the door

the door

So, let’s open the door, turn on the lights, and assess the damage.

The extreme failures and foolishness of “university knows, cult”; found everywhere, is rampant/ horrendous/ disastrous/ and deadly. The curse of their extreme arrogance, absolute greed, and boundless selfishness, has known no boundary whatsoever. The way back, to a sustainable and happy life is hard, and leaves no room for any of the countless disasters that is the religious cult of “just believe in the university, they are your god”. Which of course makes the majority who are believers, a cult of satan (anything but life).

Too harsh you say? Well, a world at the edge of extinction, deserves to point its finger, so to speak, and declare its murderers. How is that not so?

Five or a bit more percent of what the universities have done, has been at least not a disaster; some even a benefit. And all say: “the university is god/ this is blasphemy”; he CAN’T be right. And as religions do everyday, the next step is “kill the traitor, before he infects the rest”. Because the foundation of every religion is believe what you are told to believe, and discard truth/ DON’T think for yourself, “that is illegal”.

The next step, for the few who do try to think for themselves is: we don’t believe you/ so give us what we need to prove you wrong! Thereby we listen, to hear, what we want to hear/ and nothing more.

So, let’s begin:

  1. You can argue, but you cannot prove anything to do with the claim of fusion; as it does not exist so clearly and definitively: that the question appears, “ARE THEY, really trying to destroy this planet entirely/ BURN US ALL”? The answer has to be yes, indeed they are; because no foundation in reality exists for the fantasies of what they are doing.
    1. We assert to determine that along with what has already been divulged in justtalking7.info and others. That the fact of atomic kinetic energy (proven by an atomic bomb) is held within its proton spin/ there is no other way. A spin at roughly the speed of light squared, CANNOT be simply invaded to make the proton more massive. Which obviously proves fusion “we make the proton bigger” has no basis at all in fact. This tiny bit of information now increases the danger to our world, as those who can call themselves “satan” will adjust their machines. Although nations around the world are trying to ignite plasma: the most dangerous machine currently running is this. Lawrence Livermore is almost equally dangerous. Like other pieces of information: it increases the likelihood of your extinction.
    2. While burning plasma is a state of matter, wherein the elemental descriptions fade/ because the individual atoms are spread out beyond the state of organization. To make them vulnerable individually. Therefrom to burn plasma is to burn atoms.
    3. To burn atoms in a fire, makes this entire planet fuel for that fire. No extinguishing the same energy source, as is on the sun/ not even with delusions of grandeur.
  2. Evolution is a fools religion, plain and simple; it doesn’t get any more “primitive (no clue), witchdoctor” than that. Adaption is merely the evidence of perfect design. That working parts and methods should be used in other organisms is constant, within any form of thought.
    1. Chaos is the destruction of anything/ and everything complex. Not a builder/ a destroyer, like arrogance.
    2. A living reality does not sustain an existence, without EVERYTHING it needs at the time of its arrival. Which means all the basic materials for survival MUST be in place prior to that life arising. One individual life arising without that sustainable reality in place, cannot survive.
    3. NOTHING in reality forms a body by accident; absolutely nothing is by chance in an extremely organized system that works only because everything it needs is there, at the time of its arrival as life. 206 individually made bones do NOT simply arise or place themselves or attach themselves or build blood cells for the body, or work with electric impulses, or react to touch, or any of the rest; by accident. These are extremely dedicated and organized realities, that cannot exist or complete their work UNLESS thought directs them, with sufficient balance so as to keep everything in working order. You don’t expect a car to build itself. You don’t expect a robot to work without “a brain”. Yet the extremely gullible disease of a university god; makes you stupid, and brainless; just like them. “welcome to religion”. And that is just the beginning of complexity that does not arise, without a level of thought far superior to our own. Shame on you, for having to be told.
    4. Before “the chicken or the egg”; thought appeared, because it needed no mass to construct itself/ it is from the essence of an energy contained in such a way as to give freedom through recognition. But that is irrelevant; and all you need to know is, the energy decides. Does not every part in your body NEED TO BE, where you expect it to be? How about a heart where your foot should be, “now wouldn’t that be great”? Or an insect face, instead of your own; as the geneticists want to do.
    5. Genetics are the delusion of men and women who believe they are gods, and can now take control over life itself, to make whatever they want; by simply throwing the garbage can filled with rancid, disease, and human disgrace: into nature itself. DNA IS NATURE. simple as that! So they each, curse you, and all life; with every single moment among the vast majority of millions now attempting to make something different of life.
    6. If the egg does not seal itself, for instance; there is no new generation. Not for anything, including you. And that is just one tiny example out of billions of intimate steps; they try to invade.
  3. Resources determine life on earth. Your factories exist only to consume and destroy resources. Which makes you a murderer of your own children and more. Pollution everywhere. Water resource destruction everywhere. Global changes everywhere. Poisons everywhere. Ocean life dying across the planet. Living habitat gone. Chains of life failing. Extinction climbing everywhere. Just to feed your garbage dump, with a trophy you throw away. Shame on you.
  4. Complete disrespect for life (let’s make this a game), reality (let’s counterfeit all their money, make them war, and steal their soul), truth (let’s destroy their ability to think for themselves), and love (let’s divide them, and conquer with delusions; propagated through media and schooling). To your shame; “don’t look/ don’t think/ don’t ask/ don’t believe anything unless the university tells you: what they command you shall believe. As is “life is our toy”. Nothing matters, because its only a toy, and evolution will fix everything; in a billion years or so. Who could be more pitiful, more blind, and stupid: “than a believer”?
  5. Noah’s flood did exist: the evidence is absolute, and clearly proven by the fossil fuel reserve; and more. The biblical prediction this world shall end in fire: stands ready to come true. All it takes is one initial ignition of atoms on fire. Just one second too late, and ALL life is “roasted”.
  6. Nothing about this world in america is sustainable. You built it for the automobile; and that vehicle along with all the rest is consuming oxygen far in excess of what this planet releases. Which means you can’t continue. Nor can you continue with air conditioning as you are; this planet will overheat and die. Simple as that. Just to begin.
  7. Friendship, love, respect, value, in fact EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR HUMANITY TO SURVIVE EACH OTHER; has been thrown in the trash. You get a “video screen glued to your face” instead; to your shame. The competition is not survivable, nor are your weapons, ways, means, governments as they are. Medicine is extortion, and people believe “I can have as many children as I want”/ even though that will make them and you cannibals soon. Because everything that keeps alive, is dying too!
  8. You have NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE, unless you very seriously change your human world; and bring back ALL OF NATURE, as best you can. FINDING RESPECT FOR  GOD  OUR  CREATOR, and the life HE gave us to live / or end as a dying world; because you continued to play god, or let others do so.

This is more than enough to prove: the overall reality, that university has not been your friend! Just your want, and your pride; that did not attain any real influence in America: until they took over the currency from Reagan, and stole everything they could think of. Playing, and building toys, “like the machines in energy and more, that we see today”. Like going to mars: which is nailing the astronaut in their coffin. Etcetera, and more.

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