element of justice


The element of justice.

Element means: the building block, upon which all things possible because of, this erupts. Justice means: a foundation of humanity that is not governed by want/ or don’t want; which are actions or reactions which drive behaviors.

There are five developments which govern behaviors that apply to justice: the demand for power/ the assertion of pride/ the purpose called want or don’t want/ the ridicule intended to drive a specific group or person away/ and the jury: “is this our society, the result of our people/ is this our decision to be fair as a nation, within freedom and rights/ is this punishment what should be applied to me; if it were indeed me on trial”; because our justified law must be enforced?

Of these five elements: power is the claim of superiority/ pride is the demand to create LOSER/ want exists to prove, I don’t need no damn rules or laws; I KNOW everything I need to know/ ridicule is “the minor mob”: ruled over by a leader, it does not exist unless the rest want, and choose to be that mob. And the jury which is governed by all four objectives above. The courtroom has been proven to have destroyed justice by removing the penalty information from the jury. The pride of the jury “wants a loser/ or a winner”, at its whim;  and the rest does not matter. Want governs the majority, and all that is a concern is how will this affect me, or what I want. While bullying is a constant earned by the expectation: everything is mine/ and nothing should belong to you.

If we remove, “the human animal behaviors”/ then we come to the elemental rise of law. The law that exists, and is enforced: decides the values of our society, and edits or controls everything we can or cannot do. Therefore the law, and not the politician is important. The law, which must include world law;  and not the military is important. The law, by its control over elemental possibilities “in this society, or this world”; governs us all. and that translates into it governs the leaders as well:  same, same!

So the critical truth of what this world of human existence can or cannot be: according to what has not already been destroyed/ is governed by the values identified in our laws.

None are superior to the majority in the selection of law: because we must all LIVE according to the laws that we select for ourselves. That does mean majority will rule/ so the critical test of value is:  WHAT are the absolute truths, as a human being; that we all must share in equally? Freedoms, rights, and equality begin the discussion. But they are not elevated unless the liberty to prove we the people who brought this nation to life, do have a deliberate and real responsibility to protect “our fair share” from you. Who do come only because your own nation and ways, have let you down. Which does mean: we don’t, necessarily want your ways to remove our ways/ nor our rights, with your rights.

Freedom has value only when there is peace and securities. NONE of that is consistent with war. To destroy this world, its nature, its resources, and its very own possibility to survive as a planet of life: is the end of all things fair or free. YOU CHOSE HORROR, for your future; because your leaders want you to be their mob. Which simply exists to prove, “they can be, and are exhibiting the reality or more correctly assumption of god over you”.

Your media assumes and asserts, “only the university has a brain”; you must follow them as robots. You must mimic what they say, and you must BELIEVE they cannot be questioned, because they are always right; which means “they are gods”. As religion always insists.

The counterfeiting of money; or more specifically the hiding of inflation and the deceit of debts which cannot be paid: have given the universities their power over life. Everyone proclaims, “this is where the money is/ GO THERE”. While in truth, very little money arose from the universities: without deceit. But people don’t care: they just want MORE money. So justice (we have fair play for all) fails, and society (we are in this together) dies: while the preparations for world ending war continue on.

There is no power without fear. There is no fear without the punishment of pain, loss, or death. There is no law, where power rules; because a rule, replaces what is demanded of us all (as is law)/ with what we the few, demand of you.

Thereby we know, that to remove power from our lives, we must remove the rules that do not apply to us all. To remove fear, the law that liberates and protects us all equally, is both fair and justified: thereby it is not power, but law that we obey. Where the jury protects us individually from injustice, because they accept the price of law is to BE FAIR. Then we have attained both peace and security.

Secondary to these facts of human life in society is the money. Because money in excess, will control more than a human life, or group;  can be allowed. Thereby we know, “that limited capitalism” is required to control individual income and property ownership. Thereby allowing us all, to protect ourselves, by our own vote. Even so, it is constant and true throughout history, that humanity cannot control itself when confronted with “more than I need right now”. As is the evidence of America: “they constantly choose, to THROW IT ALL AWAY”. Because it has no value, until someone else will fight you for it. A constant element of “animal”/ rather than human (I rise above this body, as a miracle unleashed; to experience and express life itself).

The constant of every university is: “we will tear down” every working participation in society, or religion to destroy what works with our lies. Because in doing so, “we the superior ones” will create their nation in our own image, by making them our slaves. That is the working principle of every group that gains power, throughout history; whether religious or not. To remove their image, and the consequence of their power: is to reduce them to equals! The army of words, is a machine gun spray through the delivery process of media; whose only true purpose is, “keep the others away”, by creating a disease (we will infect their mind). We will turn their arguments into nothing, by creating “fairy tale stories (we are gods/we know everything)”, controlling the court (we make the rules/ that you will obey), the government (nobody can stop us from counterfeiting/ we own it all), the schools (thereby the children, and the indoctrination), the work (nobody but our forces, shall own a job), the resources (let the future be damned/ we don’t care), the press (we deserve zealots to protect us), and especially the money (it’s my way/ or you die). Because with the money counterfeited in our hands, “no one cares about truth, OR its consequences”. INSTEAD, the only thing that matters, IS more for me, or us!

These are elements, and you must learn them to survive as a world. Or as reality by the evidence will prove:  very soon your own extinction will arrive.


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