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Evolution is, “the whores’ disease.

Nothing is less attractive, and more demeaning than the religious delusions of the university world. Particularly with evolution, where the intent is simply “anything but a Creator”! It is the opposite element of a whore, whose only purpose is money or power or pride/ but it is the same basic elementary decision, to discard life itself, for something far less; as are every fantasy humanity diseases itself with. No place on earth has more fantasies, is less open to the discussion of reality;  than a university! Which does make it a religion:  which simply means, “fill in the blanks, let want be your guide; with any story you can find”. Nothing in this world, is less scientific, than a true believer: the university religion “we know everything” is filled to overflowing, because then “we are in control (one way or the other)”. As is the purpose of every religion.

The sewer releases of evolution are long, and without merit of any kind; the believers have taken over every school and infected most every child with their delusions. So it is pointless to take them apart one piece at a time; believers won’t believe truth, unless it is whatever they want to believe. The cult of evolution worshipers, has no desire for truth; after all, it makes them vulnerable to reality!

Nonetheless, some basic references are these.

  • You cannot claim a billion years of time, without growing the sun in proportion to that time. Which clearly means, the earth would have been a much warmer place. NOT the same, as your fantasies suggest.
  • You cannot claim, because DNA is a chemical composition that is the base of our genetic instructions; that all life is the same. It is not, in countless ways. That would be equivalent to saying every book is entirely the same; as it is written on paper/ it contains words/ uses some type of ink/ and remains for a period of time as static or unchanged. Every book is not the same; nor is every life.
  • You cannot claim, life arises from a chemical bath, you cannot claim DNA arises from ammonia (earth is not an enclosed flask), you cannot claim “a bolt of lightning started it all”. you cannot claim adaption without a brain, or more distinctly the thought that arises from the presence of life itself.
  • You cannot claim, life arose without barriers and boundaries to keep the “ingredients of life” together. You cannot claim: “stuff just happens”/ without some realistic level of proof, which evolution has none of. You cannot claim that life can exist without all its parts. As is what don’t you need, “with everything working in harmony”; to rise as a living organism. Even the most primitive cannot exist without definable realities that chaos “the god of evolution” cannot build. Chaos merely destroys anything complex; so that it remains at its most simple form.
  • You cannot assume the boundaries that do exist arose from mere chance, or a billion different arrangements of life/ because your primordial assertions, could not survive. Neither can you claim that every plant devised for itself seed, or every animal devised for itself ANY method of transporting or redefining itself; without at least a brain. Which evolution says did not and could not exist, prior to “what is basically nature today”. Pure fantasy!
  • You cannot assume, that humanity or any reproductive element of life, merely appeared because you wanted it. Take your own robots for example; put it all together, but it won’t work without the software, or the utilities. And if the software is wrong, it will just destroy itself/ because it has no function to learn. And this after billions of hours of human development; which means your “protozoa (claimed first organism), was infinitely superior to a human being. NOT in my world, but then I am not religious; I only accept truth. Which does make me very different, than the university world of make believe. As is consistent with the reality: the current university expectation is, that a human being contains roughly 7 x 10 to the 45th power (45 zeros) of knowledge based “reality of orderly and disciplines/ balanced pieces”. Yet they throw that information all away: to make believe this life we are surrounded by, is all just an accident. Simply the result of chaos that becomes not chaos of its own free will: “without so much as a tool or a brain”. That, is called “a university lie”: because you can’t have both. (for I) Thought built it/ (for them) since chaos literally can’t build: but can destroy:  the evidence proves “life is here”. By only one means possible!
  1. It is ultimately true, and without doubt: that thought preceded all forms of life. Without thought, there is no design/ which means every form of building will fail. You just didn’t do it correctly! Therefore thought existed first, and what became of the ability to “think”; when tools and utilities are incorporated, will lead to knowledge. From which understanding does arise. From which wisdom can achieve the elements by which organizational harmony and the disciplined respect for value, begins to balance the necessary equations that lead to an expression beyond ourselves. Or more simply: thought came before the chicken or the egg/ and it proceeded accordingly, to become the instructions that gave us life as a body. Even so, life itself is far more complex than a body; as is the extension of thought beyond self & the complexity of spirit as it enters the values of truth, within us all.        To believe a story, just because it comes from any religion (we want what we want, to be true). To believe in the religion called evolution, because media has convinced you, “the university cannot be questioned”: is called cult worship. Cults cannot question, because of fear: “I cannot take care of myself/ I cannot find my own way/ I cannot trust my own decisions/ I cannot be judged if I am one of them/ I cannot fail, because this herd is big enough to protect me, IF I am exactly what they want me to be”.Religion has value, it is a stepping stone back into disciplines and order as described by a long history of this worked for us. It is not “GOD, talking to us”/ rather it is, LIFE identifying the relationships that give us our living, either alone or together. GOD “talking to us” is a misnomer; LIFE talking to us about this creation, and its miracles; are a truth. The search for GOD extends from our own decision, to experience and express the values of our hearts, as an independent life form; asking the spiritual elements of truth itself, for an ability to think for ourselves. To understand simply, that the essence of thought is life. Therefore the essence of GOD insofar as we can understand, is within our respect for thought as a distinction which creates a relationship called soul. We do not think as a herd (a religion). Rather we are born into thought, as our own independent truth rises from the essence of our values, by its treasury called love. What we love, stands out as the greatest treasure in this universe; because it is the singular desire that makes life worth living; even for an eternity.
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