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Behavioral elevations of animals, versus humanity. The constant is, “what do I want, versus: why is life to be desired”?

The opportunity to rise above a need, that is absolute in order to survive/ requires the freedoms of time released from such pursuits. Or more distinctly, participation in levels above survival are governed by the freedom to conceive of something other than survival itself. Those who are surrounded by simple need, cannot rise above their situation/ because reality will not allow their focus to engage in the more fundamental pursuits of mind instead of body. Body exists to present time to our existence as a life environment. The mind merely measures reality, but it does assist in identifying the creation of our own thoughts. Thereby identity is in fact, the outer image of what we own as our intensity of desire, and its purposes.

An animal does not ascend past the limits of mental awareness, and the distinct elements of what our behaviors as a member of this species might be. Behaviors are then the identity used to construct what is, and what is not a boundary flag; to determine where this member belongs. The most common, and easily identified boundary is the difference between love and hate. Everybody can recognize these. Animals do exhibit love, but rarely exhibit hate other than in predation: where it is in fact required to survive. Hate here is the removal of life, simply to use that life as food, to keep your own world purposes alive.

The animal recognizes fear proves I have power. The human recognizes, I trust because you have justice. The animal proves I am ultimately selfish, “You must lose/ so I can win” with pride. The human proves, I have love: which ascends from sharing my life, to caring about all living things. The animal wants, or does not want: and will create a lie as needed, to accomplish those goals. The human desire is to become true, and aspire to being clean of want and its consequences. The animal lives to survive. The human survives, to live. The animal values trophies. The human decision, is to value love itself, as the recipient of life that is true.

Animal love lives and dies based upon want: this is something I value, for my own survival. Thereby the quest is to accumulate something more than property or trophies, which is the development of passion (I want more, than physical things). I want what will make me happy! I want, what is like me.

The human desire for love, lifts passion to a different level: as is the desire for your happiness as well as mine to be shared. The desire to participate in caring, opens the door, to altering boundaries: so the soul itself can come in. A boundary fundamentally aligns, with our own true desire to trust the values assigned by heart: which protect the elemental purity of life itself. When a desire is found guilty of destroying the purity of self, by allowing a predator inside: that desire is punished, and the realities which caused the gap to open will be rearranged. The cost of a boundary insertion (I believed), is a need to clean; that will not stop until life itself, has been more carefully erected.

The cost of belief is: love governed by want, can never be trusted as true. it is filled with selfishness; a reality that will always choose for itself first.

The critical decision is then:  WHAT is the difference between someone who selfishly protects their life in time/ and someone who selfishly protects their life for eternity? The answer is: time cannot protect you, it will end in the grave. Thereby what you want is your time, even if it costs someone else their own. The answer is: an eternity knows only what is true, therefore if your selfishness arises from the protection of love itself; the value of your own heart shall not be lost. Even if someone else is.

Behaviors rise and fall based upon want or I don’t want! Each rise is dependent upon the values you place for the trophy to be collected. Each fall is caused by the consequence of lies, the reality of intentionally making others lose, the purpose of your own elemental love or hate.

Desires which are ultimately the opposite of behaviors; give a purpose to the rise of love beyond time, so as to ascend into life itself; by participating as soul. This desire awakens, when a relationship is created with your Creator. That is functionally a respect that turns from the discovery of miracles/ into the essence of friendship as we learn the composition of a child of life, inherits trust.

The critical passage is, where the heart will choose to live! Humanity lives in the destruction of time, as age produces the evidence we will come to our own end. That fact identifies a boundary to be chosen as self;  in existence, as I accept: there shall, or there shall not, be a life beyond time.

The question is: can I trust, the miracles of our existence, to extend beyond time as something inherited; as I desire them to be?

The answer is divided into 4 parts of death: or, shared by three distinct environments of life.

  • The body shall die, and be discarded; it is not eternal in any form. We will be divided from it.
  • The mind shall stop measuring time, it is all used up in death; and you will be divided from it.
  • Environmental awareness of existence will fade into oblivion; because death discards that reality.
  • Critical understanding of self will end as truth becomes what remains. “What is true” cannot be changed; even if its time in existence, has pasted.
  • LIFE is expressed, through the foundations created by its own truth.
  • LIFE is experienced through, the elemental rise of its own creation explained by desire.
  • LIFE is eternal, only when joined to what can be eternal. The discovery of where energy itself originates. Both acceptance, and participation therein describes “a new life shared”.

Where others see distance, “the recognition of time”. Truth identifies barriers, or more distinctly the boundary between what can be life beyond time through the existence of purity/ and what cannot.

Mercy allows for compositions to be enhanced by the superiority of our CREATOR, thereby giving those who have attained “a measure of love” their own value. A second  chance, to understand:  life is more than a trophy, life is the essence of why time exists. Because pure Love is, “the greatest treasure of all”. A reality that will never change, not even throughout this entire universe.

Three independent realities of existence “make a shape” determined by its own truth. The laws which govern those truths identify an environment, within which a life becomes eternal. “Similar to molecules”; those life shapes can be joined. Similar to life on earth, the environment of your own truth, has freedom.

If we examine the elements of history that matter, the most elemental rise from animal to human is: the presentation of JESUS into our lives. HE was called “savior”; because he brought back love to human existence. So said; because the descriptions associated with that time; are about power, and how men wanted to control each other and life. JESUS made love separate, respect admirable, truth a discipline to be accepted, eternity to be hoped for, and gave order and purpose, to the lives who desired more than mere possessions.

Men make life and living into a religion, because they want control over the things, war removes. They do not know/ so they make up stories. Within a religion, all you need to do is believe according to what the herd wants; and they will call you “saved”. That of course is not true, as none on earth can be called a judge of life itself.

Women were not allowed to participate with any real influence, because on a planet where men at war always loomed large (in one form or another): they have little to defend themselves with. Consequently they chose men to defend themselves with.

The critical question: to remove war, requires the removal of men who make war on the others. To do that, requires that their armies must be limited in size/ scale/ and weapons of mass destruction. To do that, requires leadership that does not make the vast majority of men afraid. To accomplish that, critical changes must occur in women and men. Those changes are:

  • The law must rule instead of men or women.
  • All weapons of mass destruction must be removed/ and armies affected: by world law and the enforcement of that law on leaders, by an army of the people throughout this world.
  • The value of fair play, cannot be underestimated; and that will include a job for all workers/ because life makes us equal. How we work does not make us equal; some will always deserve more.
  • Justice says: every law must be true to its real purpose, and identified by the people as within the values they will accept as true, and obey.
  • Resources are, literally the difference between life and death/ happiness or simple survival at best. What remains as a resource on this earth; determines how long life itself, will remain here.
  • The future has needs, among them is the absolute certainty: overpopulation of humans, is the end of our world. Only women will decide that truth.
  • None get to play god! Not with life, or nature, or energy, or any other delusion that is so common by the failure known as “a university diploma”.
  • Wherever there are rules/ there is a ruler trying to enforce those rules, by taking away the freedoms of an independent life. A few, are required.
  • A democracy survives, based only on the “purity of its purpose”. If you cannot unite (we share this as our common bond)/ then you will divide.
  1. RESPECT determines every relationship. Therefore lies are to be avoided/ hate is to be removed/ violence proves destruction (you are needed here, no more). The reality of choices has become true: humanity wanted to play god/ now you must. Because whatever life you let live today, is a life that tomorrow will not allow. World resources will end. Do bear in mind, I personally have a disability (tinnitus; which is serious ear damage); caused by machinery and “deaf ears (the reason)”.
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