fail or not


WHY, do people get lost; even forever, within the struggles of their mind?

The critical reality is very simple: they lose themselves into want! If you want anything badly enough, there is no other focus than that want. Which means, there is nothing in this world, but you, and your want. So when you remove the whole world from your expression or experience, or its participation with you as an entity outside yourself. Then you are left with nothing but self, and self is “without knowledge” of what is, or is not wrong. Therefore it takes very little, to turn your direction, and alter your own destiny or fate.

Humanity will argue, “can’t be that simple”!

But alas, it is! Even though there are numerous fundamentals involved in living within this world/ none of that is elementally necessary to retain your isolation within self. So the question is: WHAT is self? The answer becomes, a participation with whatever tempts you to discard this world, in favor of what you want! Temptation is, the discovery of options, that you didn’t know you could attain; particularly with just a little lie/ either to yourself, or any other:  as in “nearly free”.

The question is then: WHO tempts us, and WHY? That answer is actually complex, and begins with “everything the world itself, along with all of humanity, and its history” presents to us: as something we did not know before. Every con artist knows: unless you find a want, in the person you have marked to steal from; it’s not likely to happen. So the key to altering someone’s future: is to find their want, whether hidden or not. To let them find your option, is to give them control: thereby the game begins, as they achieve, what you have already “marked” for their trophy. The simple mind is the addictive mind: this one wants “something else” from life/ so they try to escape. Since life is, what life is: they fail, but if they let their want rule; they are hooked until death. The reality is, self makes this decision; because the descent from life among the miracles/ has been discarded for life “inside of you”. It is a graveyard, and that makes it truly lonely; and in need of relief. As are drugs for a very temporary trophy.

The reality is then, that a trophy is also in the game; because without a trophy, games are not considered to be “fun”; by the vast majority. They want, to win/ because it excites them:  “look at me (winner)/ look at me (you lose)/ listen to me (I am god)”! Trophies exist, because pride exists. Pride is the game, and the trophy is your proof, I am better than you. So now we have two contenders for the single prize, that is self. Want lives to find and be more than “I can be otherwise”/ while pride exists to prove I have a right, to have more; you aren’t worthy as I am. Power exists: to prove I can make you cry, or not!

One of the most powerful realities of this world is sex; thereby want and pride (even power) are very successful in that place. Overriding the realities of an entire world of life, to focus on just self; by using someone, or even something else, to attain the drug released. Sex can be considered “sneaky”; because although it presents itself as a toy, even a great toy to nearly all. The reality is sex is NOT a toy whatsoever, and the stage is set for the potential called a catastrophe. Like every drug, it loses its effect over time; when the body becomes partially accustomed.

Even so, want lurks and reveals itself, by lies! Wherever and whenever lies erupt; selfishness exists, and begins to grow. But since those lies come from the “selfish participant”; they cannot know it is a lie, because they want to believe like all thieves do “I have a right/ or you did me wrong”. In terms of sex, the critical question is: are you, or are you not, “a valued member of society”? Because if you are valued, then you have rights, and this becomes a criminal act which he or she is aware of. However, if someone can be devalued for even the slightest reasons: then they have no rights, and without value, they become “little more than the trash”. I CAN, do anything I want, “with the trash”/ no one cares. So power walks in, and the tears are certain to fall.

There are addictions to all manner of things, such as money for instance. Each is the result of lowering yourself into the grave of isolation that is so extreme, there is nothing left in this world for me. Which results in: I MUST HAVE SOMETHING, for me! Greed then arrives, because it grants power, and the money miser wants power; by saying “they made me cry, I want them to cry as well”.  So the critical factor is: can I get enough money, to make them cry; or let me know, that I can “own them” if I want. The story of greed is then, “he or she poked their head out of the grave; just a little”; because without participating in the world slightly, they cannot gain greed. Even so, the second money arrives, it is buried inside.

Those who fail to get greed, often find themselves looking at power, “to get something FROM YOU”. That then becomes a strategy, for all manner of violence; which is the darkness (they must not see me) you surrounded yourself with; by focusing only on you/ while blaming all the rest.

The fundamental test of human existence is:  are you, or are you not disciplined in your life? Because without discipline, temptations/ wants/ pride/ etcetera; are all lurking to do you harm. To achieve the recognition of “right and wrong”; there must be order ascending from the knowledge of value, through the disciplines of respect, to understand the basic framework of love as a destiny for your own desires.

Love is, balancing the truth, that I care about you; while sharing that revelation with the world. “let the light, shine on us” so that all can see, how great this honestly is. Selfishness abhors love; because it is a desire they cannot know/ but a trophy they can see, and want. So the plotting, planning, manipulations, and other mayhem; are all fitted together in an effort to steal that love from you. While love can be stolen, it cannot last outside of love itself; which makes the trophy fade and disappear quickly. For some: Leaving love empty, and unable to rebuild: there is then the biggest trophy of all: they stole a life, from GOD.  But it comes with a price, terrors for an eternity, with no  possibility of parole.

Choose your path, because this is “the only life in time to make the wrong decisions and recover, that we will ever get”. The herd is not to be trusted; even though, it is the security of survival for most. The reality of why this is true, is very simple:  NO LIFE, enters eternity with another. It is, strictly you; by the evidence of your truth and trust:  facing “GOD”.

If you have failed: get up, clean up, understand what went wrong (as best you can); and begin again/ no matter how many times it takes! If you have failed badly: the true question is, did you repent? Because if your soul did not convict you, and your heart did not respond with, “I DESIRE MERCY”: then you have not repented. There will then be no mercy. Simple as that.

As to simple “words of advise”: they are these. Every desire is a destiny, so let your heart accept only what can be shared with care through love for you, or through you. Every purpose is a passion that lives or dies, in the respect you give that cause within your life. Never forget: whatever you did do, is a truth that can never be erased, not ever. It can however be covered up, by the things which you do, that prove you have repented.

While we discuss failure or not, the realities include:  prejudice is not so cut and dried, as the minority of humanity wants to believe. Do you not choose your own child first/ do you not give preference to your own family first/ do you not expect them to “look as you look”? Do you not frown greatly upon those who simply come into your life, and take what they want? Do you not understand, OVERCROWDING has a cost/ which is we must protect ourselves, from the others. Or, we must protect the future for our own child. These are just some of the costs, of overpopulation.

As to integrated marriage and its children: you ARE, deliberately choosing to change your families forever/ adding in, what was never there in the first place; and that is serious. Because who we are, is a reality of how we survive. While love always has room for “true lovers”/ it has no room for simple sex without the slightest consideration for your consequences. The child is innocent, and reality states young love in particular cannot comprehend those consequences. Those who do love, know only “the values of a life shared, because we care”. But it remains true, while integrating families: the reality will be, somebody wins, and the others are going to lose; because you can’t “have everything” with few exceptions. Like deer or other species of animals on earth: variations of humanity are no different, we have different versions of the same species too. Reality in nature proves, separating those species does work best. NOT because they aren’t equal/ but because the predators associated with any specific group, come with them. The demand to eat a wider range of food, leaves nothing for the rest of nature.

So now, with reality staring at you: the question is, what is in the best interest of humanity and nature, as we have no other choice left; than try to survive ourselves. Such is the reality of “university knows/ university is god/ we don’t care”! I leave that up to you, as this is your own failure; because you believed through university worship, “life can be for free”. All we have to do, is strip nature and this earth “naked and bare”; letting everything alive starve in our wake. To your shame.

As always, you can bitch, ridicule, cheat, steal, fail, fantasize, terrorize, and continue to be a traitor to your world; but even a fool can see, “it won’t last much longer”. You can even blame me, for making you recognize death is coming: but I can’t save you, and won’t even try, anymore! Work for life yourselves, or prove because you now have a clear choice: that you just didn’t care. Or couldn’t fight because your god which is “the university is god”/ won’t let you. After all what good are slaves, if they rebel?

Our world threatens to collapse under human population and university decisions. Extreme threats surround us, and they will not simply be covered up with a university diploma anymore.

You have the opportunity to change your world, with the realities of trial and law, that I have presented to you. IF YOU WILL NOT, accept the price of survival is change/ THEN YOU WILL NOT survive as a planet of life. Simple as that, and it has nothing to do with me: these are your decisions, even if the universities led/ YOU chose to follow. I spent forty plus years telling you to stop the insanity of destroying our future: to an absolute DEAF EAR. For all but the tiniest few.

Even so, to change this world, to achieve even the smallest chance we can recover a future for life, requires communication among you; as humanity is the problem/ humanity must become the solution. If you won’t fight for your world with law/ YOU WILL cannibalize yourselves; die by fire or war with all weapons of mass destruction releases; or face unimaginable horror, as genetic mutilation takes over your world. Can’t happen? Well geneticists who worship evolution as their god say:  CHAOS, is the great creator/ so all we have to do to play god, is cause chaos in nature. And they do; fools are fools. Other religions will call this ARMAGEDDON which literally means “nature in chaos”. Your food sources are at the edge of permanent collapse; because you can’t allow them to recover, unless people starve by the billions. So there will be war, and there will be cannibalism or you die. You don’t have water resources, as they have all been tragically impacted. You don’t even have enough oxygen in the air to keep you alive soon; because of your vehicles and fire. You even have people  trying desperately to ignite atoms on fire just like the sun; to destroy the balance in this solar system; turning earth into a sun. It will be stopped quickly/ or it will happen, to your terror beyond comprehension. Yet you remain “quiet as a mouse”/ because you want the universities to be and remain your god.

Shame on you; for worshiping the reality of what has become “SATAN on earth”:  the one who destroys a living planet with arrogance and the disease of blind stupidity, mixed with “we just don’t care about life/ unless it is our own”.

Wake up or die; there are NO second chances. Do it now, or dig your grave. Don’t forget to dig your children’s grave too; because they don’t stand a chance, without change.

Oh, I forgot:  you, worship gambling as a god too. So you don’t have to do nothing, “cause you are going to win the game”.

Every failure says so! Only life is not a game, and the reality of our future, is absolutely plain to see; without change. Because we all have needs, and when the ability to attain those needs dries up and goes away/ then so do we. Even all of us!

The critical truth is: in my early years, I would have gambled, “absolutely nothing” that has happened to me in the past twelve years could possibly happen to me. Intertwined with a spiritual woman (believe it or not)/ was just an impossibility to me, “just like to you”. But it happened; because the realities of life demanded I had to ask female for advice. It’s a long story.

But the same is true of you in a different way; you all would have gambled and did so: that absolutely nothing that threatens you today could exist. Just not possible, because you intertwined yourselves with the university is god, nothing matters but me. And YOU let them do whatever they would do.  Which has become an extreme threat on every side. Even though you don’t like to admit its true, because it did take you decades to get to the edge of your own extinction. You gambled (university change is great) you could do anything you wanted without consequences, for any of these decisions. You were wrong. I needed advice from a completely different viewpoint, a world was at stake. You need advice from a completely different viewpoint, your world is at stake. So my advice to you has been: wake up to your own reality, and change. My advice to you is: use the tools I have presented you with/ so that you can change and save your world, FROM YOURSELVES!  Not because you want too/ you absolutely don’t! but because like me, you were born into this reality; and we cannot turn back the consequences of your truth, unless you accept the price:  “your universities were WRONG, and so were you to follow them”.

Not a blanket statement of wrong about everything/ just       EVERYTHING about life.  Not a delusion that just appeared, an illusion carefully crafted by religious media zealots, who cannot stop themselves from worshiping the universities as god. Combined with the powerful, who simply cannot contain themselves from making you cry “be happy/ don’t worry” the university is god. To your shame, you believe; can’t stop a believer (truth does not matter). Which does make “believers” the most contentious reality of failure life has to offer. To believe means to accept whatever you want (doesn’t matter), is going to come true/ reality has nothing to do with nothing, according to “believers”. Other religions offer this same belief/ but they do present a framework for finding a path to something more. Even to life itself.

The foundation of wisdom is:  “let the reward of your success, be greater than the cost of your failure”. Otherwise, it is a foolish endeavor.

Unnecessary Drugs offer nothing but failure, because they are used only for wants, that cannot be satisfied. To your shame this is added.


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