examining discipline


We should examine disciplines, as this work comes to its close.

The soul is a journey, created by your own personal search for “LIFE, ITSELF”.

The heart is a destiny, created by your own personal search for, “WHAT HAS VALUE”, to me.

LOVE is a blessing, that surfaces when you share the existence of a respect, that is born to grow.

Sharing recognizes the expression of what we honestly do choose, for our lives, by helping you in your life.

Caring establishes the experience, that is a composition of what and why we have chosen to be as “self”.

Courage accepts the price, because you have chosen what will be true of me, is worth more than this pain. I am, the value of my convictions.

Living replaces time, within the words: I have value.

Time confronts us all, with the truth: if not measured/ then eternal.

Body means: the platform from which I arise.

Spirit means: through the translation of environment, what is true shall arise by the laws which govern it.

GOD IS,   OUR CREATOR. More than that enters an area we cannot own as knowledge.

JESUS is, the single historical representative, identifying the possibilities of eternity through love and respect.

Marriage assumes ownership, but it is not so. Marriage assembles an order, each participant accepts a discipline, and the balance between them becomes their life as one.

Sex honors the value of gender, only when respect leads every decision that becomes our core expression: to love, and to be loved (nothing more or less).   Physical acts mimicking sex are devalued into lust, making it a decision without respect. Without respect means no relationship exists.

Honor is the distance we will travel, to accept the price we cherish as our own truth.

Truth is the critical reality that will prove, you cannot avoid, or ignore this barrier.

Law is, the elemental foundation upon which life itself, as well as time, was built.

Discipline seeks the path, that will determine your heart.

Order arranges your mind, so that you can experience what is more than time.

Balance conceives, and ascends. While imbalance destroys, by descending from life itself.

Satan is the distinction of an arrogance so strong; that neither life nor living have meaning without the rule of force/ and its consequences.

Religion is the human equivalent of a disease; because it does establish want by beliefs; instead of reality by truth. Even so, some religion is based upon truth, and that makes them valuable. Faith is the alternative to religion: which is, to accept the path only truth can provide. As best we can.

University conceives of “what we do understand”/ but like every religion, humanity fills the gap in their knowledge with “fairy tales”; so that those who control the reality of university can play god. Making up your own “truth” is the game of children. Using that game to control, degrade, disrespect, enslave, or alter reality within thought: is a description of devil. Which means to remove truth, by making that truth, THE LIE you want it to be instead.

Nature is “the scientist” clearly defined by miracles: everything we can or will be. Humanity is the observer, and those who carefully consider reality as their teacher; do find cause to be wise.

Intellect surfaces as the constructer of traps, or the ability to perceive of traps.

Humility explains: I have been “here too”, and understand the consequence of a search, is to experience the decisions that make us, or let us know, what is, or is not true.

A journey delivers the direction of your heart.

Heart lives within the breathe (measured existence) of our tears (the passion exhibited and experienced, in both love and the consequence of hate or pain): to bring forth what was hidden (more than want)/ to take in (express or experience, your choice), what has been found (value or violence; my choice). To accept its limits (the heart cannot live without love; it is our only true choice), its realities (desire, the essence of self; knows what is true), and these purposes or desires as time itself (I chose), has found in me (my proven truth).

Love identifies truth, and truth conceives of more than time could ever be: the ascension of everything a miracle can prove. From our soul!

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Jim Osterbur

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