the values of life and living through peace, hope, trust, happiness, truth, love, courage, discipline, order, respect, balance, and justice for all:  are defined as “eternal”. Because whether you understand it or not:  life is about confined and defined energy/ not a simple body. Energy transforms itself into something else, once released. While even your scientists agree, “thought, can be found in an energy sustained”; as they try to bring you artificial intelligence, they prove it is so. Which means on the scale of life; they  have accidentally attained step one, on the ladder of one hundred thousand steps, to go.  Thought is not equivalent to life/ but it is the environment within which the freedom to recognize and identify truth begins.

You still believe in evolution:  tell me this, HOW does 206 individually made bones, sculpted and identified by joints which must fit together, be lubricated and polished to work/ require attachments and muscles to be valued:  END UP transporting themselves from one end of the body to the other in perfect position? And that is literally “just the beginning”; of a trillion march path into the reality of  eternity.  Your university scientists say:  “it’s all an accident”.  But they have made things which represent “one millionth” of this complexity; and called themselves technically brilliant, and thoroughly worthy of the claim:  IT AIN’T NO ACCIDENT! Or, we did this with our brain. And yet their arrogance is so extreme, they can’t acknowledge MIRACLES.                 Give it some thought of your own/ why be their cult? It ain’t smart or wise!

To their credit, men brought us this far throughout history; a reality women could not have done on their own. But today we are faced with severe and multiple threats of extinction, which men and their chosen gods called a university did create. That truth declares them unworthy, and unable:  of continuing to lead life on earth. I know, I searched EVERYWHERE; for the possibility inside and outside the reality of man, to do something to keep this world alive: nothing survived the examination of truth and its consequences. Therefore I asked “spiritual woman”/ as human women had no interest in supporting my efforts, to keep this earth, and this nature from extinction. It is a choice! They too, “just wanted what they wanted/ and had no room for believing consequences will come”.

Even so, the reality of men proves throughout all of history:  their answer to every hardship is WAR. A reality that will no longer work, as human population increases prove:  kill a billion people/ and their numbers will return in just one decade. War is now just an excuse, that ends with our extinction as a world; because we cannot afford to lose these resources anymore.

What women can or would do with control over this world, IS likely to be selfish/ IF they cannot contain themselves for justice and value and a world that is fair to all, even the other living things; choosing for the planet as well/ along with remembering every child needs resources.  Even so, the answer of women has never been war/ and that is, the most important reality which they offer.

Regardless of what they do choose; the reality of men ruling this world by their own decisions is over/ because the world itself, as is nature and every resource;  CANNOT TAKE much more of this, and will collapse. Ending in hell on earth/ absolute war as is the predicted apocalypse/ and Armageddon (nature in chaos).  All of it and more, “stands at the door”/ and will come true, without immediate and real change IN HUMANITY ITSELF.   So says the evidence, by its own truth;  even a monkey brain can see it.

I cannot save this world, and neither can you; not by any other means than a distinct decision to change ourselves, and communicate to the others without change we all die. 8 billion people CANNOT be moved with a gun, or a bomb, or any other hatred. They must choose, for themselves! Just how it is.

DON’T PANIC, because if you turn to fear/ you will find death instead of life. DO, fight for your world with law, as only law can save you and this world. There are no other options, choose for life, do you’re best/ even if in the summary of this earth, you failed. In the reality of eternity, you will gain MERCY; a value inestimable! IF, you honestly fight for this whole Creation by   GOD  of life in this universe; and trust  GOD  to remember you. Then eternity itself, will remember you “as a child of GOD”, forever.  That too, is your choice!  Who then has a more important job than you:  when fighting for a world?

Either way, whether fighting for “my little group”/ or fighting for an entire world, and every life on it, which includes the future and its life.  There is no cause for fear or anxiety:  YOU, did the best you could. Reality proves we WILL ALL die/ and that, proves only   GOD   matters in the end!   Be at peace, you did what you could do.

I am not here to lead, if it were so/ then you could assume “I am your savior/ and CLEARLY I AM NOT”.  I am, a messenger: telling you without true change, as a result of your own choices, “this entire  world will die”/ by your own hands. The evidence proves that to be true. YOUR JOB, is to care about life and planet and humanity; thereby making the necessary changes in yourselves:  to keep this earth alive. I cannot do that for you. Therefore no allowance for participation by me, in your fight to keep this earth alive;  is expected. YOU DID THIS/ and you must fix these threats, yourselves. DO PRAY, to the reality of  GOD,   not your assumptions; or you fail.  I can however help you if I choose!

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