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THE FUNDAMENTAL DECISION in this trial, scheduled for Tuesday September 11, 2018 courtroom L Champaign county court. Trial 2018 TR 5950     9:00am     is whether to accept true democracy or not:

This is the foundation upon which humanity itself, as we the people:  rules over life, society, disciplines and order as achieved by their own decisions. The future from this moment on, is as we design; by the power of our own vote. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ but a vote on the laws, which will then control ALL, of our lives. This removes power from a few. This grants, under constitutional restraint: “this decision is ours”/ as a people or a world. BY FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.

This reality determines whether we live or die, as a world.  So let’s open the door and ask why

To emphasize that fact:  no one argues human population has more than doubled in the last fifty years. That means our population rise is over 2% per year. The united nations declares the population to be 7.6 and rising. Two percent of 7.6 billion people is:  152 million more mouths to feed PER YEAR (plus pollution, etc) each year over deaths. WE WON’T survive that!


This ad may be helpful to you: it will not be placed by me. That is your job, if you care! Participation is necessary.

{The critical truth is: that our world, and our nation, and our lives are threatened; in a wide variety of ways, by a university leadership without respect for life or planet. THIS TRIAL EXISTS: To determine exactly how much threat we face, by using true democracy as our legal guide/ and to define, our legal choice under first amendment law: a trial is set for July 18, 2018.   Further,  INFORMATION IS AT }.

This trial is the first step, in redress of grievances, which is power to the people themselves/ a reality of trial, that has never been done (to the best of my knowledge) in this USA since its conception. Even though it is the law! That fact identifies the truth: true democracy has eluded us to this date and time. The opportunity, to be a true democracy wherein our constitution is the government/ and our employees do obey their oath of office: is likely NEVER to come back again (it’s been law, over two hundred years, and this is the first time: we the people can demand ownership of state or nation. ONLY, Because the level of threat is truly SO SEVERE, and easily understood)! EVEN SO: that fact is irrelevant in and of itself, because the threats we face as a world are far more important than any democracy can be! You are not asked to agree with that statement! You are asked in this trial, if you are willing to take the next step: to investigate, examine, and determine for ourselves, “if this is the best we can be”?  By asking: “the state or nation through communication, for the purpose of redress (we get to decide now)”; if they will pay for/ vote upon/ and determine for themselves, IF WE the people, WILL ALLOW:   “OUR EXISTENCE, OUR EVERYTHING ON EARTH”; TO BE GAMBLED WITH? Because the cost of being wrong,  is OUR OWN extinction! Simple as that.

6/10/18                       James Frank Osterbur

Redress of grievances is more easily understood, as a legal description at

The realities

  1. Over-population will kill us all. The united nations says: current population count is at 7.6 billion people and rising by roughly .5 (half of one percent) percent. That would mean: for every two hundred people over the period of a year, there will be one more mouth to feed than last year. In America throughout the twentieth century, the average rate of population growth was between 3-4 percent. Which means per every hundred people, each year an additional 3-4 mouths over deaths; to feed occurred. With 8 billion people for simple math. One percent population rise, the growth rate is equal to 80 million more mouths to feed per year. With a three percent population rise, that number increases to 240 million more mouths to feed than last year/ each year. Or another billion people to feed in just over four years. For each and every four years and less. 44 million people standing 3 feet apart at the equator “on water too”; in an unbroken line, wrap this earth. 7.6 billion wrap this earth 178 times. Standing in a 3 foot by 3 foot square; 68.4 billion square feet of humanity. 7.6 billion at one pound of food per day= 7.6 billion pounds per day=2.77 trillion pounds per year. And the rest of life needs food and habitat too!
  2. Use of weapons of mass destruction will kill us all. It is a game, with only one ending possible: either remove them, or they will be used. One missile can carry and release over time; “a dozen 20 megaton warheads”. A biological release, can invade this entire world. A chemical nightmare, is inevitable; just like Bhopal. By defining World law, to govern leaders: enforced as a world army to bring those leaders into world court; is better.
  3. Ignition of atoms, as is the intent of universities and governments aligned to “burn plasma”. Their intent: IS creating a nuclear fire, a fire that cannot be extinguished “just like the sun”, & will kill us all. A nuclear fire means BURNING ATOMS FOR FUEL! They want what they want/ rather than change what they must. They gamble and propagate, “we can”: by using lies.
  4. Loss of resources/ broken chains of life/ ruined habitat/ destroyed ocean life/ reduced oxygen concentration/ no drinking water/ poison dumped everywhere, by the trillion ton/ extinction/ the atmosphere disconnected from the planet/ global warming; and more. Clearly prove the children are dead.
  5. Crispr is a genetic tool capable of, and intentionally used for: destroying the boundary lines between species. Which opens the door to endless pandemics, unrecognizable life, mutilation without end: death by horrors. A hell beyond words; as is the term Armageddon (nature in chaos) released.
  6. Insects are a base food group, for a wide variety of creatures; providing the base foundation of existence, for a large percentage of creature, and river diversity. Insects pollinate most of all flowering plants granting about half of the plant diversity on earth. Insects are being exterminated from the planet, breaking that food change apart.
  7. Without ice to cool this planet, it will overheat, and life itself will fail. The environment will dramatically change. A large percentage of the base food group for large ocean life arises from the bottom of ice. No ice/ no food.
  8. Every engine/ every fire consumes oxygen. Oxygen being depleted from the upper atmosphere is proven true. a small compact car uses the amount of air/ oxygen in one hour of driving at highway speed; as is needed by roughly 34 people in a twenty four hour day. A semi-truck loaded and driving at highway speeds, uses roughly the same amount of oxygen in one hour/ that one hundred and twenty four people need to use in 24 hours.
  9. Without ocean life to sustain us for food, we have no hope to survive. Immense trawlers “take every last one”/ leaving none for regeneration of the species. Immense trawlers, destroy habitat as they try to get every last one. Humanity has done everything it can, to destroy the habitat, and every food chain itself.
  10. Without water to drink, you have only three days to find more/ and humanity will say, “you can’t have ours, we don’t have enough”. So there will be instantaneous war, so severe and so intense: the term apocalypse (blood as high as a horses bridle) comes true.
  11. The counterfeiting of currency, as is hidden inflation: becomes cause for civil war (you gave me nothing, and stole my life with your lies). The hidden deceit of “investment derivatives, stocks, and more”! It will be hell, and nearly every government on earth has participated in doing this same thing/ with America in the lead.
  12. People lie, because they want what they want/ or hide what they don’t want you to know; so they can get more of what they do want. Manipulating the outcome, so they can get what they want, regardless of the consequences to life; or avoid what they don’t want, making the rest pay instead. The consequence is, where we stand today: is at the edge of our own extinction. Only truth survives! Let truth decide, or we die.
  13. The biblical prophecy of Daniel 12 is a countdown of days. That prophecy ignited its countdown on April 1, 2012, with the first experiment, in the first machine (the national ignition facility in San Francisco) that could in fact ignite atoms on fire. Destroying the planet, all its life, and even changing the solar system itself by adding this earth, “as another sun”. A greater abomination is impossible to conceive. Therefore this becomes “day one”. By that count, hell begins on July 9, 2019; end of our world by spring, 2021! Unless true change, which allows for mercy exists!
  14. For those who say its impossible: I remind you, that Noah’s flood is a proven fact. The fossil fuels you burn are absolute proof. We know it was life both gathered together, and buried in piles; at the same time. Some of it, thousands of feet deep, much of it in oceans. [nothing other than a world flood could have done this]. And we know, only a worldwide flood could have buried so much life, if it existed; creating the fossil fuel reserves proven to exist. Simple as that!

WHAT YOUR SCIENTISTS ARE DOING, that you need to know

  1. You won’t survive the ignition of atoms on fire, JUST like the sun; which is burning plasma. You won’t survive resource depletion, or weapons of mass destruction,Our only hope is to let truth decide for us/ and make our own decisions, protect our own lives. Even if you won’t admit is; your world has changed, and it will never return, “to anything you want”! But that, was your decision/ not mine. The entire world economy with few exceptions, is dependent upon fantasies; war is coming across this world/ unless, you choose better: PRIOR to the crash! A reality produced almost entirely by “university rules”.
  2. IFwe will choose the future, specifically related to this reality of threats for ourselves/ ORlet those who have chosen, and allowed these events to take place:   shall remain in charge, of that portion, of our collective society. Yes or no: the  question is, someone to vote for me/ or my own vote decides?  QUOTE;  Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass). Fusion has the potential to provide the kind of baseload energy needed to provide electricity to our cities and our industries.  QUOTE; With ten times the plasma volume of the largest machine operating today, the ITER Tokamak will be a unique experimental tool, capable of longer plasmas and better confinement. The machine has been designed specifically to:1) Produce 500 MW of fusion power for pulses of 400 s

3) Achieve a deuterium-tritium plasma in which the reaction is sustained through internal heating

QUOTE; Fusion research today is at the threshold of exploring a burning plasma. In a burning plasma, the energy of the helium nuclei produced when hydrogen isotopes fuse becomes large enough—because of the large number of reactions—to exceed the plasma heating that is injected from external sources. As the first such burning plasma device in the world, ITER will offer scientists a unique opportunity to chart new territory in controlled nuclear fusion.

 From me,   a ten million degree F,  fire (ignition); will create its own plasma. Just like the sun!  Their assertions of “perfectly safe”; arise from the idea there     is not enough gravity to sustain the fire here on earth.     A reality that cannot be proven true, until that fire ignites;  and then fails to “put itself out” at 4 MILLION TIMES the heat of a forest fire.   You can’t control a forest fire!

   From me, there is no such thing as fusion or the combining of atomic elements to change their internal atomic structure from one element into another element entirely or by any other method. That is absurd! An atom spins .

           Environmental atomic structure is based upon proton spin at speeds  which are sustained by the realities of separation that the spin achieves.  YOU CANNOT create another proton, by simply inject that proton onto a spinning internal atomic proton: by attacking the structure itself.  OR by trying to insert more mass into or onto something spinning at roughly the speed of light squared.

             Instead, what they can do, is cause such a frictional destabilization of the atomic environment  by disrupting the spin.  That then causes the energy contained as atomic, to be released over time as is FIRE.  THE RESULT OF THAT, Which uses atoms for fuel, is a fire just like on the sun: which is NO FANTASY. nor is it a delusion which allows for anything less than:   this entire earth is fuel for that fire, just like the sun. Each of my claims are a proven reality. Each of their claims is nothing more than fantasy or delusion: the story of lies;  which can be called “SATAN (destroyer of a world)”. IF THE SUN MADE HELIUM, with every BTU that it released/ THEN WHERE IS THE HELIUM? It should be, one of the most abundant elements in this universe/ it is rare! They claim to be “fusing” sustainable mass (can be found)/ NOT tearing mass apart, as is the true reality of the sun, and by its radiation. Tearing mass apart, removes the atomic environment as is spin: trims the neutron dark energy, which sustains the mass off, as gravity/ and lets the base building block of this universe go free; until it reaches the fire. Where reality knows, it will crumble into the smallest debris possible, by removing the kinetic energy as fire. Very similar to a chemical fire which does the same, at a different energy level, to molecules.

  There is no going back from ignition of atoms INTO fire. The gravity caused by the sun arises from the fire itself, as the energy which causes the spin to be contained is released, that is solar gravity.  While the opposite kinetic energy is released, as heat.

This is a gamble with our entire earth, and even the solar system itself. WRONG MEANS WE BURN, the whole planet. There are NO SECOND CHANCES/ because the fire or energy release or so called fusion, cannot be extinguished. Ignition therefore occurs only once, if it fails to extinguish itself, and it will. Then the million mile long flames (so say scientists), just like the sun will rise past the moon 4 times higher/ the atmosphere of earth will be thrown into space/ and everything on earth WILL be sucked into the flame. THAT IS the price of being WRONG!   How, can you believe the sun is made of hydrogen, when all they can prove is “AN ASH CLOUD” escaping from nuclear fire?

IF IT CANNOT BE PROVEN ABSOLUTELY TRUE;  then          THE FOUNDATION OF UNIVERSITY IS THIS:   I remind you: that every theory (this is what we believe), is nothing more than a religion. A doctorate means, a tiny group says:  “we find this person has memorized and will mimic exactly what we have demanded:  he or she has been told to think, or believe.” Therefore, they can be “priests of our cult”!

         I remind this world:  that your university scientists say, “they don’t have to control an energy release, that is “four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas”.  It will just extinguish itself, “not enough gravity here”!  Or, radiation that will kill us, without ozone, from 94 million miles away: is right here unleashed. That means a candle flame: would become enough heat, to incinerate you at 150 feet away. ITER plans for  using 50 million watts, to initiate. Times 4,000,000= a release of 200,000,000,000,000 watts of energy, in a very tiny space for that. It will be instantaneous, and it will overtake all mass; turning it into burning plasma. Which will result in a pillar of fire instantly at least ten miles high, growing every second until it becomes like the sun at “one million mile long flames”. Same fuel/ same result.

         They refuse to admit: once 4 million times more energy is released in their containment vessel/ they no longer have control over anything!  OUR WORLD, SHOULD NOT DIE, for fools.

By constitutional law, called redress. We must assemble ourselves for a united (majority rules under constitutional restraints) decision: established in vote. Before we are able as a state or nation to take legal control over our own society, as a true democracy. One person/ one vote on the issues, for ourselves; that are specific to our grievance.

This trial produces the legal right to call for that vote. YOUR vote, which follows; if yes, then establishes the democratic authority of our ownership. Thereby, to investigate the evidence as we see fit, and decide what is or is not, to be done:  about these specific complaints established in trial, and accepted by vote for our society to decide. The trial which then follows; is FOR the purpose of choosing our own direction as a state or nation. By our own vote. In these specific to the trial, grievances! It is, our first amendment law!

This is a trial to enforce courtroom democracy: our legal rights as a nation, state, or people united. This is original jurisdiction: we are the owners of our democracy here; we do, have the authority to decide! Which means we the people have the power to decide and determine, our direction as state or nation. The power to remove or modify the decisions of our employees: to address, what we will or will not allow; if we so choose. Thereby this trial through redress of grievances, becomes:  “power, to the people”. If, we choose to unite in its purpose:    which is:  to investigate and examine the threats against life, world, nature, planet, resource, and child.  Or, even expand that, as would include for example:    NO more extortion, as is the case of medicine and healthcare.

And then of course we have:   the geneticists who claim, “we DON’T have to worry about NOTHING we do”/ cause evolution will fix every mutilation into another life form for us: why “Isn’t it exciting” to wait and see.

Evolution just like fusion, is a fool’s paradise!   Or more simply “chaos built it all, without so much as a brain, a tool, or a possibility for life without saying  “over billions of years”.  It’s called a disease of the mind! Their demand is of course: that life doesn’t need any boundary, balance, order, discipline, thought, function, awareness,  or anything else, “it just went POOF, here I am: without a brain”. By simply picking things off the store shelf, and just adding them on, without even a tool or any other reality known to be required, or we die. “life never finds a way/ life lives within the specific  species boundaries required, or it dies”.

 To know “life exists”, is the beginning. Which does imply thought comes first.  Not the chicken or the egg: thought comes first to design, and then build, with what is available and can be used.

Wrapped in the devil of arrogance (I am god, here), they both seek complete annihilation of life on earth.  How is that not so? Can you build 206 individual unique bones for a human body, put them into place, and keep everything lined up as they grow by many times over? Can you wrap and tie over 600 muscle strands in order, and let them grow many times over? Can you throw a few trillion “bits and pieces” into a brain, and make it work? Can you make skin cover a body, and stretch or repair itself? Can you make “touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, movement, or identity”?  Can you keep yourself from dying, by deliberately operating the “utility systems” that are required by your body:  heating, electrical, fuel, waste, telecommunications, immunization; and all the rest? NO, you can’t do any of it! Instead, you can be an ARROGANT DISEASE RIDDEN FOOL; and claim it don’t matter/ cause you, “are going to believe anything you want”. Simple as that/  “as university knows everything”;  establishing for humanity, “truth don’t matter”. Yet: Evolution is the accepted religion of this USA. Taught in every school, as “the gospel truth”/ without a shred of evidence other than: the body of life will adapt, when it must/ if it can! That is merely the sign of “perfect design”/ the evidence of thought came first. The reality “every part, every piece is a miracle”: is true!

I am literally only interested in keeping life on earth from extinction. Realities that are not connected with that, are discarded. When a jury has convened for this trial purpose which are:  the “life or death issues that threaten our world, WITH EXTINCTION or horrors”. And in fact jury has established judgment for or against redress of grievances for our society, and our world. I am, done.

So the first question in this trial: IS this a legitimate right to protest taxation; enforced by the need for democratic actions, through the obedience of a courtroom to our constitution? Or is it blatant disregard for personal responsibilities to “our government, which is the constitution”?  In democracy the foundations of law and rights; are the ruler!

The second question: if the need for democratic actions exist, then the jury must identify and create the proper notification, so as to allow a vote, by we the people. Which, if yes we will is chosen: true redress of grievances (we own this state and nation; means we WILL decide the outcome by our own governmental authority) is born.           

You have the right to CHOOSE, by governmental mandate as owners:  but there is no going back. Yes or no! True democracy:  we own our LEGAL choice/ we are the authority of our society under constitutional direction; is being decided. OR in contrast the choice is: TO REMAIN as we are today, with all its consequences coming! Simple as that.


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