order and balance


Reality suggests: “we should identify at least some of the traits, that make gender differences valuable, rather than tragic.”


Order and balance walk together in this relationship, proving that it is respect that will decide the path forward. Creating piece by piece the framework that will build trust, from one truth by building on the next truth.

Balancing love, is a practice made possible through the understanding: only truth is fair in any relationship that desires to participate in time. Without truth, trust will die/ and without trust, there is no bond.

Respect is: the clear and certain appreciation, that gathers information in the discovery of what has come before this moment. To acknowledge the essence and the reality, of what life has produced. To accept the value of what an individual will achieve. To conceive of moments, that build the vessel which will carry desire, from me to you.

Truth is an elementary purpose designed by the integrity of its participants. It has no leader or follower; rather it is simply what it is. The value of that is the critical participant in order: as this is now known to be without exception, a foundation we will depend upon to conceive of the structure that will become our relationship with or in life.

Structure elevates the balance of what we build together as one life shared, through the existence of our own care. Structure assembles the visual expression of a heart, shared with me, through the memories called time. Those memories exist, thereby they assemble into the purpose we have known through our own shared desires.  To care realizes, that I have passed beyond myself; to become a participant in your experience/ or you in mine. To share elevates the faith I have accepted in you: that your truth has been revealed in ways that will become my foundation for our future.

Order commits time, to establish the cause of passion. Because to achieve a shared response to early, often leads to heartbreak. Even if love exists/ a shared destiny does not. We are the fundamental truth of our desire. Where that desire is strongest, we will participate the most. But the difference between want and desire is simple:  want is momentary and can easily be swayed/ while desire is the heart itself singing, in the rhythms that become our own delight. These are not swayed by time, but stand out as the decision which becomes an eternity called my truth.

Balance lifts the spirit, to intertwine itself in the values of what an eternity can be. Thereby when we enter within the purity of our own true decisions, as a vessel which attains the difference between environment and the essence of life as is a journey past the boundaries of time. We then become spiritual within ourselves, to experience and express the development of what our own truth does represent. Every truth has a point of commitment, “called a door”. It is the essence of what you desire most, that leads you. It is the definition of your heart, that becomes the destiny of your soul.

The essence of male is: that I am at its core a searcher for truth. The passage between time and its eternity, a reality that must be conceived of in me.

The essence of female is: that I am at its core, a participant in the glory of creation, a value that cannot be less than its own truth.

The value of accepting each other for the distance that is time, reflects and achieves the rhythms of what we share. The dignity of how we chose to care. And the passions of why we believe, there will always be “me in you/ and you in me”. Earned by our souls, uniting as one.

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Jim Osterbur

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