It is, functional and necessary, to plainly state what must occur in order for this world to survive. As seen in terms of American realities.

The foundation of failure caused by a university diploma, is extreme and widespread; a reality of power/ pride/ and want; paid for by hiding inflation, and by creating debts which can never be paid. Realities that will collapse into severe depression, along with the powerful own everything/ and that brings civil war, along with international war with weapons of mass destruction as the crush of humanity continues to make it impossible for nature itself, in every form, to survive. I say to you change is necessary/ but the simple truth is: the complete failure of leadership will make you change, and the only thing between you and extinction, is how the people react. History proves war/ reality proves cannibalism/ university experimentation proves IMPOSSIBLE to survive what has been done. So, when you look at me and say “he caused this”/ reality proves that is absolutely not true. YOU caused this with your university cult worship, and acceptance of their fantasies; particularly the part where “THE MAJORITY say we don’t have to pay NOTHING”. Or as leaderships says: “debts don’t matter”. But alas, fraud is fraud/ worthless dollars, remain worthless; but the demand THIS IS MINE; will remain. Even though all the resources left in this world, can’t make your demand come true.


Enough of your hogwash, fantasies, and failure so to speak/ this is what you chose; and you will change it by law; or go extinct.

WHAT can be done is elementally simple; basically everything the universities led you to do over the last few decades in particular: must simply be reversed. As they are the crisis of leadership that failed life, nation, and world; at your request. So said because at the last 2008 financial crisis, the constant demand was “LIE TO US”/ just don’t make us pay the truth.

The functionally means:

  • Get your ass out of the vehicles, and make it possible to walk where you need to go. WE NEED THE OXYGEN, etc! Neighborhood stores/ work/ schools (move the teachers, not the students)/ etc. no more huge stores. Very limited internet sales. Critical structure in the small stores; which functionally means: you will give them a grade/ such as is, nothing here is over “ten percent more than its cost to me”. Portrayed prominently so all can see and know, this is fair to me.
  • Ninety nine percent of all large factories will be discontinued; as they merely consume resources for your mountains of garbage. The children deserve a future.
  • Schools will teach life courses, and college will be integrated into the high school curriculum. All “higher education” shall be at a percentage of income; IF the student gets a job for which college did in fact train them to do. NO parental payments; your job/ your debt. NO payments for the professor who does not teach the class.
  • Medicine will become a public utility, and governed as such: by our description of what this should cost. A percentage of income is the method of personal payment. All payments to the medical industry shall arise from the state level (we collect), and then be returned according to the work that has been done: per person. So there can be NO separation of rich or poor. All medicine shall be owned, including patents by the nation; and the people shall accept bids to determine who makes that medicine. When death comes knocking; what is realistic and fair to all, shall be done. What is excessive and other shall not. The dead body shall become feed for an ocean, or you starve as a world.
  • No more plundering the forests; whatever is left, must remain. No more plundering the oceans; whatever is left must remain. NO more caged “fish farming” in the oceans; as this leads to disease and endless trouble to come, not only for ocean life but your own. No more international trade to any degree; each nation must be self-supporting/ as that is your security for the future that is left. As best you can.
  • No more wars, you can’t afford that failure/ the resources are too precious. As is consistent with the evidence of war today: it is nothing more than those who want to say, “we can make you cry”. World law removes weapons of mass destruction/ BY ENFORCING that law on leaders, with world policing.
  • We will make our own laws, under constitutional restraint; because whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation. That means we rule ourselves, rather than letting the fraud of voting for someone to vote for me; disgrace or destroy us all. Once a proper law is formed, it will remain “forever”; because life is life.
  • The list is long, and you have yet to prove one single reason to believe: all life on earth shall not go extinct. So it is pointless.

The constant of this work, this world is simple: by its own truth. The reality is this: as human existence, we are literally on the same “titanic”; because by sheer population growth; we have overwhelmed nature itself. Everyone cheers and says “how great we are, we take anything we want”: when the voyage begins. Everyone assumes “the great minds” who designed this ship thought of everything (death can’t get us now), “so they said; it could not sink”; but humanity was wrong. The reality of this world has no interest in human decisions or intent; and operates only upon the consequences of what is, or is not true. The iceberg, is dead ahead; because the reality of what was built by human wants, pride, and power:  contained so many lies. The critical decision is then this: will you, or will you not, investigate to determine what is true; when life or death for this entire world is at stake/ and humanity can be wrong? Throughout the decades, all humanity says: “leave it alone, we don’t want ANYTHING your ways will bring”. Therefore I remind you one last time:  “the iceberg is literally, DEAD ahead”. The time to turn aside is fading into extinction. .

The realities of “university playing god, at the public insistence”; have crept up to the consequence of “devil”. Which means simply, “I am god/ NOW, I am in control”: but alas, the only thing they can really do is destroy. As is proven true by the listing of threats so extreme we will not survive; unless “science” is limited so severely people forget its name. they have given you little; too away much; and we now stand at the door of utter world crucifixion, because they did play god. 

Nothing is more clear about that, than the people trying to ignite sun fire here on earth; depending entirely upon a fantasy to control the fire: it burns atoms. There is no such thing as a graviton. Or the people deliberately trying to play god by mutilating DNA, which is nature alive. Or even the people who say, “this type of tree has a disease or a borer or whatever”: their answer is genocide, kill them all/ let none survive. Etcetera, and so much more! Which literally does include those who are identifying every last hiding place, for creatures who are struggling to survive; claiming now we can protect them. When in reality they know: it is the predators alone who benefit, until they are gone. The university cult, sets NO value on life; only pride, power, want, and playing god.

Every threat (here or on ), is a description of your future, that can easily be identified as a reality you don’t want. Wishing won’t make them go away! The consequences for being wrong: literally identify every threat in the bible coming true. A reality you should be concerned with, because it is easily identified as true. Armageddon is nature in chaos (mutilation overrides life)/ Apocalypse (no water means, instant and vicious war)/ HELL, holds a wide variety, “no food (population crisis)=cannibalism; ignite the planet on fire just like the sun; everything going extinct, because you made it impossible for them to survive” and so much more it is horrendous. Because you wanted what you want, and refused to pay a penny back to life or planet. Just to play god, and throw away trophies. Shame on you.

Turn back to life, live by truth, seek only what has true living value,

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Jim Osterbur

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