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The relationships of life, hope, and friendship.

These are values with desire and purpose, as illuminated by love itself. Every relationship is the combination of those who are willing to participate together as one working entity. Life is created by combining those who are willing to participate together into the boundaries that separate, but do not divide. Every hope signifies the acceptance of a treasury that balances discipline with order. And every friendship understands, that without the knowledge of honest love there is no purpose in tomorrow.

That makes love the single most important truth, of life itself. Or more distinctly, the values we create within ourselves; both prove and disprove what we will be, “in our relationships with another life”.

You cannot hold both love and hate within the same vessel; one will overthrow the other/ because they are opposites, and thereby cannot live together. Love illuminates and controls the essence of our own decision, never to enslave, manipulate, tempt, or control the life of another human being (because it is not our right to do so)/ even if that is a reality which cannot be attained on earth. While hate is the literal intent to enslave, manipulate, tempt, and control the life of another human being: because the purpose and desire is to prove superiority to you/ even to life itself, by playing god. Do you not see the difference?

Desire then means, by my own decision: I have come to realize who I intend to be, through my own behaviors when recognized as the participation I provide among the others.

Purpose then comes to mean, by my own actions and reactions: I have given to this world of all living things, my intent to either be loving/ or cruel. Cruel is: the deliberate desire to discard the consequences of what I do to the others (all life)/ and be selfish throughout.

Since that has consequences as well: “we won’t play with you anymore”/ the reality of hiding true intent has been achieved through lies. Therefore the liar reveals hate, even though the reality of what they do may not.

The unfortunate truth is: the actions and reactions of others, have a direct influence on our own behaviors and decisions; if we let them lead our lives. Thereby to follow, is to inherit the compositions of your leaders. To be, whatever their decisions establish in you. Is a consequence, that can change your own eternity.

The elemental variations between male and female are also highly developmental, in our own decisions to establish a behavior that will or will not end in both sex and a relationship with value/ or a reality of lust (I just want to use your body; you are NOT important). The critical means are simple:  to respect the dignity (the miracle “of you”, is real) of life, you may not use any form of deception to attain your own goals. Without respect, there will be NO relationship/ only use, or abuse.

Instead life asserts, that I am valuable to you, as a living example of dignity: when you share your time and efforts, by allowing me to do the same. Within the honesty “we care”.

Sharing means, to accept that love has a price. It is never to steal from you, or to deliberately make you sad. But It is, a value set apart from discipline that inherits the expression, I cannot be whatever it is, that you are asking me to be. Rather I must be, as my own life establishes the journey of my own existence shall be mine. While that may not sound distinctly as sharing, it is the price of sharing love; as we cannot alter the journey of another just because our own desire is different. To share the destiny, is to inherit the journey of someone else. To display the courage needed to enable this cause; exhibits desire. Sharing exists, to understand the value of both success, and failure; through the miracles of freedom and rights. Or more distinctly it is not success or failure that attends our funeral/ but the desire we accepted, and the purpose we did prove.

To care elevates the experience of life and living with purposes that honor our own decision within ourselves. Consequently when we care, we honor each other: as both the one who gives (the honored price of life as love)/ and the one who receives “I did do, what I chose to do for life”. The development of understanding, is far greater when you have experienced the reality of what this decision and its consequences do mean. Therefore the journey can be worth the price/ even if it ends in failure.

Value is the distinction known as: WHY is life itself, appreciated and desired by me? WHEN you answer that question for yourself, the experience of living, along with the expressions of life, will become far more true; in you. So we ask, “why”: and a primary answer will be. Because the choice of my own freedom, my own opportunity to adjust the direction and participation and desire of my experience/ does become the expression of my life. That expression, is then “me”; and I choose, to value the opportunity to learn, or to be “me”.

The question is then, WHAT is “me”? Or more distinctly, since the elemental rise of  thought is not intrinsic to a body itself/ WHERE are the disciplines of knowledge, the foundations of understanding, and the acceptance of wisdom (such as it can be) to be found? The question more correctly stated is: HOW does the body translate our basis of knowledge (this happened to me, or because of me) into the reality of a process by which we then do attain the critical rise called understanding, by becoming aware of what our own freedoms can do, in time? We again return to freedom for that answer:  to assemble by wisdom (I have grown through the law, an ability to rise by my own steps, in the process of becoming “me”). While others never accept the disciplines of truth/ refuse the foundations of trust/ and discard the reality of choices made under the direction of law: the consequence is to remain “animal”.

The reality of life is then to participate for the purpose of eternity;  to achieve the purity of heart needed to inherit the value of life itself. Not as a body, but as the elemental rise of something far more precious: the potential of everything thought itself can be. That has little to do with intellectual elements/ but everything to do, with the freedom of what you did or did not choose.

There are countless human disagreements with the possibilities of eternity. There is one ultimate proof: ONLY THOUGHT could create the miracles of life and planet called earth/ nothing less would do. As is proven every day in your own lives: fail to think first, and there will be consequences you don’t like. There is only one, primary proof: that we were not simply created and then abandoned:  JESUS is that element of possibility, no one else came close. There is one choice, that we are given to be: whosoever we choose to be, as best we can. It is the living of your own time. “three points of connection” make a shape, determined by the distance achieved between them. Adding a fourth connection as determined by the laws we accepted for ourselves, create an environment. Thought lives within that environment, and so then do you. If, you have attained the necessary rise (I think for myself/ NOT simply act or react), above simply being “an animal”.

To rise above the chemicals of body, you must first understand: they are as much a danger to you/ as a pleasure or pain. Rather like love or hate. Love being a reality of trust that makes you vulnerable to the consequences of others. Hate being a reality of descent from being human (a valued miracle of existence), into the desperation’s of being worthless, tragic, or less; to all life.  If your deliberate actions are to control the others, with manipulation/ temptations/ ridicule/ or other methods of deceit;  “you are” one of the damned (eternity will not be friendly to you). EACH has a right to choose for themselves, the life they will live. Just as the law, has a right, to protect life itself.

If you are so selfish or blind that no life matters but your own/ eternity will dissipate you into nothing; just as you judged the others. If you are filled with hate/ eternity will give you terrors, that cannot be quenched. IF you caused a life, that would have “loved GOD” to be destroyed: eternity will be more than you can bear, forever!

Give yourself to discipline, this elevates both law and truth. Understand the basics of order provide the path beyond yourself, this constructs trust and lets you move forward. Accept the price called balance, because it keeps you safe; within the reality of evidence. Acknowledge the relationship you will share with courage/ or without; and accept the price. These are the four basic foundations to rise above yourself as a body called life; into the elements of where does life come from? The beginning of eternity itself.

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