Before I leave this work (the message is delivered), it seems fitting to do one more element, in the life of a human being.

HOPE, is the primary ingredient in HAPPINESS.

Hope is the essence, of a life spent for value/ the relationship we share with life, beyond the moments that measure our existence.

Hope is the discovery of what truth will let us be, not by the elements of our body, but the destinations created through the heart and its ability to enter within thought.

Every heart, lives in the expressions of value, that are honest and pure. Every life ascends to accept the responsibilities of law, because it can. Every law that is pure to life itself, understands the disciplines that achieve order. When balance enters in, the foundation of thought is achieved.

Hope is elementally tied to thought, as it transitions from the discovery of life, to the essence of love. Every true love lifts the soul, “to encounter the possibilities of  GOD”.

Hope is a disciplined trust. Hope, is an orderly participation in value. Hope, learns to balance a need, with the honesty it takes, to live without regrets; as best we can.

Hope is at its core, the value we see within ourselves, as a miracle of life; bound between the relationships we cherish as truth. We cannot leave them behind, because love is at its core, “that part of ourselves, we chose to give away”. Or what we received from someone who did the same.

Hope lives, from within our soul. Hope dies, when we choose to believe, there is nothing left here for “me”. The descent into blackness is then the reality expressed as: my life is now dead, I have spent everything.

That is never true, unless, you let hate steal your heart. Any portion of love exists, is a seed to rebuild your life.


So let’s ask:  WHY, should anyone feel, as if life has no further purpose? The answer is: want drives you here, or pride delivers you to violence. Power answers with: “I can make you cry too”. Although those who have surrendered all love, will never know this as why. Some, will never have cared.

Let’s ask:  WHAT is a desire, that lives without the possibility of dying? The answer is:  GOD! But not the god of your want, the CREATOR of life. The difference is:  “our CREATOR” is a never ending search. Whereas want means:  “you already know everything/ now don’t you”! A real believer who knows how to believe, “whatever you want is true”. That of course is never true.

Let’s ask: WHERE, is the destiny of my soul? The answer is: “wherever the purity of your soul, can take you in your own relationship with GOD”.

Let’s ask:  WHO, is the most important decision of your life? The answer is:  you are, because truth alone lets us survive. Whatever is not true, is a part of your death. Therefore because you alone can determine what is or is not true about you: you determine your fate, your future, your reality, and your hope. By accepting truth as your guide/ or not.

Let’s ask: HOW, do I decide what is true about me? The answer is: reality by the evidence shows you the facts. If you do not lie to yourself, by wanting to be what you are not: then you know what is true. Changing your life into the values truth represents, requires constant cleaning/ even continual change. Because accomplishing something valued, takes an education in what is true, and what brought you here, or took you away. It is not an easy task/ which is why few attain it. Want is the constant enemy,   pride is the constant fool! Until you discard them forever, “another hard thing to do”. Because the people are watching, and they gossip, to play.

Let’s ask:  WHEN we live, we hope for the blessing of a valued life and time. Thereby we achieve peace and securities, which let us breathe through the passage of time. To breathe means, “to live within the boundaries, each and every day”/ because we are alive inside. To be alive means: I have found JOY. Joy establishes an open door, for another soul (love known) to share. It lives or dies by the critical expression, I trust you.

The value of hope then identifies the essence of trust. That trust then completes the cycle of life, that is at its core, “a relationship, through the love of GOD”; as is evidenced by all these miracles to be shared as a living experience, in our world. A world not limited to time.

Life is not a fantasy experience. Spirit is not a game to be played: it can kill you. Without the purity of truth you cannot go and survive; “either dead or mentally deranged”. Without trust the very essence of beyond time, is fraught with terror. A reality proven by the constant, “without energy, there is no life”. The result is, we must enter into and control the energy beyond a body, that is life itself. The failure to accept discipline through law, will be horrifying; “like hell”.

MERCY is a relationship that governs our existence, within the possibilities, that we chose to accept. It is a different life, than could be possible. but it is a life that has hope, and will be possible: where love makes the choice, to be “our hope”. You must join with love, to find mercy. That is a desire cultivated by you, which will not die.

The difference between old age and young: is that reality teaches, “some things just won’t heal/ some things are broken forever (miracle intervention is extremely rare)”. Sometimes, what seems small and meaningless at the time; change lives, and there is nothing you can do to put it back together. The young cannot understand, and the old cannot forget.

Hope decides the future, by accepting what reality has become/ changing what can be changed with honest work/ defining your own identity, from where you stand in life/ and living the life you chose, because this is my truth. This is the decision I made, based upon the realities from which I could choose for me. NO, you don’t get a new body or mind; it Is only an image. YES, some will have more or less; possessions are not the value of life. NO, life is not fair; but this does expand the reality of your own education. YES, eternity is; but only if you accept truth has no mercy, it simply is, what it is.

Hope NEVER focuses life “into a tiny hole or crevice”/ as would be expressed by “me”. The elemental task of a human being, is to “rise above, simply being me”; and accept that the boundaries of our existence, do rise beyond time. When people lose their grip on reality, and the world is “only about me”/ they become insane, and make terrible choices most of the time. To be focused as “just me”, is to “dig your own grave”: our world of life, has gone missing, and everything is only “just about you”. That is more death, than life.

Hope always seeks, the freedom to experience the soul, where all love is born. Every expression of love, results because one of the chains that bind us, is released. Humanity binds itself, with itself: no you cannot be, whatever we don’t allow you to be/ as is the constant in every herd. The reason, “we have predators”. The reality: if you cannot be free/ then you have chains. Animals live in the disguise of humans, when your choice as a human, has become little more than hate. An animal only “acts or reacts”/ it does not conceive of consequences greater than fear, acceptance, or reward.

To be human, gives us the right to participate where only freedom can go; within the confines of thought. While it may not sound free to be confined even in thought, it is; because the disciplines of order require a boundary to be created. Without order there is only chaos. Without discipline, order cannot exist. Without balance, there is no peace or security in the things we choose to do.

The unfortunate truth about humanity is: that they fear the others so much, they lose, or hide their love. IT IS a pain like no other, to lose love. But it is also a reward like no other to find love. The quest is, to be free enough, so that we can love. But that does open the door, to those who are willing to steal love. Do you see “the problem”?  To that we add with honesty, the reality of people who choose you/ or you choose them: but it is not reciprocal in the ways you desire them to be. That does not mean love doesn’t exist. That does not mean, anyone is trying to steal love. It simply means: I have my life, and my choice too/ and I cannot commit to a lifetime with you. A lifetime is no small thing! A promise that is not true, and from the heart; will end in tears.

Hope lives in what we desire to be true. That becomes a purpose, when we give our heart to change what we accept must be changed for the sake of love. Every part, and every honest piece of value in our existence; comes from love. Every practicing love, is the example created by freedom accepted.

Without love, war looms, because someone wants/ what someone else has: and pride will plot until arrogance finds the power to attack. That in itself, is not even governed by hate; it is simply, “life among the animals”.

Even animals can “love you”, by trusting you will not attack them; that you are a friend. As a human this is the first step in ascending beyond yourself. That means to stop being “a body image called me”; and to start accepting, the life inside which joins to me; is my soul. Therefore the second step is to realize, within a human rising: there are two individual truths, “life itself, and me”. The life that gives me freedom to conceive of existence, and the me which uses that freedom to conduct the experiments/ choose the values, that will become my own identity in life itself.

When you are not simply acting and reacting; you must choose according to your own desires. The difference is “an identity” formed. The ascension of knowledge grants the understanding, that I choose now, because I know (as best wisdom will allow) what the consequences will become. this is the fourth step ascending past the elements of humanity, to achieve the basis of thought. Which is: I now, can travel beyond myself, to conceive of things I cannot yet see; but understand through the essence of thought, to be “a true possibility”.

Thought constructs all other ascensions beyond time; not by what you understand or accept as knowledge. But by the laws which govern this universe, established by the truth which does exist, as a purity that will not be touched. Love intervenes in this development of intensity; and allows that the spiritual existence of life itself, can in fact invade the elements of truth, to become free within itself.

The lesson ends here.

One thing more, the essence of true love is not value or trust: these are things of this earth, that even animals can achieve. Love is the transition from thought conceived, into life created; through our own individual efforts. More distinctly, love is an element; “rather like the atom”/ which can be arranged into the boundaries of our soul. Soul can be conceived as, the essence defined by every life on earth. What we do with these building blocks, is our own creation. Either because we cared and did share/ or did not.


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