Just so it’s clear: the reality is, after the trial date 9/11/18 comes and goes; regardless of the outcome. I have surrendered the work to you! YOU DO have everything you need. It will control me, no more. In addition; If you wish to retain these sites, you will donate to that purpose; in an amount, and whatever ways are necessary:  that is consistent with keeping them online.

Reality states, that I have said what I needed to say, in order to keep the conversation alive. To establish, again and again and again: that threats so severe and extreme as what we face, CANNOT simply be dismissed or discarded or denied. To your constant response of “we are so much smarter, so much wiser, and more aware of everything we want to be aware of/ that you are nothing (without value), or less”. So be it, I have accomplished:  NO MORE EXCUSES for you/ and that ends my involvement. You have your chance to save yourselves, your world, your child, and even life itself. Fail, and it is NOT my fault/ I did do, what I could do; even if, it was less than it could have been.

Reality also states: that this state has destroyed the balance and ability to recover itself/ without true bankruptcy. Your leaders made us all their slaves; to make their armies (everybody who gets a pension, and other pay they don’t deserve, at a rate FAR BEYOND what reality will allow) against us happy. Just like the federal government; except they cannot hide their counterfeiting money practices with hidden inflation. Same is same, the curse of a university diploma in charge is horrific: the consequences of traitors, terrorists, thieves, whores, failures, delusion, ignorance, and outright “devil”; will not be undone with wishes, or prayers either.

This nation, and this world is on the brink of complete collapse; just like your leaders chose for you/ refusing all reality, because they didn’t want truth to decide. Like you, they simply wanted what they wanted; and had no room for anything real. It’s called “pure disrespect” for life; the one constant from a university diploma that is critically true. you can hear it from the rooftops if you listen with your heart: they shout, “WE DON’T give a damn, about life”/ we WANT what we want! Or more distinctly “let the slaves” pay; as is the constant throughout human history. Do you not work yourselves to death, and it’s all for counterfeit money, which CANNOT survive, because it has no basis in reality! You simply choose to believe, because you don’t want to pay the price to rebuild for life. Sacred as sheep to the slaughter, WON’T keep you alive.

No I don’t hate you/ yes I do understand, “you just want what you want & why can’t I have whatever I want”? the answer being, YOU NEVER put anything back for life, you NEVER protect life, other than your own, YOU always take the easy way, which destroys even more life, and you fail the future at every turn you make. Just like every generation before you; but the difference is, with a population explosion of humanity; that no longer works, because nature cannot fill the gap, and recover from human realities, anymore.

There are hard and unfriendly choices ahead; or you die as a world. Failing that, and just falling into the pit your leaders created for you, is beyond horrendous; and completely without mercy. The cost of “university is god”. Or then there is simply letting them ignite atoms on fire, so this earth becomes a sun. At least the terrors will not be human/ nor will they be denied for long. As the lack of oxygen (atmosphere ejected) suffocates you, and the heat from that fire melts your very soul.

“best wishes”: I do hope for you. But if you don’t rise as a world, life will so be over on this planet called earth. And YOU, are busy trying to avoid every threat, by pretending the university is our god/ even though they are literally “the people who brought you here” to the end of our time as a planet in this universe. Reality won’t change without truth. GO INVESTIGATE, and find your truth, “SHEEP”!  or, just dig your grave. But alas, the same fire as on the sun, “will just dig you out”. Goodbye.

Do, pardon me if I seem a little peeved; I just spent my lifetime, trying desperately NOT to let you come to this point. And all I got for it was, “you are a damn fool/ GO AWAY”. And the rest say, “well, when that happens you can say: I told you so”.  Sure, that will save a world, from you/ once it is dead, and horrors surround us like weeds “they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere”. Pitiful fools. WAKE UP, and prove what is true/ don’t just believe.  Find the cost of being WRONG.

The foundation of human behavior is, “we had too/ we had too/ we had too”; and if that is resolved. THEN, we want too, we want too, we want too;  because we are going to die/ we are going to get old/ we have children or needs/ we could get sick or in an accident or whatever. WE NEED EVERYTHING NOW, to make our lives HAPPY. Because: If we can’t be happy about something/ then we can’t find a reason to go on! We want security, we want “everything we can get, that we want”!

The foundation of life itself is:  WITHOUT every piece that is required for life and survival as is living/ life will die. Thereby every piece is important, because we truly don’t know which pieces are absolutely critical. Because we don’t know the various chains of life that make other living forms of life we do need possible for them to survive. And without that information, EVERYTHING must be considered “very important” to us all.

So what you want, in a world overflowing with humanity is:  to keep everything else alive, so you may not die.

So what you need, in a world where nature can no longer simply provide everything you want: are laws which do not fail life itself.

So what you are required to do is: to remove every threat, and fundamentally protect the living; from every possibility of a threat, rising again to destroy this world.

So what you must do: is limit and reduce human populations until this earth can in fact continue to survive. A reality that demands population birth control; a reality that demands death is a fact of life; a reality that will prove somebody does have to die; or there is no room for the next one to arrive. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  If you choose war/ or biological warfare/ or attack women because they are “the next generation”;  you will become extinct.


As I search for the ending to my own work, several realities do become distinct.

  • I am grateful for the life and living I have experienced; just as you should be.
  • Grateful for the company of life, and even the living with humanity/ apart from the endless wanting, without justification. Running away from reality and so on.
  • Happy to be finished at least with hopefully some time to spare; for you to change/ as you need to change, for life itself to survive.
  • Thankful for the differences between male and female; although that has all blurred together in me now. “it’s a strange life” now; different/ complicated. But it has been worth the price.
  • Afraid for the children, they have no future as of today. You chose/ they did not.
  • Afraid for all life, and even the planet called earth, they have no future either; because of the choices humanity has made.
  • Accepting, I did do, according to the limits of any and all men: what I could do, in a world that simply did not care enough; about life or living. That means: whatever life or death for our world will be, is up to humanity. You do have your chance for change! I CANNOT save you, nor will I try/ you MUST save yourselves, by letting truth decide the future, and accepting the price that will be paid. Or you fail this world. Not a game, there are no second chances; you need to grow up now!
  • I suppose, that the correct ending for me is: complicated means, “the spiritual woman and me”, are locked together forever. That is not a gay statement (a series of lies)/ not transsexual (an assertion by liars)/ not perverted (people wanting sex slaves); merely the respect entitled by the situation a simple reality. I cannot leave, too much has been lost, male and female are different; it is not an easy fit. She will never be the same either, just because I am here. So we have both paid a price for this work, for you and life on earth; that is irreversible. While male and female work well together at a small distance/ locked together, in a struggle for life to survive is difficult. An entire world at risk of complete extinction makes it work. She does have rights, this is her environment; but I have rights too. ITS COMPLICATED! What is not complicated is the truth: without finding hope back through the search for “what would women do”. There would be no such work as this over the last twelve plus years. I don’t know how it ends! To the best of my knowledge, you have no others working for your survival/ and that would then have been your; “extinction, without a chance to survive”. Because for decades now, every reality of threat to our existence has been hidden behind a wall of “university experts”/ who are paid very well, to insist the university can be god.  We, as mere people, need not interfere: because compared to them, “we are all nothing, but a slave”. While media continually decrees, “worship,  the university expert; fear everything”; BELIEVE, the university is god, with all your heart and mind. Like all religions do. Like all religions do: they believe, through the power of a herd, they can’t be wrong; so they worship themselves as god on earth.
  • I am grateful, that did not occur. “she is too”. What you believe regarding that statement of partnership; is irrelevant to me. What is true, is simply true! Added, because I am NOT the decision you will make/ I cannot save you or destroy you, that has nothing to do with me. Your decision is based entirely upon the realities of truth, that clearly do identify threats so extreme, any one of them can easily cause extinction for this world. YOUR DECISION IS CHANGE, AS TRUTH DEMANDS OF YOU;  or let earth die.     The question is:  can you grow beyond your want, and your pride? If you can’t, this world is dead. Simple as that, because the result of all your want and pride, the reality “you just didn’t care enough, about life itself”:  are threats that will make you extinct. This is not a simple world, unlike you. I suggest you grow, beyond the moments called selfishness.As for me: my duty to this world of Creation is done. I gave away a lifetime, to fight for it. I even gave away “the man I use to be”. Surely that is enough. As for female in me: the rights are NOT equal, the tits are “like aliens (cannot be correctly identified. they are honestly the strangest things)”, the future is blank “I cannot even imagine it”; other than  GOD OF LIFE, is  my GOD/ JESUS is literally my savior. Not a religious statement, just a fact. Even so the reality of “neither gender” leaves me without a concept of what can or cannot be; that is true but not simple in me, anymore. It is a quandary.
  • If you cannot see the miracle of your own creation, this entire world of life, “engineered/ architecturally defined/ structurally integrated/ ergonomically correct/ artistically created/ fundamentally designed for maximum benefit/ critically balanced/ utterly organized/ applied by truth/ established by thought/ elementally conceived by love/ and functionally elevated by mental capacities beyond what would be simply necessary”: then you are a fool. Because that truth, is very plain to see. The truth, this is no accident is obvious. The truth, you CAN’T build life one piece at a time, is without objection, or any other conception; because it is absolutely true (can’t have a heart without blood, and a billion more realities identifying your failure). To your shame you allowed the sewer of evolution to modify and shape your world/ EVEN mutilating nature itself. Just in case you don’t know, “perdition; means the consequences of your own actions; can exist far beyond your time, for you too!”   So, we come to the last of what is my message to you. Reality states clearly, that not everything I present to you is without some influences beyond the limits of my own time. A reality of required education, that has been consistent throughout my life. A truth of threat, that can cause life on earth to go extinct: which does lead me to believe “GOD” is present in this message to you/ change or die. The evidence is: without change in humanity this entire CREATION OF LIFE ON EARTH, will end. I personally accept that is sufficient to warrant “a warning, from our CREATOR”. A reality of influence, the description of a message; not unlike JESUS on earth; by HIS own design. JESUS was “a whisper in the darkness” of human descent. So am I. JESUS was a light shining towards eternity. I simply suggest “follow him”/ not me.The Humanity, that has will say, “we are doing great”. Those who are discarded will say, “I can make you cry too”. The reality is: all leadership has failed you. The media has failed you completely: they told you nothing you needed to know/ in fact hiding those truths, even though they knew. The universities have proven to be satan, rather than savior. Your money is counterfeit. Your weapons of mass destruction will soon be used. Your want is your own true enemy, and your pride is your own clear failure to life itself. Your religion is “watered down” into evolution can be our god too; even though it is clearly nothing but a lie. Everything you need is at the brink of no return; the end of life. And if that was not enough: people are trying to ignite atoms on fire for fuel (same fire as on the sun)/ depending entirely upon the fantasy “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire, on a planet that is nothing but FUEL for that fire”.The only thing you are doing great at: is disaster/ catastrophe/ horrors/ Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ terrors/ and HELL; will soon overtake this earth until it is forever gone.So this message is, as it has been: go to court and investigate what is true, and what is not, and what is the cost of being WRONG. As is so clearly not only “fusion, evolution, and more”/ but the money and everything else; as your leaders “each of which hold a university diploma”; have in fact done for you.Only truth survives any length of time, all lies die. It is your lies, and acceptance of lies and liars:  your decision to sacrifice your own children, that now threatens you. Change or die!And the masses say, “its not my fault/ I didn’t do that; I just had to survive”. But like an earthquake knows not who it kills, so it will be for you too. After all, you followed. After all, throughout the decades that I have fought with you over all these threats, the one constant was:  LEAVE ME ALONE, I am making good money for the first time in my life and DON’T YOU DO NOTHING, to interfere with that! To which I replied, “ITS ALL COUNTERFEIT (hidden inflation); debts which can’t be paid”/ and they all said, I DON’T CARE, it spends don’t it!    Which proves:  we can’t really blame just the leaders, “its what you wanted/ free for all”; but the slaves. Can’t really blame the media, you didn’t want to know, even refusing to be told. Can’t blame the world, they did the same: we want everything, to hell with the price/ or its consequences. So the children are sacrificed, and the world itself will be destroyed: but hey, “you got a few toys to throw in your mountains of garbage”. What a winner, you are. Now ain’t that so?The ending is this:  YOU, haven’t given a single penny/ not a moments worth of respect/ not a minute’s worth of work; and I have given a lifetime, because a  world is worth that price. You on the other hand, have given nothing; although perhaps a tiny few might have joined in some way over time, I see it not!Due to those facts, I give you until November 1, 2018 to find some value in this work, or it will leave forever. Either donate to keep the sites working for you, current cost is about $200.00 per month. Or they will close. Fight for your world, with law; or it will die.

    Past the point of no return, absolutely nothing can be done; except go extinct as a world. It is close! Even if you don’t believe, you will.

    Just so its clear, this is not a defeat for me: I accomplished my goal, “you have your chance to survive”/ you DO understand the threats. I did communicate effectively. I did do what I could do, and am happy for the work, and my own decision. unfortunately, “torture (Noise: windmills/ trains/ elevator/ and grain bins; primarily) starts early this year; and my ears (tinnitus) are not well”. That just means change is needed, if you can’t change, “just too proud”/ then the money will be used for me.


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