changing society

changing society

Changing society, requires a need; that is plain, obvious, and without a substantial complaint. We have that need.

Changing people, who will constantly shout: “I only want what I want/ and I sure as hell DON’T want, what I don’t want”. The only thing important in this world is ME! A description that encompasses a large percentage of humanity throughout this world. Is no small thing! They refuse reality, deny truth, and protect themselves from change by believing whatever they want to believe: period. Or more simply “you can’t change me”/ because I won’t listen to anything, but what I want.

Even so, the realities of horrifying consequences for the truths in threat that exist today is enough, to convince all but a tiny few; that what they want is not enough, to keep this earth alive. If the earth dies, nature mutilated, etcetera: then they can’t “protect me”. But alas, fear then overtakes pride, and the reality of violence comes next. As in “YOU DID THIS, to me”; directed at any target available, with or without a cause. Because as pride will always tell you: “it can’t be me, I am practically god; compared to you or them”. Pride hates being equal. Pride will only die, when want has been removed. Want will only die, when you accept: only truth can keep us alive now.

So the investigation of what is, or is not true: is absolutely fundamental to our survival. It is not a game, and must be treated with the utmost respect. Because if you don’t prove what is true without reasonable doubt; the world will simply turn away, and discard reality entirely; “for their only tiny world”.

The foundation argument, throughout the decades changed from:  “I am making good money for the first time in my life/ and DON’T you do NOTHING to change that”. INTO, “don’t tell me nothing, because I can’t do nothing about nothing/ so I don’t want to know, and I don’t have to know; because this ain’t my fault”. So I don’t have to do NOTHING!

SO, time and effort was invested into the courts; who worship the university as a cult (protect them, they are gods). Until this date, which is the first time an opportunity for questioning the university threats does exist. Even so, this trial means: that NOW, because you can do SOMETHING FOR THIS WORLD, AND ALL ITS LIFE! You no longer have an excuse to say: I can’t. You can NOW participate, and insure a vote, along with the opportunity to prove what is or is not true: does exist for you, and our nation; even our world! Because they will watch. You’re excuses are dead, because even the money, which will result in horrific civil war at the least; is absolutely counterfeit, and can easily be proven; without substance at all. But you don’t want that, there is a price! You don’t want to be threatened, but want has nothing to do with reality other than the lies used to cover truth up. You don’t want to be distracted from “your tiny world”, because you only got one life to live; and you WANT to spend that life entirely ON YOU. After all who is more important: AIN’T NOBODY!

Unfortunately for you, and this world: NOBODY gets to survive, unless we all understand, “this is no game”. The option to say “I won’t die, FROM WHAT THESE THREATS mean to our world”/ is absolutely false. You will die, along with your world; even all of us. Because the threats are that severe. And humanity responds: WE JUST WANT WHAT WE WANT/ and there ain’t NOTHING wrong with that; we have a right!

So, let’s review; just a little.

  • You have trillions spent by universities and governments who are trying to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. THEIR PLAN IS: a ten million degree fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer; will just extinguish itself! Because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. WRONG MEANS, our earth becomes another sun: and that is undeniable truth!
  • You have universities and others spending trillions to mutilate nature intentionally trying to cause genetic breakdown of all disciplines and order: so they can then learn how to be “god”. NATURE IS GENETIC DNA; which means, they are literally and distinctly trying to destroy nature itself. Unleashing “terrors beyond imagination”; because they believe in evolution. “the monkey sewer brain, religion”.
  • No resources/ no life. No water, three days of all-out war, per every city around. “an apocalypse”. A billion more people to feed within every five years, is certain; based upon history. And that is just the beginning.

NONE OF IT, allows this to be called a game. What the universities in particular wanted; along with all their worshipers, even though it seemed “great”. HAS HAD A COST. What they wanted, as well as the vast majority is: that everything should be for free. Just like the universities in charge of the money, “we can have all we want” if we just counterfeit it.

You stole your children’s future. You sold their lives, just to play games for trophies you then threw into the garbage; just as fast as you collected them. Wanting more, from a very finite world of life, that is dying in every corner and place on this planet. So apparently there is “something wrong, with your want”/ and NO, you didn’t have a right.


That fact leaves us with this:  either you do your best to correct everything you made wrong/ and return the possibility of survival to your children. Or you commit them and yourselves to HELL (cannibalism too), religious or not; it fits.

Make your decision, because time to play is over. Keep it, or die! So says our reality, plain and simple.

As always, there will be those who say; “HE AIN’T NOTHING”/ why are you listening to him. Trying to redirect you into a focus so small; that you can then control your fears. I say to you, “they are right”; I am unimportant at this time. BECAUSE ONLY THE TRUTH DECIDES IF YOU WILL SURVIVE. And that includes every threat against our world. I cannot destroy you; but the things which you have done through your universities CAN EASILY DESTROY ALL LIFE ON EARTH. So don’t fear me/ DO fear lies! I am NOT your decision, I am just the messenger!

As for you: fear will not save you. If you simply run away and hide; as have nearly all the last two decades. Or simply ridiculing me; even though I threaten you not: your reality does, not me. You are merely lying to yourself/ as there is no place to hide, particularly from a planet on fire, “Just like the sun”. The other constant was from the religious: who insist, “we DON’T have to do NOTHING”; because god will do it all! Even though history, and even the bible; proves absolutely none of that.

We are on the edge of extinction; whether you believe that or not, makes NO DIFFERENCE to the outcome. Very quickly now, you won’t be able to feed yourselves, ocean life will soon go extinct as well/ or find water either. What is true shall in fact, decide! How is that not so?

As is consistent with the last four decades: even though, there is no time left for that anymore. I simply tell you to investigate your reality, particularly by starting with all the threats that can make you extinct. Then let truth decide your answer/ your decision for the future; as is, let ALL university fantasies die. Discard want and pride; because you must to survive. And accept GOD literally is your CREATOR.  Because if you don’t, as a world: the realities of working together for life, will fail. This ain’t no game. Remember that or die.

I will offer this one tiny bit of advice to the jury of this trial, and the judiciary. You can opt to “protect your own tiny little world”/ OR accept life or death for our planet is more important. It is a choice, but I tell you from working in this reality for over forty years; that we live so close to the tipping point; where NOTHING we decide will matter anymore. That it is “scary, even for me”; THE POTENTIAL for a whole world lost; which includes your tiny spot as well. I AM ASKING:  GO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS,  BECAUSE THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG ARE HORRIFIC; and do it quickly. So we can all know, BY THE EVIDENCE;  exactly, as best we can: what is, or is not TRUE! How is that not fair? EVERY life on this planet CAN BE UNDERSTOOD AS threatened: should we not know the true risk?

My entire statement of personal life and death is:  “I did NOT surrender this world to extinction, without a fight”. There is no other motive, purpose, or desire; and there never was. To date, I cannot say the same of you: the world is bigger than your head, or “their big brain”.

As for me, I cannot save you, and won’t try! Humanity is the problem, and humanity is the solution: and that depends entirely upon each one of you. Simple as that! Fight or die, which includes run away to hide; a decision to let this earth go extinct.

I will appear at this trial, barring things I simply cannot control. I will help your lawyers prepare for their trials; if that occurs. I cannot defend or prosecute for you, as I am not a lawyer, and it is not my job. I will allow my name and life to establish those trials, if you wish; and determine who is or is not allowed to be your lawyer; if you wish/ but it is not my job. It is yours. Even so, they are important to me too (my world too), as I spent my lifetime for that purpose. The university cult (they are gods, we cannot question them), and their followers; will not be pleased. Expect consequences, innuendo, disrespect, denial, and whatever else they can do. As you deliberately define evolution, by its reality; into the disgrace of your own existence as humanity on earth: you will find GOD  back. Because recognizing the magnificence of life itself:  by design, engineering, structure, and all the rest PROVES that true.

What is left then to say? Nothing really, other than I present to you, the web sites which arose from a month after “9/11”; till now. They are less than perfect, but if you wish to read “ten thousand pages”; you might find some of it interesting. I wrote them as “a newspaper” basically. Just like the videos, and life;  with the intent to leave no stone unturned.

I HAVE, fundamentally completed the work; your excuses are dead.

Should I turn up dead prior to appearing in court for this trial; or incapacitated in any way so as not able to attend. I tell you true: YOU DO owe me/ YOU DO owe this world;  this trial to go forward as scheduled. The trial is set, as defined by the “schedule of trial”: thereby my testimony may be considered sealed, if I am not there.  I remind the court: this is fundamentally NOT, a trial about me/ but of our democratic rights under first amendment law. My liberty, to demand that law must be kept. The power of attorney if necessary to stand in my place as a representative. As a citizen asking for their own constitutional right; can be a member of my family, or if they decline some other. So long as no change is made, unless it comes from this site.

There is, ONE final detail to the work, the realities involved in: “having opened the spiritual door to female”. Just to ask a question!

Regardless of that, the reality is my own spiritual eternity seems to have been changed. I am indebted besides, to the change that allowed “a greater view/ the possibility for hope”: for life on earth. Leaving recently to demand “the last year is mine”/ produced one single reality: we can’t go back to strictly male in charge; WAR will result! That is literally, the answer of men (as history proves), when faced with harsh reality. Women are not better, but they are DIFFERENT. Together, joined as male and female working for life itself, we do have a chance to resurrect most of what has been damaged.

So, I will offer this to female:  I will help you in that effort, so we can all have a better future. So this world can survive.  If you simply respect and work with me. Not a game, rather it will be exactly on my part, as described. NOT ruling over you, just working with you; as best we can.

This is, the best men did do; and they cannot do better without women in charge. NOT as rulers, but as people who are fully able, and functioning to define and determine what our new laws should be. Whosoever makes, and causes the law to be enforced/ rules the nation, state, or even world. BY VOTE, that law will be determined: YOU DO, “have a vote”

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