The fundamentals are:

That first amendment redress of grievances is NOT:  a right to go grovel and beg our employees for change. That would means we are ruled over/ instead of democracy as is to rule ourselves, as we the people;  by law, through constitutional restraints.

First amendment redress of grievances is: the LEGAL right, to petition ourselves as the government; by calling for a vote. On the specific grievances that are selected to be voted upon. In this trial it is, the reality of extreme threats as we do face.

A jury CANNOT claim to be “the government” any more than our employees can make that claim. Our government, is the contract we have agreed to, which then unites us as one state or nation. That contract is our constitution; which does describe us as one people united under these conditions by law, as a democracy (we get to vote, and thereby decide).

First amendment redress is: the foundation upon which “power to the people rests”! That power is:  to determine what our government should be/ if our employees have kept their oath of office to us. Thereby we take our grievance into the courtroom: to examine the evidence, investigate the consequences of being wrong, and determine for ourselves what is or is not true.

First amendment grievance is: the critical truth of our power to intervene as the government in determining our future. That power requires the ability to change a specific law, or reality that we deem unfit for our society. We do that within a courtroom, so that constitutional restraint shall govern the result. We accept the responsibility for our decision by making a change for ourselves, that shall then become OUR LAW. This is the effect of a true democracy. Which functionally means: I will vote on the law itself, that governs our lives/ rather than a vote for someone to vote for me; as has been decided FAILED, to protect or defend our state or nation from the consequences we are now going to govern for ourselves!


Establishes a jury vote: which will determine if the public shall or shall not be called upon to decide. IF THE SPECIFIC THREATS we face, as is established by this trial. Should or should not be a referendum to vote upon, by the public which then does present “we the people exercising our government authority”. Our legal right, to protect, decide, and defend our democracy for ourselves. It is not a political right in the first amendment/ it is a legal right. Same as the first amendment LEGAL right to protect religion, speech, and the press.

THE PUBLIC VOTE, which follows a jury decision to call for that vote. Specifies WHAT THE PUBLIC, AS IS OUR GOVERNMENT by democratic authority: to vote as we the people own this state or nation. They by that vote,  identify the threats in this trial: that they wish to separate from employee supervision and authority;  to their own decision, as a democracy enforced.

 Public trial, then establishes the authority required: to form a courtroom, within the public view.  Establish trial itself: call for witnesses, etcetera.  Then identify by vote our decision, for our state, nation, world, child, future, etcetera. WHOSOEVER CONTROLS THE LAWS, CONTROLS THE STATE, NATION, OR WORLD; IF THAT LAW IS ENFORCED. That means they control you and your future too. Should the law not be determined by we the people, for ourselves?

The need to investigate legally, establishes claim to our democracy. The need to examine the consequences of the decisions that have been made, as well as the decisions we will make; are fundamental, to an educated (this is what we desire) by our vote. The reality of determining as best we can what is true: is the essence of our survival, and the beginning of change as we the people desire it to be. Even to the point of one state, one nation, one world.

I remind you: this is NOT a trial about me “the litigant”/ this is a trial about you, as a democracy: faced with the threats, that can in fact cause your own extinction. Realities capable of even destroying our world itself. I merely give you the chance to understand a need for change. What you do with that chance, determines your future; even more than it determines mine.

I remind you, that this trial can be “fixed”/ by people who volunteer for jury duty;  thereby filling the void with those whose purpose is to stop this possibility of our democracy enforced. Or it can be filled with those whose purpose is to enforce this law. REGARDLESS of that; Some will never be convinced of threat; because the university is their god, and the university CANNOT be wrong in their mind. People in powerful places can plot and plan; etcetera.  Public participation in the outcome can override or support a jury decision; so an appellate decision becomes overruled by ourselves.  If required trial can be reinstated, and moved to a different venue. By someone else! But I remind you;  every second counts, when faced with realities that can make us extinct.

ONCE THIS JURY MAKES A DECISION; it is open for appellate review. Which means the powerful can intervene, and take your decision away. That WOULD be treason to deliberately interfere with DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY, as is WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here. But even so: a delay can literally cause the end of our world/ just plain too late now! Fight for your world, fight for this trial: because the threats are real.

Your decision/ your outcome/ your future: I did do, the best I could do, to change the realities of threat we do face. From this moment forward, whatever this democracy will be: at its core, is up to you.

If you say, “I can’t, because I must prepare the future for my children; with or by the work I do”. Then you lie to yourself; to avoid accepting the reality: of what it means to be wrong. If they have no planet to live on/ no resources to use/ nature is in chaos/ etcetera: then you have destroyed them, by your own decision not to fight for what is truly important. Without a foundation (we can build), for our world; there is no future. Every threat seeks to destroy that foundation. Balance the need to fight for this world, with your own reality; but make no mistake about what is more important. The consequence of extinction has no back door.

CALL FOR TRIAL; so that the truth will be known.

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Jim Osterbur

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