I restate this: that even if I were to die, or be unavoidably detained prior to trial, so that it dies for whatever reason. Even if trial were destroyed by those who hate the possibilities here. That will not kill the truth, this is the path and these are the methods used, in how you resolve to save this world. Begin again, the only difference is: time can’t stand the delay, and every day is a potential “too late now”. Regardless, I am not the critical link (clearly not your savior): knowledge is, by accepting only what is true must decide. Understanding this is no game, accepting university stories and theories or beliefs, are not enough is essential. Reality proves truth, and we have no further options to delay fighting for this world with law. That is essential. Nonetheless, our world needs your (yes YOU) help, or it won’t survive the realities of what men and their universities have done/ which does include substantial female help. Nothing speaks of that more than: Trillion dollar machines, whose only purpose is to ignite the same fire (energy source) here, as is on the sun. Depending entirely upon the idea: this fire, will just extinguish itself/ because they say “not enough gravity here” to sustain the fire. One ignition, one time; and if the fire does not extinguish itself/ earth then becomes another sun. The gravity is from the fire itself; so says the evidence of truth. The gamble is: “one time, and its over”. Same is true of mutilating nature! One literal second too late, and all life is dead! A simple truth you do understand, and yet not one single media possibility seeks to save life on earth. Nobody fights to communicate, we cannot let this be wrong! Nobody spends one single penny in defense of life for this world; only for pride. Instead of reality, you are happy to just ridicule me; “our excuse, we don’t have to do nothing”. Believing only “the university will save us/ media will defend us/ this can’t be”. Even though reality proves these threats are true, and they literally come from the university, are hidden by media, and exist because you believe arrogance is confidence; rather than threat! You do understand the consequences of being WRONG.  Which makes this your own true decision! So, my only threat to you is:  Save yourselves or die, because you just didn’t care enough: that simple!

I know, that all you really want to be is happy, with life and everything else; “a real winner”. So say nearly 99.999%! That is what you want, it controls your life and your decisions, “as best you can”. What you don’t want, Is anyone telling you, that something you can’t control is invading your time on earth, and is going to change everything into chaos; which is exactly what I do, apart from the caveat “change yourselves, so this does NOT happen BEFORE it is too late”! Alas, every one, simply runs away in one form or another; particularly because those who would stay to help, do not know what they could possibly do; so they won’t try. It’s a great excuse, so leave me alone; this problem is too big. A dead world, offers you nothing but death, horrors, and disease by genetic alterations: WE, are all involved, every single one.

This trial as listed on this site, and appears to be headed for trial: finally!  Removes that excuse, by establishing true democracy instead of depending upon the decision that would be made by someone else/ who already chose to gamble with our world, our everything. So the question now is:  being given the legal right to intervene in the critical and extreme measures that do threaten every living thing on earth. WILL YOU, or will you not;  NOW participate in removing this danger and protecting life on earth? It is not difficult to understand: the law is the law, and if we control that law as we the people/ then we can enforce that law on those who have chosen to threaten our lives, our world, our everything. It is that simple. It is ONE VOTE PER CITIZEN, according to what must be clearly conceived of, within the writing, to give you that vote. It must be “generalized” so as to include everything that is necessary/ and specific enough, to understand clearly “this is about YOU”.

CORRUPTION in government is immense; the greater majority formed over time, rather than simply demanding “these are it”. The critical truth is:  we must identify what is wrong and why. We must examine the possibilities that go with being wrong. We must make our own decision personally, because that is what forms a democracy/ rather than a herd or a mob flowing behind a leader. It may look impressive in nature, but it is not governed by clear independent thought, so as to get to the best possible solution, in the least amount of time. As is needed, for us all to survive.

We literally need to cut our ties with the past, and form a new alliance with the values that will sustain our future. If you get lost in “they should be hung”/ you will fail life itself, and fall down into chaos. Look only forward, once you have identified and changed the reality that does threaten life on earth. Be fair, with justice and realistic equality, tomorrow may come.

If you choose instead, “I don’t care, and I won’t care about nothing”. I guarantee, eternity will remember this as your choice:  “not even for an entire world”!

No eternity you say! Well, reality says: you got your life to live, without lifting a single molecule on your own/ your body as a gift, and never paid a thing. A more complex reality does not exist/ while only the complete lack of a brain, could conceive of “it’s just all an accident”: and you know, that is true. Fools are less dense and devoid of intelligence!

The alternate reality is: that arrogance continues, as humanity demands its quest, to believe in university and let them play god. Disrespecting life itself, throughout this world. Waiting until weapons of mass destruction, an entire world gambled on one simple theory: that there isn’t enough gravity here on earth to sustain a nuclear fire, so it will just extinguish itself. Disease to overtake us, and terrors to surround us, as biology itself becomes completely unstable. Resources dead. Cannibalism, because this is, a finite world; and the very thing humanity hated most: which was someone has to die/ for this planet to survive. Every one of which, Proves to be the end of our world. Plus a whole lot more!

I offer: think before you die, and don’t surrender this world to terrorists. I offer you change, and don’t gamble with life; so you can survive. Not about me, so says the evidence/ GO INVESTIGATE, and learn/ then decide, by thinking for yourselves. Then stop the threats we know exist; by protecting life first for this planet.

The university leadership offers: believe in us, because we can’t be terrorists, “we are god (we can do anything we want)”. Now how could that be wrong? They offer you death, as is consistent in every threat you can recognize: is not a university diploma in charge of how this came to be? Or more realistically its “just believe/ and let us make all the decisions; cause you are stupid”. We are god.


The reality is: your leaders failed, and they failed in part because this society failed, and refused to accept the cost of what they were doing. That leaves us with a reality of consequences no one likes, but everyone will face: one way or the other. THAT has absolutely nothing to do with me, because I tried my best to make you turn around and accept only truth can lead: you all, refused; shouting “money, money, money”! lies always fail, if not in this world, eternity will make you pay.

That leaves us with this: you will be angry with me, because you believe the lies could have gone farther, “nobody needed to know”. But that is not reality, and reality will always prove the lies died because you chose to hide your truth behind them/ the more you do, the worse your consequences will be. Simple as that. Nonetheless, this is humanity I write about; and humanity always says:  “it’s his fault/ their fault, certainly anyone but my fault; because I just wanted what I wanted/ NOW AIN’T that my right”. Alas you stole from life, planet, and the future to get what you wanted, demanding “I will pay later”; and then absolutely refused to do so. So here we are, at the collapse of everything wonderful about this planet and its living existence. The question is: will you murder me? The answer is, “not right away, if you accept: they really could make this earth a sun”; etcetera. So maybe not, but likely so: because after a moment or two of thanks for that, comes the truth, your world has to change to survive/ and you don’t want that. That circle of influence, in the mind drives people insane. Whether you survive it, is unlikely, since many “want hate, just as much as power”. And of course, it only takes one predator, to kill a life.

Regardless, I did my job; even though when I was young, I honestly did expect this CAN’T possibly take more than ten years of my life. Wrong again, it wasn’t that you didn’t know/ it was, that you didn’t care! And no amount of “anything” could change your mind; not even, the truth “your universities are trying to ignite atoms on fire”. Nope, not a single one helped, without being paid; to any degree. Just more ridicule.

Beyond that, it is hard to say for me. I truly do not know.

But it is not hard to say for you: what you choose deliberately accepting truth must decide for us, will keep you alive;  if you then do it. If you refuse to fight for life/ or then deliberately turn away from what must be done to keep this earth and its nature from dying; will become your grave. By whatever horror you chose to keep.

I expect to leave this work soon, but I will remind you of this simple truth: that my own journey into stopping extreme threats, began with the Cuban missile crisis, when I learned, “there were a tiny few people, who could not only threaten, but destroy my whole world”. I asked of  GOD:  if you will save us, I will devote my life to removing these threats. The journey has been long, but the reality remains today enlarged to numerous extreme threats that can destroy our whole world. It is no game. But if you will not care enough to do the best you can, for life; with all the tools required within your reach. Then why should I care any more? life or death, has become our choice/ because     humanity is the threat, and therefore, the solution!

As to me, the spiritual world has kept me distant from others; as my own need to learn was immense. It is my joy, to be included in this work. It is my sorrow, that because of what humanity has chosen; we may go extinct! Either way, I cannot save you; so the rest is up to you, each and every one.

You (humanity itself) are the problem, therefore you are the solution.

       It is of value to admit, although I loved being strictly male; it was not enough to find the balance necessary, to identify a path forward. The answer of men is war, when push nor shove will work. The answer of women is basically “keep on talking (even more so)”; a reality that honestly is all we have left as a world. Major war will destroy this earth forever, nor will it end population concerns as “kill a billion people” and that number will all be back within a decade. Solves nothing; the answer, is then found in women, who are “the builders of new life on earth”. NOT a choice for men, only for women: so says  GOD ! Without balance there is no future for life on earth. Without female, there is no true balance for men/ but without men there is no true balance for women either: we are forever joined. Like it or not, is completely irrelevant; and in fact it will be female that makes the major decisions from now on. Because men inevitably turn to war: many like, “no law for me, I can be god over you.”

 Be happy, because that is “the future” we must embrace; or we die, as a planet. Be happy, because it makes us free to experience life rather than death as is a body which will die. Life is participation with energy, that critical energy is not from chemistry. Eternity is the ability to sustain control over that energy which gives you life, even beyond containment as a body bound by time. To do that requires thought, and the first step is:  thought consists of the dimensional existence called truth. Therefore truth is the path, and it points to you, through the spiritual doors, that are your most hoped for desires, values, and love. Or it simply discards you as hate! A door is, the elemental rise, of everything truth will let you be, OR, require you to be; beyond that barrier. It is no game! If you survive it as truth, the next step is eternity. Either as the identity you chose, or fell into; because need pushed, and reality inside your soul demanded: life needs this.

       You of course have trophies to collect, demands to make them slaves, cause them trouble too, or a need to prove I am superior to them all or some as is (me, me, me/ mine, mine, mine);  “human history simplified”.

       Unfortunately for you, that is over; as this earth, nor its life, can tolerate that no more.


       This is a choice, you have come to the edge of extinction; and if you will not back away completely and forever/ you will fall over that edge, and “go to hell” by all its potential for terror.

 The alternative is, be happy, be loving, be forgiving and respectful; cherish the time earth gives to you, and appreciate the potential that is:   GOD INVITES US, to know what true love is. A reality that includes eternal life with love, as your intimate soul.

Oddly enough, the vast majority of humanity refuse to make this choice; and intend to continue their plundering ways. Because they say: WHERE is the proof, I only have this one chance to get EVERYTHING I can get!

That of course is a statement that lacks love entirely. Without love, eternity is only horror and hades. So the critical question is: WHY will you not love, and accept the miracles life is, as evidence of more than we can imagine. WHY, will you look at the story of JESUS, and conceive of “we have not been abandoned, or forgotten”? Every heartbeat is a gift, and you know it. Every body of life is an evidence of love by design; even though human corruption of the process, has crept in. NATURE is no accident/ but by their own design, men are wanting to play god, and women want men “to be somebody”. So they take risks. Unfortunately the risks most prevalent in this day of extreme competition is: we can play god. NO, you can’t/ YOU can only play “devil”. And then of course, you blame the others; or god!

Love is, the intensity of life without play; an existence which proves not only respect, but the desire between us both, that I desire your happiness, and I live to bring you peace through joy. As best, we can.

The final words are consistent with this:  your games are over, because nature cannot overtake what you do to it, anymore. Either choose for life, and insist upon that reality for our world, and it’s every life; or you die soon. And forever! What you have done, as a world; cannot go on! Simple as that. 

YOU CANNOT; survive a nuclear fire, or extinguish it; and you know it.

YOU CANNOT; restore nature, once you have damaged it beyond recognition, and that takes only one slight mistake in “university lingo”.  And you know it.

YOU CANNOT; survive without resources, the garbage dump will not suffice. And you know it.

YOU CANNOT; destroying the chains of life, destroys you too. And you know it.

YOU CANNOT; grow as a human population beyond this point, the consequences are literally HORRENDOUS. The list is very long, and you know this will become true.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  IS, to investigate reality itself, to determine exactly what is true/ what the consequences for being wrong are/ what our options as a human world can be; and let truth decide, if this world can be saved by humanity. If not, the end will come quickly now. Because that, is the decision your leaders have made. That is the road humanity itself, took to get to the edge of our own extinction.

People will say, “we are doing great” nothing will go wrong: this is all A LIE; SOME, will add he should die for it! Because facing their own reality means: you too, must accept change; for life to remain on earth. They figure to die, before tragedy comes. It won’t be so, for the vast majority; reality itself, proves that is true. Got all the food you want? A billion hungry/ fertilizers will end/ ocean depleted/ your corn crop genetics, depends upon one single strain of genetic materials for “the female plant”” (and every plant in the field not for seed sale, is sterile; along with a lot of other food plants)/ poison everywhere/ Urban sprawl is unending/ the Ogahalla aquifer (ended the dust bowl) is nearly dry/ Aquifers near all large cities going dry: MUCH MORE! Gee what could go wrong?

But that is not true. WHAT I AM telling you to do is:  INVESTIGATE AND PROVE what is true, before it is too late to change catastrophe, or turn back extinction. Simply go to court, and prove what are the consequences of being wrong; the reality of risk by its own truth. Simple as that. Understanding as in the case of “burning plasma”; being wrong is our earth becomes just like the sun (no place for you)! How is that not sufficient cause for understanding WHAT IS TRUE, about a proven threat. Then make your own decision, for life; or not!

If you cannot find a moment, which identifies life as more than: “what you want or don’t want/ or even winner or loser”. Then you do deserve to die, and reality will prove that is true. 8 billion temper tantrums, won’t change reality. This is like, what religious belief cannot be: “just because you want something to be true”, has absolutely no effect on that truth. Religion is, “I will believe whatever I want anyway”! Reality however is, whatever truth actually is. The power of belief is, “we don’t care, about truth, our belief is all that matters”. The same is true for this moment in the history of this earth: what you want, has absolutely no effect on the truth of our reality. What you believe will not keep this earth alive. What is critically true decides. Disrespect for   GOD  ,IS rampant;  how is that your “savior”?    GOD, is not your slave or servant:  HE, decides for HIMSELF. Are you NOT, killing HIS ENTIRE creation? Indeed you are, causing extinction for endless variations of HIS work. I suggest you stop that, before you believe “no real consequences will be allowed” for all the BAD decisions that you, and your gods at university, have made.

If you do accept (ALL) LIFE, as nature provided, COMES FIRST for this planet. THEN you literally demand humanity itself must change, and that includes you! Want is dead, truth decides. Simple as that.

The fundamental change needed is: we shall become friends, with life, humanity, self, other living things, and even this world. Respect follows.

 GOD will notice, either way! No second chances & no mercy for discarding life itself or planet. Majority rules! No religious excuses: every threat but one, is entirely human caused. You have a brain, and that means you are making your own decision. That means change yourselves, or not:  is your answer.    GOD’S demand,   GET RESPECT, or die!

This is life or death for a world, and I accept it as true:  these particular statements regarding   “  OUR CREATOR”  shall prove true; because we do face extinction, even though you hide. There is no place to run, our entire world, is at the cross roads! Go investigate, and prove what reality knows!




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