human animal


The human animal, a participation measured only by time.

Without the ability to independently think for oneself, there is only predator or prey. To participate within the herd group is: to believe as the group believes/ to fight for space, by trying to prove superiority or size/ to accept peace and security by the rules/ to experience or express fear/ to want sex/ and to assume, together we will not be defeated; so long as we all do the exact same thing. A reality that does not exist, when different species, or different variations of the same species; are mixed together.

In contrast to that are the predators. Some want their violence to be strictly personal/ while others want their violence to be noticed and respected by those who want them to be violent.

The measurement of each group, is simple survival, and expansion.


The human soul; is elementally different! It is not measured by time, but by individual choices.

The foundation event in the creation of a soul, is the participation found within life itself. A reality joined by ascending past the elements of time, and then joining that life itself as a participant beyond the limits of body or its time.

To achieve that, requires the respect which comes only through the ability to think for oneself; and thereby recognize the elemental truth that is: EVERYTHING about this earth that is life or planet, is a MIRACLE. To accept that simple OBVIOUS TRUTH; is then the first step in understanding the life inside is more, than simply the body or its chemical reactions. We can think! That process of thought searches for knowledge, therefrom gains understanding through the evidence of reality, and ascends by wisdom into the possibilities that life itself, presents.

These are individual realities of decision, completely unlike the herd demand which is: NOBODY decides for themselves but our leader. And fails completely in a predator, because life itself does not recognize destruction unless it deliberately participates in the desire and right to build.

No book decides for the individual either, because intrinsic to our reality is the outright need: to accept our own responsibility for the decisions that we make.

That, is the first failing of humanity, and causes many to assemble as a herd. Accepting responsibility for your own decision, makes it impossible to blame someone else! Unless the act against you is critically overt and without mercy or an intent to be kind. When confronted with a failure, the common and constant response is: “to lie”. When confronted with a failure caused in someone else, by what you chose to do: the common response is “I have a right/ they have their own responsibility; I cannot be blamed”. When confronted as a failure by the group, the elemental rise of a mob (we are greater than you/ so it is our right, and your failure: cry among yourselves) under the direction of a leader is common.

Here is seen the second cause for a herd to assemble: together we don’t have to take responsibility, we have the power to force acceptance by the others/ or take their stuff; even when we are wrong.

Fear of violence against us or me, is the third cause for assembling into a herd. Let us gather weapons/ let us make sure they fear us instead: by doing something horrendous to a life. As is FEAR THAT! Which of course brings the same response back from the others confronted.

The fourth cause is: someone has to control all these people, or there is anarchy. Righteousness arises here, as “I can make a rule/ thereby selecting anyone who breaks that rule as an example to the others, to establish their fear.

In contrast the individual who accepts responsibility, by understanding it is the process of independent thought that makes us an individual. Knows, that being true requires each one to accept: our ability to remain an individual in charge of our own lives, requires the respect associated with truth and law.

People who avoid that, even if they had been “individuals”; find themselves lost in the void of depression, suicide, addiction, or some form of religion by herd conception (rules, MORE rules).

The herd will say: “we are doing great, or we want more for ourselves: to hell with you”. We are an ARMY, and we need no other excuse. While the predator will hide: “because you can’t attack the majority, except by surprise, or as fear demands.” Death is the weapon of both groups:  a predator does violence/ while a herd demands, “we will, turn you over to them”.

In contrast a human being, rather than a human animal: understands that the law itself, is our salvation in terms of time. With law we build for ourselves the values of a society within which we all then live. That foundation gives to each individual, the opportunity to find within themselves the courage needed to accept: “our law, is fair”.

When the law is not fair, even the individual cannot trust the reality of a herd that has taken over society: because it wants MORE for us. They have no concern, no justice, enforce no rights other than for themselves. Which means corruption permeates the whole of society, as their army marches forward to destroy what has been built by truth.

It is a choice, and it will always be a constant battle: between the herd (we want more stuff)/ and the individual lives that search for creation itself. Simply put:  “we build/ the herd takes/ the predator destroys”.

To educate you, in “how to get more stuff (your constant demand)”;  simply increases your descent into extinction. To educate you, in how to create a society that is fair, identifies the realities of law, which can make your survival possible. at 8 billion people, it is NOT possible to continue doing the things that 4 billion people could do. That is your truth, and war will not help; as today, another billion people with little doubt arrives to be fed within 5 years. Birth control is your only option, and as that is basically entirely “a woman’s domain”: they will decide. With current fertility methods, one male could potentially have a million children. The reality of that is simple and plain:  “fixing men (for lack of a better term)” has no effect.


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