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In all this world of trouble coming beyond compare with all of history/ there is, ONE SINGLE “bright spot”. Overpopulation grants us the one wish we could not achieve before this time: we can remove our rulers from us, and become by its essence free, to be what we choose to be. Within the limits of our reality as a world on the brink of extinction.

As is the description of trial granted on the reality of redress of grievances: gives us the legal right, to address/ investigate what our employees have been doing/ and change the specific things we have determined by our democratic authority: to control for ourselves. That single right, assembles the reality of law/ the consequence of human numbers by their vote, and their fight to enforce their law. The reality of taking over the law making of government in ways that are in fact by majority rule, under constitutional restraints. Oversight of the courts, along with our decision as a society to rule over the judge (obey our law, or regret it); grants that the law, rather than the weapon will rule life.

This elemental truth can invade a world, because every society can demand that a specific law must be changed in ways that are more appropriate to the majority. We are so many people, that if we are determined to enforce our laws on the few who call themselves government/ they will obey us. Not because they want too; but because the law (all of us are demanding/ EVERYBODY obeys this) is more powerful than any human being, regardless of rank or position.

By establishing our democratic authority through redress of grievances: we attain the right to change our society as well. Because there is no such thing as “the government of people”. There is only one truth in democracy, which is the constitution itself, along with the laws we create: ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Humanity is merely an employee. And we are the owners here: which means we will do the hiring, and firing, and decide the direction of our change, our laws, and our rights as one people united to define our truth.

When we decide to change OUR GOVERNMENT/ NOT their government (they are employees, and subject to their oath of office/ or its punishment). When we choose our direction back to life/ rather than death as it is today. We can also choose limited capitalism; controlling the rich. We can choose no weapons of mass destruction by replacing the excuses with world law/ and enforcing that law through the people of every nation. By demanding the law is to rule over rulers; by bringing them to world court.

We CAN choose to enforce our world, our nature, our planet, our future, our everything needed for a future to exist: SHALL BE PROTECTED. Everything that endangers that truth, SHALL BE evicted. Everything that life could not be, because of armies and weapons and rulers: CAN IN FACT, now end. Because we are more powerful, than any of them. By using the law as our own weapon. Throughout history compliance with brutality was enforced: because the weapon and the army or gang, could be directed at any one individual. You can be killed; by us all; left little doubt as to your own fate if you didn’t obey the weapon. With law that rules over everyone the same, which includes rulers and armies and judges; we will focus on those individuals who are causing the trouble and plotting against us. To remove them from all forms of power: so that peace may in fact reign over our world. As best we can.

These are not small and insignificant details/ they are true realities of consequence. Which the people who hold control over the law, and it’s enforcement, of any nation do possess. That is the power of redress: to identify problems, and choose grievances; to fix this problem for ourselves. “one piece” at a time so to speak. IT IS, THE LAW OF THIS LAND, and has been so, since the first amendment was enacted. The powerful have set “an army of rules and judicial soldiers to insure it was never carried out”. Today, your footstep, is in the door; and you cannot be held back. UNLESS you just refuse to fight for your world. In which case the Satan mongers have won, and you will die soon.

Because that, is literally the reality of threats so extreme, our world cannot survive/ and even our very solar system itself, is being threatened; by the fools called “university knows”. There is only one outcome to trying to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. Our earth becomes another sun! Take your pick; fight for your world, or BURN.

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Jim Osterbur

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