The realities of life dictate, what our future is going to be/ simple as that.

The tragedy of human behavior is:  only a very tiny few want anything to do with learning about reality, evidence, truth, or any other value required to make an educated decision. All demand: “just tell me how to get what I want”/ and nothing else. If I present them with evidence that does not support what they want; or suggest life is not a game to be won or lost:  “they hate that”. The assembly of knowledge that comes from decades of fighting with you, informing this HAS CONSEQUENCES; has made one thing abundantly clear:  you don’t care enough about life itself/ and you do care beyond comprehension about the universities you call god! A reality I cannot abide. So I have abandoned direct communication with you; and leave you to change for life comes first. Or die, because you chose to believe the universities can play god with our world/ in a clear cult worship that would not end. Until death stares you in the face. TOO DAMN LATE is just that forever. So take your choice to eternity!

        As for me, I fight for a world/ not for individual life. The difference is a future for time as both nature and child.

The arrogance of a human being, is built upon pride, want, selfishness, and power. These four elements of choice arrange and control all the realities of hate/ that influence and infect the values of our life with disease. That disease is:  the intent to manipulate, control, destroy, violate, rape, ravage, ruin, gossip, play god, and all forms of realities which then produce the subsequent effort to hate. Hate is the elemental transcript of why any person would choose against life itself. Hate is the violation of boundaries, in order to make life itself; “nothing more than a game”. Consequently hate is the fundamental trophy fought for, desired, and created throughout every game “with life”/ that men and women and children play.

The most volatile of these is the disease of a university mind; wherein arrogance and the desire to play god, go hand in hand as they functionally create and hide the various infections of the mind that turn society into a cult/ and reality into extinction.

Knowledge is just knowledge, until it is turned into a weapon or disease that then affects the others without their choice. Knowledge as is the creation of a university builds a pillar of “sticks”/ that then rise above life, to hold weapons that will kill just as soon as the crisis of “what did you do” becomes reality; and it all crashes down onto your heads. Arrogance is the enemy. Because it knows nothing more than to declare itself winner/ and that cannot be done without demanding the others are then losers. Which becomes “I am god here”/ as arrogance consumes the heart, and the reality of selfishness plots and plans on how to curse, or destroy;  a world which does not agree.

Pride fails everything, because it is the curse of the game “to make life only about me” on you; whether you win or lose/ the reality rarely fails to corrupt, or conspire, or consume the life it falls upon. Winner means:  I have a trophy. Whereas loser means:  I am building hate. Both consume reality to destroy our connection with life itself/ as is so consistent with this moment in time;  where humanity itself lives within the delusions of fools in charge. The university can’t play god without money; so they counterfeit it; as their actual value to life itself is small, and completely unremarkable. The universities can’t play god without making an enemy to be destroyed; as is consistent with military expenditures/ FEAR IS required. The universities can’t play god, without gambling they can be god over life, energy, and every living thing:  so they risk extermination of existence itself. The universities can’t play god, unless they control the communication of everything:  bringing foolishness and fantasy as their contribution to the game people are desperate to avoid/ SO THEY WANT “to be rich”. As in “I don’t have to play their game, anymore”.

Want consumes the heart, because it destroys the value of life by assuming truth can be disposed of with lies. Lies are the test bed of failure, whereby everything is gambled upon the conclusion of what happens after this is disclosed? Nothing could be more indicative of this true risk, than to understand the universities and their terrorist organizations called government: are trying to ignite a nuclear fire (burns atoms) here on earth. Wrong is the earth turns into a sun. because such a fire which burns atoms just like the sun; can never be extinguished:  so the future, the planet, every life, and even this solar system itself is destroyed. In one single instant of ignition! And that as arrogance has proven: is just the beginning of horror that is “a university degree”. Like a disease, their effluents have seeped into everything. Like a disease, their effects have climbed inside the asshole of life, and taken up residence to assure every living thing should die. By contact with their reality.

The distance between life and death, is a small reality of existence. Sustained by truth, we live as miracles. Consumed by want, arrogance, and pride the reality of lies so horrendous with stupidity and disgrace; that even the religion called evolution comes not only to play with the children/ but consume them from truth itself. The university religious, like “satans mob”;  believe they have won/ because they have in fact taken over your world by assigning to you: the power of fear.

NO you can’t contest with their words, because they are an army with books; like all religion “our book is god”/ therefore you cannot question “god”. And the media will keep you in your place; because they can/ by insuring only the University can think; as they are gods/ and you are not.

NO you cannot question their value: because they took control over the money, by removing the currency from any ties to reality; thereby they could and did spend anything they wanted:  because “its just a number/ and we have PLENTY more”. Even so, the question is what did they buy?

Answer:  they bought government/ they bought media/ they bought the courts/ they bought the competition and removed “the enemy”/ they bought themselves every toy and trinket they could think of/ they created the military need for university. And then they created slaves through temptation to lure a fool, flattery to destroy integrity, bribes to build an army, deliberate injustice, incarceration without rights, debts beyond salvation, debt threats against family or friend, welfare (bribes to stay out), pensions (bribes to want out), healthcare (threats, NEVER complain about bankruptcy, divorce, family destroyed, or anything else: lest, we let you die).  Lies all around/ stealing to destroy respect/ cheating to assure humanity there is no use here for honesty or duty/ traitorous acts, to complete the road to hell/ terrorism, to undercut courage and demand “just play with your toys, and be QUIET”. AMONG other things;  all of which are designed to rule life so they can play god with our world.

The greatest failure of our human history is:  the university and their cult of worshipers who cannot see, hear, or believe anything but what they are told. The brain is dead, because the university controlled life;  so says the evidence of threat against our living world. The extinction sure to come:  without DRAMATIC CHANGE that removes the stain of an arrogance so extreme and so disastrous, that they deliberately MUTILATE NATURE ITSELF, and destroy every possibility life might survive with an attack on every conceivable resource and more. To our shame, the university rules this world:  and it is dying without the possibility of error in that assignment of the evidence, by its own truth.  Simple and plain: the arrogance of a university diploma, and all its worshipers: became SATAN.

Without the fantasies of delusion that university knows religion provides: the evidence will prove, our time is short on this earth. Unlike the release of an atomic explosion, that will end at the passive resistance of materials not prone to excitement. The intentional release of a nuclear fire, is entirely different. Same is true of the chemical environments we know as our world in this time. An explosion is limited, unless completely prepared/ while a fire can simply grow over time into an inferno, that swallows everything that will burn. When the fuel source is an atom; the earth becomes a sun:  so says the physical reality of existence itself.

Even so, the nearly endless list of threats primarily due to a university delusion that “we can be gods”/ or we can destroy nature with genetics/ or we can throw away every resources into the garbage/ or we can exterminate the chains of living that give us life/ or we can cause the ocean life to go extinct/ or we can continue growing at one hundred million more mouths to feed every year:  etcetera. Reality says: absolutely not, the end is near! And that does not even include the economic chaos caused deliberately by “university knows” we don’t need no damn reality in the money. Alas, when people work, they want to believe they have a future beyond slavery:  too bad, that means war! Alas the children want a future, but unfortunately it sits in the garbage can outside your door; plus every other threat. NOT going to happen, without serious and true change.

So let’s discuss change.

  1. Economic change comes with a return to reality. That reality cannot exist by the numbers being used/ or the claims being made as is called “mine/ all mine”. In other words the lies must be removed.
  2. Money without reality attached is not money, it is counterfeited; as an asset increase, which then hides deliberately the truth that It is simply inflation. Alas however it is not true inflation, which allows the public to be involved in the charade.  Currently American inflation is hidden in numbers that are then laundered through stock markets or government in one way or another: so that the few can spend the money all by themselves, and pretend its not just theft of a nation. Which it most certainly is:  establishing the truth, this is an direct, intentional, and determined insurgency against the American people. The desire to remove democracy, and play god with our lives, our nature, our everything including the planet itself. Oh well; you don’t care/ right?
  3. Debts without the possibility of repayment are not debts/ they are lies, established by the criminal conspiracy to defraud the nation, and become controlled by organized crime. The rebellion against the constitution and this democracy initiated and controlled by “university knows”.
  4. The reality is: when faced with “we will pay later/ but never did”. The elders of this society and others said:  LIE, to their leaders, and don’t tell nobody; cause we won’t pay. So their leaders did do that; but unfortunately someone does have to pay. So the agreed upon attack, was against every child; “let them pay” when they get older. Immigrants were found, so as to compete for less, and remove the challenge of those who wanted reality to prove the truth. Or as all efforts to achieve a fair and balanced construction to our economy as used to be a labor strike; “every person was reminded you can be replaced”. So the lies won, and nuclear war sits ready.
  5. Just some of the consequences, to let the university lead.

We simply discard that, as only bankruptcy can fix it. Turning to what can bankruptcy be?

  1. The national currency must be tied to the population count; so that all people know where they stand in terms of fair and realistic pay. International currency shall be tied to gold, or some version of reality not easily counterfeited. No electronic money, or debt.
  2. All debt construction must be removed from government; they get to decide nothing/ as reality proves they can’t control even themselves. ALL Rules for banking come from us, as this is OUR MONEY, not theirs.
  3. A courtroom where all the people identify what is, or is not true/ begins the journey to change. Once that has been established. An amount of numbers equal to “the average of everyone, as equals” what will be available for citizen use, in new money currency. That shall be voted upon and selected by the people themselves.
  4. Once the currency number is known, limited capitalism (we decide just how rich or poor anyone gets to be) takes over as the decision maker for who gets what in the future. So as to control the reality of society by ourselves, through our own decisions.
  5. A vote shall be taken: to determine how the new currency shall be divided up. The average citizen income shall decide the middle of exchange. What is left, from the division which includes the poor at your own limited capitalism decision: shall then be granted to the “rich”; by whatever method you choose. Did they not choose for you?
  6. All property shall be considered for sale: those who own it outright without debt, shall not be involved, unless they choose to sell. Those who own over fifty percent of the property paid for; may decide if they wish to sell or not. those who own less than fifty percent of the property by payment made; may choose to rebuy at the new price with that percentage level of ownership applied to the repurchase of their home or whatever it is. The banks, etc; have no say.
  7. The stock market, lotteries, etc; shall be disbanded entirely, and a constitutional law created to enforce: NEVER AGAIN. Because they launder money, and create counterfeit funds, by inflating assets that did not change; a deliberate fraud that seeks to destroy the nation itself.
  8. Business shall construct new methods, which entail dividing that business up into small segments so as to remove the need to travel; thereby first steps, in working to save the planet. Business SHALL establish a working decree:  a sign in public view and public advertising that guarantees, “we in this place of business”, DO NOT charge more than “this percentage” on top of anything we sell. So that advertising does not corrupt business, and people my believe this place is just as valid as any big store for my price.
  9. Industry changes its relationship with the nation, by destroying the conception of private ownership. Industry is, the collection of raw materials that the earth provides; or similar realities. What this earth provides belongs to each one, and to the future as well. We the people shall then decide what to do with our property; simple as that.
  10. Medical private business shall end entirely/ and public health business shall take its place. No more pharmaceutical business; other than a bid among any contractor who proves they can: to create the medicine we desire for the nation itself/ to be divided up as we the people decide. There shall be no more private hospitals, you have destroyed that possibility; and it shall be no more. Every hospital will be public owned/ public owned equipment shall be used/ local utilities shall be provided; and the doctors and staff for that facility shall be contracted by the CITY, or county. More plainly, each worker shall bid for the work individually. Each worker shall be publically graded according to the outcome of their work, as well as the facility. Each worker will receive more money, as a supervisor;  if they educate their competition correctly. The schools shall NOT control the education of a doctor or other:  reality shall. Which does mean, if your job is to replace a knee for instance: then that will be your degree, and only those things inherently necessary shall be required of you to attain that degree. Which WILL be decided through outside testing.
  11. Agriculture cannot destroy; as is the current reality of poisoning the water, exterminating the insects, destroying the stability of every rural community; and so on. YOU WILL do what is necessary for a sacred and vital earth. Which does include slowing the drainage, by the use of retention ponds as needed to provide relief downstream. And a WHOLE LOT more.
  12. The chemical, mining, and energy industries, shall work diligently to improve their reality of impact on life and society; so as to create a future for life. NO EXCUSES, life comes first! Let the games be dead.

This is a unique moment in time. Because of the promised tax decrease to the rich and corporate entities:  the stock market has been allowed, money has been placed; to drive the price as high as possible. Thereby bringing in as many small investors as possible, “to ravage and rape”. A fourteen percent decrease in taxes/ even a two percent decrease in taxation on the rich:  IS A BIG DEAL. Therefore the wealthy and people who influence the stock market because they control “a trillion dollars”/ are WAITING for this promised tax break to occur. That is likely to happen before January 1st 2018. With the tax breaks coming on/ or retroactive too:  January 1st 2018. THEREFORE once January 1st 2018 has past:  those who have been waiting to collect their reward from the stock market, by attacking the small investor. WILL in fact make their move to lower that value and collect that money for themselves. All money is labor or resource/ everything else is a fantasy number that does not exist as a reality you can plunder. Which means:  to be rich you need the slaves. Or you need to attack the resources/ abandoning every child, and every life, of every form. In a world built upon fantasy money, over the last decade especially:  whether the stock pricing can find a floor/ or will collapse entirely as it did in 1929 (causing world war 2). Is yet to be seen. So the question is:  WHERE DO YOU wish to stand in this chaos.  Because reality states;  “even if you have a lifeboat/ instead of on the titanic”. Unless you are truly disconnected, the weight of that ship sinking is going to suck you in.

The only way out is to stop the process in its tracks:  by demanding a true accounting/ and then letting reality decide what happens then. IF WE DON’T, DO THAT OURSELVES;  with redress of grievances/ we will be discarded, the nation will drown in its own disgrace, and the world will follow.


The lesson of 1929 and the subsequent world war 2 is:  that every people always try to get rich for free/ and it never works for long. But humanity has never learned their lesson; because every pyramid scheme has a few who are rewarded, so they can bring in the rest who lose. Prior to 29, foreign nations invested here “to get rich”/ Germany was a big investor; and the American collapse initiated their collapse, becoming 30% unemployment. Can’t pay, so the banks repossessed/ people thrown into the street. Since the banks were run primarily by the Jews: they became hated! Religion made the Jews bankers; as Christianity has a clause “not to take advantage of your neighbors, and particularly don’t charge them a lot of interest”. So people walked around that rule by hiring primarily Jews, to do it for them; so they could collect their interest/ AND be cruel to anyone who could not pay; by blaming the Jews. As is consistent with biblical literature:  Jews WANT the money, and have no religious consequences about getting the money. The result however wasn’t worth the price;  as is also consistent with human history.

WEALTH IS:  either someone to work for you/ OR, a resource that you control, which someone else needs; so they work for you to get that resource.  More simply:  numbers are meaningless/ just measurements that have no substance unless directly tied to truth and reality. People understand: BUT THEY WANT MORE, so they gamble, because lies are tempting, and deliberately intended to be so. People fall because they believe “I know something/ I believe something/ or I found something the rest don’t, or have overlooked”.

People gain a following: when they create a bribe, or a mob.  A bribe comes with possessions of some type/ so as to destroy the connection called truth; as in I got more, and that is all that counts to me! Whereas a mob is assembled by confronting people with a story they either have to believe, or not; doesn’t matter which. When the entire herd believes, they will move as one.

The summary is:  if you don’t get your money because someone can’t pay their debts to you/ then I can’t get my money that you owe me/ and the bank can’t get the money I owe them: so every investor loses their money; and we all end up bankrupt. As is the reality of today under university led government, and media propagation of lies, betrayal, and terrorism (sure the university is god; and the university can play god with our lives; and the universities can even gamble our entire planet, and every life on earth forever:  “cause they are gods [we know everything, and CAN’T be questioned]”.  Because their book is god; as is consistent with every religion on earth.  That does not suggest “the book” cannot be correct/ but it does demand, the book can be questioned; and cannot be asserted as “god” unless truth clearly dictates this will be trusted by the evidence established. More clearly: truth decides by the evidence/ NOT your belief, when it comes to realities which cannot be undone.  As is consistent with blaming the participants of any religion/ the majority of believers, are NOT participating in the tragedy of these decisions. However, the blame is spread: because they are literally first in line with responsibilities for their religion; when it comes to the failure of those who are called “same”.

Second reality: that international commerce has consequences; as in when one nation goes broke/ and now they can’t pay the next nation that was depending upon that money, those resources to be sent; those jobs to retain employment for their people. And the next, and the next, and the next: which ultimately ends in war. Because desperation has no friend/ only enemies who did not come to my aid. The consequence WORLD WAR, instead of local battles. Entire people’s selected as OUR ENEMY; instead of just a few.

When lending institutions or the gambling casino’s like the stock market are all interconnected nationally; failure means a civil war/and the enemy becomes “government”. This crisis can only be averted:  with true elements of justice through law, being demonstrated as a society that now begins to be fair. Money, as is the description of numbers; is irrelevant/ what you don’t need to survive, is just a toy or a trophy. The value of life does not recognize money as the determinant factor in whether you live or die/ which does mean money is basically irrelevant. So the question is:  since the numbers are merely promises made through government involvement or lack of involvement/ CAN YOU surrender them, for the sake of a nation or world? To begin again under the terms of reality and truth shall decide, by constitutional law: by WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES. Because that, is what it takes to avert war. Nobody gets destroyed/ nobody gets to play god anymore: we choose for peace, and the value of life comes first!

The elemental reality of a university in charge is: that they choose only for themselves. For instance: with immigration, they attain a need for more interpreters, which the universities provide. By demanding “lets be a nation of every language”; they increase the need for teachers by one hundred percent or more. Which they provide. By counterfeiting our money, and then giving it to foreign nations as they have done: those people immigrate, “after all its free”/ and require interpreters, lawyers, and the like of every kind; which the universities provide. And most every student gets a debt, which makes them a slave to the university, for decades to come. “isn’t it wonderful”; its just like declaring “everybody is practically a diabetic”/ or everybody practically has high blood pressure: OR WHATEVER IT IS;  because then you can spend all your money at the doctor office, where slavery is for certain. OR, when the side effects of medicines given erupt into catastrophe; “guess who makes the money from that”: And who graduates doctors, or makes drugs? The university of course;  etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera:  “oh look at me/ ain’t we do important; who could be god but us”. 

”. Who pays? NOBODY because its all counterfeit (just hidden inflation, by declaring asset increase with numbers). Oh wait: somebody does pay, “it’s the children”:  because the future has no resources; but a billion people WILL     , all be demanding “we are billionaires”/ you have to pay. And yet, there is only war!


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