history proves


History proves, when leadership is confronted with the realities which they did create; they will always point to someone or some group, and say “they, or he is the enemy” we were doing great! Because anything less, allows reality to prove they were wrong, or worse. The public accepts, “it’s all his fault”; when they know:  “we caused this too”/ because they refused their own duties and responsibilities; casting adrift the future, to be selfish. Until reality made them stop.

So here is my defense:  you chose everything, every threat that confronts us all/ I did not. You refused reality, evidence, law, truth, discipline, democracy, orderly society, courage, respect, and balance: to storm over your own children, in a blind rage “to be rich”/ discarding their future entirely. I did not. YOU wanted the universities to be your god, and accepted them as your god; granting to them the right to play god with life, planet, and truth. I did not. You failed yourselves, your society, your world, and your children; because you did not care enough to respect life itself. I did care enough; to give a lifetime, for this world.

So, I am not the enemy/ but a liar is a liar(you got here with lies), and a mob is a mob (we want what we want). The potential then to be attacked, for making you take a moment to stop and access is you are truly willing to LOSE THIS WORLD, AND ALL ITS LIFE.  A reality that is far more likely than you think. Because want is an animal/ and true life is not. There will always be, the insane, the hateful, the violent, the manipulator, thieves, whores, and more who merely want someone to target. So they can become “famous”. Like the press, “look at me/ look at me”; I don’t give a damn why, just look at me!

Even so, you cannot fix anything by attacking me/ I am NOT your problem. YOU, ARE/ HUMANITY IS, the summary truth about ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. And if you don’t fix you, there is no further time for life, to be found on earth. Every threat will erupt/ every prediction by the bible will come true: because that, would then be what you chose. Because the reality of evidence is certain. In your final act of defiance, you discard life. IT IS, A CHOICE! The alternate being, after thinking for yourself, you choose to respect and protect LIFE AND PLANET; because there is no other choice, but death!

The long list of other excuses for not wanting to participate in the reality of threats: which can easily make us extinct. Are without doubt irrelevant and that makes your excuse worthless.

The question is:  WHAT can you do, “without a world”? answer: nothing. Either fight for your world, or you deliberately choose to let it die. None are responsible for that decision but you.


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