critical question


The critical question is:  can this world survive? It is by no means a certainty. Your threats against all life and earth are enormous; even if you don’t see them yet/ no doubt will be left.

To turn back each threat, requires a diligent decision, that cannot turn back from the actions and reactions that are necessary to remove them. To turn back from extinction, requires you to remove the universities as “your god”/ and accept the limits and realities that are functionally LIFE, AND PLANET, COMES FIRST! To assemble the necessary change, from what has led life to this edge of horror and hell/ back into the peace and security of “life as it was meant to be”: will demand that women lead. Because this is the best men did do; and they have an endless list of choices (both hidden and plain) that men have made to insure there is no permanent change. It takes a woman to confuse them/ a reality that exists because they are honestly “different”. By vote you can achieve that goal. But they will fail too, unless justice, reality, and life itself by the limits of what our planet can provide both now and for the future are not met.

None of these things are simple or easy, because leaders want to lead, and followers exist to follow; and all humanity says, “WE WANT what we want”. A reality that cannot be sustained. 8 billion people want too much, every single day; for all to have “their wildest dreams fulfilled”. If the few take it all, and discard the rest: only war and destruction is left. As is the current state of affairs already beginning to take place. We must be fair!

Friendships, love, marriage, peace, harmony, justice, fair play, freedoms as best we can, shared happiness, caring for life and each other, reasonable work and pay, hatred removed, no weapons of mass destruction, no rulers as is “university knows”, religious realities combined, participation for all, respect, dignity, honor, truth, and a functional trust through the development of true democracy and limited capitalism are all within our grasp.

I ask you not to believe (which always becomes “whatever I want”). I ask you to investigate the evidence, demand the truth from all parties, examine the cost of being wrong for both now and in the future, accept the price is simply too high for some things to exist, and in general be fair to each other, to all other life, and the planet itself. Remembering without true respect for  GOD OUR CREATOR,  an indisputable truth; as is the evidence of miracles; there will be no life ahead for this world.

Simply prove each threat is wrong/ or CHANGE IT. Which does in fact require changes to society, and how it got to be faced with extinction.


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