There is a critical question left:  how do we know, given that death removes the element of energy/ that any form of truth within us, could survive?

To answer this question requires a level of understanding you do not have, and I will not release. Even so, there are basic developments which can be acknowledged.

  • Truth has an energy level of its own/ it is structurally sustained by that reality.
  • Thought exists through the spiritual transition of thought by law, not law by thought. Therefore it is thought that controls the law, and NOT the other way around.
  • We exist “as a life”; by the presence of thought within us/ even if it goes untapped. By your own refusal to pay the price of it.
  • Energy lost IS transformed into something else. At least for a time!
  • Energy transformed is separated from its environment, and will reform as something else, by accumulating within an environmental boundary. “Even an explosion exists here”/ until it does not.
  • Without a measurement, only truth remains.
  • Reality exists, by the truth it exhibits.

If we take these 7 developments, and ask WHERE is life? The answer returns as: a passage between time and truth, established by thought.

You cannot open that door between them, unless invited. You will not be invited, without love.

Here, the question presented by:  “the second coming of JESUS” relies upon:  is this a foundation of change by which humanity can rebuild back to love?

Your answer!

My answer:  JESUS is my savior. The value of this work, is its own evidence as to the instruction I have received. As a student/ not a teacher. I am NOT “jesus”/ plain and simple. I am merely a messenger telling you: the evidence is clear, “either change yourselves back to respect for life and GOD” or you will become extinct.

The spiritual woman who lives within me, 12+ years back. When reality opened that door/ because after ten years of searching NO possibility of male domination would keep this earth alive. That altered existence; is a separate reality from the endless education that existed prior to this union. Even so, it is that spiritual woman who opened the door in me, to communicate as needed with you. “It’s complicated, simply because I am NOT perfect”/ a complete surprise! Nonetheless, I thereby needed help, to love you once again. Your chosen destruction of this world, made that very difficult. She made it possible, and mandatory. Together we built this work/ through the education I received; the reality of her decision to participate. The critical (eternal) consequences to me are yet unclear. Even so, I did my job! Best I could.

 YOU are now removed from your excuses/ and must find the answer that will become your destiny (we chose this) or fate (we cannot change this). Whatsoever that will be, is no longer a responsibility of mine. THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES; life or death, take your pick.


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