in a world nearing complete financial chaos, because nothing is real or sustainable; humanity one and all say to me, LEAVE IT ALONE. because there is nothing to be gained by demanding reality other than the catastrophe that we face coming true. WHICH LITERALLY does mean: either we take control for ourselves/ or we lose all control, and end in world war.

in contrast to that are the realities of threat that will make our world extinct. the endless disaster that is “university knows”; which is so extreme: that they literally intend to ignite our planet on fire/ expecting that nuclear fire to simply extinguish itself. so extreme they are deliberately mutilating nature itself, so their god called evolution will make “new things” out of the chaos they caused. so extreme, there will soon be no food, water, or even oxygen to breathe.    yet you continue to tell me: “just let it go”/ to your shame!

Illinois is bankrupt, primarily due to the university uprising, and its diploma army. That proclaimed themselves to be our emperors; therefrom “we MUST be their slaves”/ and anything they want, they can in fact simply take.  just “follow the money”!


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Jim Osterbur

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