It is elemental and fair to say: “none, can make truth simply go away/ rather it is, what it is; which means what you can do determines the extent to which any truth shall matter. Reality is another essence of truth that has already been decided, and this is the result. Which means, by the definitions of your own wisdom, the decisions that you made, have become the reality of a truth that you did choose.

At the core of our existence in this time is the truth: every threat but one, is the result of what the universities chose to lead us too. YOU chose to follow them, declaring with them that “GOD” is a university. But reality has proven it to be a “beast (without wisdom for life, only force, and selfishness)” instead. And humanity says, “you CAN’T” talk about our god life that/ the university is great. We, the believers got what we wanted, and we didn’t have to pay NOTHING.

The essence of belief, is to build a wall around yourself with what you want life, and eternity to be; regardless of any truth. Thereby it is what you want it to be/ and safely behind this barrier: your world is secured. Alas, lies all die, and so will beliefs; because they are not built on truth. FAITH in truth, LEADS to life and eternity. There is no want in truth, only reality and thought.

So the question is: today, faced with the foreseeable very near future, which does include.

  • Life in the ocean will die because of humanity.
  • The water will turn to poison, because of trillions of tons of poison dumped, injected, used, and spread across this planet.
  • Nature will be in chaos, because university genetics worships evolution; a simpleton lie, without any basis in fact whatsoever.
  • Extinction of all life on earth, due to the impacts of human overpopulation.
  • The end of resources, because that is what you chose.
  • War with weapons of mass destruction, as reality proves humanity will die together.
  • Even the end of this planet, by the ignition of nuclear fire (atoms burning for fuel source) just like the sun.
  • And there is much more; so you were right/ the university is your god: you just forgot to call it “Satan”; destroyer of a world.

And then we come to the endless counterfeiting of governmental currency as was led by this USA, and the university experts who showed the world “debts don’t matter”/ UNLESS you are a slave. Alas, when the world finds out it was not paid: the lesson will be,____________!

So ends the reading of the sixteenth chapter of revelations. In as much as it is necessary to do.

I remind you again: when faced with any truth, it is useless to hide or run away; because these are world events that cannot be ignored; Wisdom decides! Every prophecy is built upon the constants that humanity present. The biblical prophet, clearly lived among people who were “just like today”. You’re want controls/ just like theirs. That leaves us with the reality of what we can do, if wisdom were to lead. You CANNOT find wisdom in a university; THEY LED YOU HERE, to all these threats, “like a harlot (everything is about me)” brandishing jewels and claiming royalty. Discarding all religion with their curse.

Where then is wisdom? We first look at what it is not, which is the contribution of a university. To discover the things which matter not to life! And discard everything that does matter to life and living; for the sake of only self. Destroying the future itself, for all life and living that would have come upon this earth; had they not done so. A reality that will not be forgotten even in eternity.

Faced with this truth, IF you even try to save our world: the universities will combine together to claim we are the superior ones/ we know the answer. But will fail. That leaves religion for the masses to fall back too; the primary one will be Christianity/ because it promises mercy.

Water is the power of life, in time; believe it or not.  Water will soon be, where the wars begin; as a thirsty world realizes what is important, and what is not. those who have claimed superiority will fail/ have failed. That leaves weapons! Those who have led this world, to the edge of our own extinction will not go unpunished.

All of this, because you “Only want what you want”; for free! HELL, we will pay later/ but the majority, never did. Ain’t that so?

So we again ask, where is wisdom to be found?

The answer is not in a religious book; because they are only the stories of men, and what men found throughout the generations; that the majority could agree with.

The reality of wisdom comes from the soul, through its existence as is distributed by thought. A discipline that is earned, not found.

Truth leads to wisdom. Nothing else survives.

Reality proves the truth of any decision/ every decision as time goes by. Therefore whosoever learns by understanding WHY this became true; finds a source of wisdom.

Order demands, that all want must be surrendered, or you will fail/ because want is the basis or every lie.

To balance the claims of life, with the reality of destruction: are decisions that you WILL be required to make/ because “something or somebody has to die”. And if you kill the future, as you have been doing: THEN EVERYBODY gets to die. So you will make choices you don’t want to make. Because want will die/ or you will! As your own current reality does prove.

Liars hide the truth, “its what they do”.

Thieves demand, “I have a right/ even when they don’t”.

The powerful: redirect, to make an enemy out of anything they can/ so you don’t look at them.

The religious, will run back to their wants/ because they want what they want; “and you can’t make me believe anything else”. Truth doesn’t matter!

Media worships the universities, “as god”; and will remain so/ until their power is taken away.

Governments worship their armies, as “god”/ and will remain so, until their power to decide is taken away.

People fear death, and will fight NOT to believe they could die. So they hide and run away from our reality. They EVEN run away and hide from those who are trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun:  because they are sheep. And sheep can’t fight.

That leaves the few to fight for the majority, not with weapons/ but with laws, that can and will become “our wisdom” as a world on display. IT IS, the only way we survive.

Even so, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU PRAY TO       “GOD   OUR CREATOR”.      And find your RESPECT;   because without some mercy on our lives and our world/ even the best we can do, is probably not enough, to give reality, the time our planet needs to heal itself.

       EVERY LIFE IS A MIRACLE; that is obvious and true/ only a complete fool, suggests otherwise.

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Jim Osterbur

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