Changed means:  reconstructed in ways that are sustainable and true to the preferred destination. Hope is required, decisions are mandatory for direction, thought conceives of what can be, while heart determines if there will be courage enough to see this “environmental change for life”, through to its honest and chosen destiny. When a crisis occurs, you only get one chance to make a change in direction. Panic will destroy that opportunity.

So let’s talk change, from the disease ridden realities of “university alone makes these decisions”/ by controlling society through religious instruction; as is “mimic and memorize” what our book says. To the questions that erupt when we see what is true about these decisions and must identify what shall go wrong as a consequence to these decisions being made for us. Even though the herd believes “we CAN’T all be wrong”/ many times they are; as is evident throughout history, and most clearly today. With an “endless listing of threats”.

The propaganda machinery held by university controls the media in all its forms; as it begins to invade the internet as well as everything else “cause they are so smart”. To every element of government and governing as is the constant of “counterfeiting assets, and making debts which cannot be paid” THE ANSWER to everything. To the construction of every fantasy and delusion that could arise from the stories, playing god with everything could conceive of. To the control over all business, industry, agriculture, education, and most other religions. The herd is content only when they believe/ so they are given whatever they want, without the price of reality or knowledge attached. The cult of followers, which accepts “we NEVER want to know”; is endless, or so it seems.

We then know, that change means departing from all these ways to encounter and conceive of what is different that we can design and decide for ourselves:  thereby changing direction of what is being done to crucify and exterminate life/ into what can survive, because we chose for life comes first instead.

       This fundamental change begins with:  NO MORE MOBS! Which is functionally groups of individuals whose only contribution to change is knowing they want something different; so they yell and stammer, and threaten; while NOBODY listens, because they offer nothing but war.

Change here means:  WE IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM to be resolved/ with a written word. By not including those who want only to yell;  but must instead concentrate themselves into a few words which do identify the problems, isolate a solution, define a situation, create the alternate scenario than what is expected, and further the conceptions of human existence into what we do know for certain. So that from these few statements that are concentrated into identifiable realities of choice or existence; into an honest recognition of the variables which give us a new direction, and a new destiny;  than where we are.  As if “on a blackboard”:  the list of what we know to be true, is resolved without theory; just facts. The consequence of being wrong is identified on a separate “blackboard”; and so on. Until the main issues of the day are conceptually clear, and can then be presented for public consideration of the facts/ and their consequences, right or wrong.  The availability of a choice, is dependent upon wisdom; or an absolute need to stop the sequencing of our own extermination/ as is we CANNOT WAIT anymore. Therefore this must be done.

The identity of a courtroom has been established in the various cases on my web sites all linked through  in these you can see the future of every court case, and decide what is better must be done. What is better is:  to control redress of grievances, a first amendment law, which gives the public a legal right to legally investigate in public court: whether or not our employees of government did in fact keep their oath of office. If they did not: democracy insists, we must take charge of this nation by dedicating our own choice for the future; as a decision we will make by our own vote.

Redress of grievances as is on will teach you about the various aspects of true democracy wherein we the people are in fact capable of changing government through constitutional control. NOT by “hiring someone to vote for me”/ but by our own independent vote on the issues, realities of choice, future by risk, laws which govern, rules which curse, and so on.

Elements of all other facets establishing change;  are committed to the examination of elements within human existence that appear on each site I provide.

The foundation of change is:  I desire a life with value for us all/ because that brings to me, peace, happiness, harmony, hope, courage, justice, and even eternity. Therefore want is abandoned, because it brings only lies; which must then be defended against, as crime increases and corruption rules as it does today. The tragedy of being human is:  that I choose to defend myself instead of my world, altering that decision by mimicking the words “they don’t defend me”. Which of course is true, when each knows I won’t defend them. To change this world, requires the vast majority to stop defending “only you”/ and start defending all life on earth. This does not occur UNLESS, the vast majority of people accept the fact that they will in honor, find justice for themselves as well as any other might. So we live or die in justice/ and that comes from the bowels of a courtroom/ into the light of law will rule this democracy:  because we own this nation, and this world as we the people of life.

The values and the relationships that are functionally important to presenting and providing change for we the people are given in the sites I, James Frank Osterbur do provide. That does not make me important/ but it does make the potential of these sites necessary, because change is never easy. It needs your own decision, which makes you, and every other one that accepts the price of being wrong about our future is extinction for life:  a reality of choice, that is important. Which means you are important/ I am a messenger, telling you:  change or you will die/ so says the evidence of truth! Rather like a mailman, it’s my job to do so. Believe it or not. you must save yourselves/ you must save this earth and its life everywhere by choosing to accept life and planet are sacred, and must never again be a game. Miracles shall be treated as miracles; as is all of life and planet!

Do not be misled by “foreign language” so common among the university delusion; where a billion words cannot be learned; so you can’t question them. Do not be misled by “foreign language” in the form of math that has no conceptual advantage to life; because it does not explain what every life itself needs to learn.

Do not be misled by “corrupted courts”/ as is the common reality as proven by me in every case presented:  the constitution is thrown from the courts, and that is treason; which is just the beginning.

Do not be misled by the conspiracy to deny democracy and control us through counterfeiting:  someone does have to pay/ and the children cannot. So either you fix this with reality in charge; or you will be charged with assassinating life on earth. That does include purposely and with desire, destroying your own child.

Stop being misled by the collusion to deny knowledge to the children;  forcing them to mimic and memorize “only the university knows”; bow down, or we force you into depression and disaster. So common to the historical inducement of slaves.

Learn this simply:  WHEN IT COMES TO LIFE, THERE ARE NO GAMES TO BE PLAYED; everything is sacred. Even if every individual life is not. Choosing what is best for a world is NOT the same thing as choosing what is best for the individual. The reality of all, MUST outweigh the reality of self. At least until the future returns as a possibility for life on earth.

This world changed from “money rules everything”/ into life for the planet and all its creatures, nature itself comes first. Is a very different place! Money has ruled, exactly as history establishes as told by the wealthiest of men involved; NOT necessarily so. Nonetheless, war after war after war.

When life rules by truth through the evidence of our reality understood, by the grace of knowledge, through its balance called wisdom: things WILL be changed!

A different world, requires different rulers/ because everything today is geared around men, and chained to the reality of their ways.

A different world requires women to participate as equals: establishing by vote, the reality of new laws that govern us all with equality. Whosoever writes that law, has control over the outcome it will present to society itself. The consequence of that democracy in action is: BY VOTE, we rule ourselves, by the laws we make and enforce.

Therefore the writers of the law decide what society shall become. WITH A LIMITED number of short and very clear laws/ there is a limited number of possibilities to corrupt society itself. With endless laws corruption is guaranteed. Those who organize the voter’s best, will control the laws that get chosen. That means in real democracy, with a purpose for justice; women have an edge. The difference between a law and a rule is:  that law applies equally to every single person/ whereas a rule is applied by description to a specific few, who can then break that law very easily to give power, “Over you” to the few who made the rule. Do you see the difference? Very few rules are needed, or your freedom disappears, just a little at a time.

The choice between money and life is simple:  MONEY IS ABOUT ME (to hell with you, I don’t care).  Whereas decisions that are about protecting life and society, insuring and protecting the future from compromise or destruction:  is clearly about US, not you/ and those who care, even for the child. Do you see the difference? A fundamental law is:  WHEN WE CANNOT BE WRONG;  then this reality, these decisions (universities playing god with life or planet especially);  shall NOT proceed. ALL OF NATURE, and PLANET comes first/ NOT an individual, unless the entire species is about to go extinct.

The functional difference is:  men have always fought to gain and plunder every resource, for themselves (MINE now). Whereas life first respects the reality of choice, and then orders the disciplined building that becomes our future by our decision/ NOT an action to disregard life, and choose only self.

The primary problem of men throughout all of history is:  even if you leave behind “a tree” for instance so that it may repopulate that species here. Another man will come along and cut down that tree, so he can have more. Ending with: the first man has left/ and accomplished nothing, for the sake of this earth. So why should I choose that/ IT WON’T work!

The critical question is then:  HOW, do we participate in a society, that does not compete so violently; nothing can be saved?

The answer is:  we replace money with time earned;  to do whatever you choose. By creating options not tied to money. We replace resources with the realities of choice, which does become: the more resources you use/ the less you will be allowed to do with your time. Or more simply:  LIFE IS ABOUT TIME, and health! It is not about money. Money is a measurement/ and all human measurements about money exist as a trophy or a toy. To limit the impact of not being able to obtain your trophy. REQUIRES that love, family, friend, respect, hope, and courage be your answer instead/ as these are all greater treasures, than a demand “look at me now”. Which ends quickly, falling into the garbage. Or a toy, which has no meaning either, without friends.

Money enough to make me rich;  is also about escaping work. I am dissatisfied with being forced to do what I would otherwise not do! The alternative being, you have nothing to do/ and no one benefits, including you. So the demand increases too:  I want toys and trophies, to make the others jealous.

The alternative is:  to be satisfied with our work. To encourage participation, so that the young are taught and the old are respected, and society gains confidence within itself; because we can. That equals hope, hope illuminates itself by declaring love through trust. Truth identifies respect, and grace builds courage to participate in freedom, without fear.

America rose in power after world war 2; because of so much destruction elsewhere/ BUT ALSO, because war allowed the majority to experience “we/ I CAN, DO THIS”. That came back into peace, as an opportunity to do more for myself. Learning how, NOT being forced by university delusions into the concentration camps of a religious dialogue which denies all forms of education/ by pretending ONLY THE MONEY, and those who memorize and mimic our religious demands (our book is god) of you shall earn a living. The rest are to be slave.

More simply: reality not illusion or delusions must rule over society. Truth not theory MUST determine what can or cannot be built: with a clear and certain decision, to INSURE LIFE COMES FIRST, for this world and its future!

With the disciplines of an orderly society in place; we then begin the search for love, by encountering what is true. That begins with love and hate do NOT live together. Which means we separate out those who do not belong. Peace lives where justice is honest and true, by the law that serves society well. Harmony is dictated by the definitions of respect that initiate friendship and responsibility. Love designs a living based upon what we desire most, and choose to live for as our purpose in life. None of these things are elements of hate.

Therefore we initiate two distinct societies that are separated from each other. Hate will never deliver someone of love back to you/ it is not a decision they can make; so choose carefully, it could be you. Hate is separated as much as is possible; to wherever they cannot return. Those who are ejected from a loving society, will be removed “one level” at a time;  unless true hate is revealed. Those who live at the center of life, which is a desire for love and all its responsibilities: will choose an open life, visible to all. As is consistent with the needs of society. Those at the outer edge of our society, will govern themselves to prove what they now choose. To choose better, and sustain it;  grants a step towards what is better; as is among friends. What is actually possible depends entirely upon the number of people who are willing to live for love, choosing for respect, justice, equality, and all that value represents/ as opposed to those who aren’t.

As to the potential for war, granted by a reality of hate enlarged. The question is more about the weapons, than it is about the reality. See to it, they have little/ because building anything with hate, is all but impossible.

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