Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass). Fusion has the potential to provide the kind of baseload energy needed to provide electricity to our cities and our industries.

With ten times the plasma volume of the largest machine operating today, the ITER Tokamak will be a unique experimental tool, capable of longer plasmas and better confinement. The machine has been designed specifically to:

1) Produce 500 MW of fusion power for pulses of 400 s

3) Achieve a deuterium-tritium plasma in which the reaction is sustained through internal heating

Fusion research today is at the threshold of exploring a burning plasma. In a burning plasma, the energy of the helium nuclei produced when hydrogen isotopes fuse becomes large enough—because of the large number of reactions—to exceed the plasma heating that is injected from external sources. As the first such burning plasma device in the world, ITER will offer scientists a unique opportunity to chart new territory in controlled nuclear fusion.

 From me,   a ten million degree F,  fire (ignition); will create its own plasma. Just like the sun!

the assertions of “perfectly safe”; arise from the idea there is not enough gravity to sustain the fire here on earth. A reality that cannot be proven true, until that fire ignites;  and then fails to “put itself out” at 4 MILLION TIMES the heat of a forest fire.   You can’t control a forest fire!

   From me, there is no such thing as fusion or the combining of atomic elements to change their atomic structure from one element into another element entirely or by any other method. That is absurd!

           Environmental atomic structure is based upon proton spin at speeds  which are sustained by the realities of separation that the spin achieves.

           YOU CANNOT create another proton, by simply inject that proton onto a spinning internal atomic proton: by attacking the structure itself.  OR by trying to insert more mass into or onto something spinning at roughly the speed of light squared.

             Instead, what they can do, is cause such a frictional destabilization of the atomic environment  by disrupting the spin.  That then causes the energy contained as atomic, to be released over time as is FIRE.  THE RESULT OF THAT, Which uses atoms for fuel, is a fire just like on the sun: which is NO FANTASY. nor is it a delusion which allows for anything less than:   this entire earth is fuel for that fire, just like the sun. Each of my claims are a proven reality. Each of their claims is nothing more than fantasy or delusion: the story of lies;  which can be called “SATAN (destroyer of a world)”. 

IF THE SUN MADE HELIUM, with every BTU that it released/ THEN WHERE IS THE HELIUM? It should be, one of the most abundant elements in this universe/ it is rare! They claim to be “fusing” sustainable mass (helium, can be found)/ NOT tearing mass apart, as is the true reality of the sun, and by its radiation. Tearing mass apart, removes the atomic environment of spin: trims the neutron dark energy, which sustains the mass off, as gravity/ and lets the base building block of this universe go free; until it reaches the fire. Where reality knows, it will crumble into the smallest debris possible, by removing the kinetic energy as fire. Very similar to a chemical fire which does the same, at a different energy level, to molecules.

  There is no going back from ignition of atoms on fire. The gravity caused by the sun arises from the fire itself, as the energy which causes the spin to be contained is released, that is solar gravity.  While the opposite kinetic energy is released, as heat.

This is a gamble with our entire earth, and even the solar system itself. WRONG MEANS WE BURN, the whole planet. There are NO SECOND CHANCES/ because the fire or energy release or so called fusion, cannot be extinguished. Ignition therefore occurs only once, if it fails to extinguish itself, and it will. Then the million mile long flames (so say scientists), just like the sun:  will rise past the moon 4 times higher/ the atmosphere of earth will be thrown into space/ and everything on earth WILL be sucked into the flame. THAT IS the price of being WRONG!  

  How, can you believe the sun is made of hydrogen, when all they can prove is “AN ASH CLOUD” escaping from nuclear fire?




          I remind you: that every theory (this is what we believe), is nothing more than a religion. A doctorate means, a tiny group says:  “we find this person has memorized and will mimic exactly what we have demanded:  he or she has been told to think, or believe.” Therefore, they can be “priests of our cult”! 

         I remind this world:  that your university scientists say, “they don’t have to control an energy release, that is “four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas”.  It will just extinguish itself, “not enough gravity here”!

Or, radiation that will kill us, without ozone, from 94 million miles away: is right here unleashed.

         Or refuse to admit: once 4 million times more energy is released in their containment vessel/ they no longer have control over anything! That means a candle flame: would become enough heat, to incinerate you at 150 feet away. ITER plans for  using 50 million watts, to initiate.

OUR WORLD, SHOULD NOT DIE, for fools.   Stop the insanity!  NO GOING BACK.

          And then of course we have:   the geneticists who claim, “we DON’T have to worry about NOTHING we do”/ cause evolution will fix every mutilation into another life form for us: why “Isn’t it exciting” to wait and see.

Evolution just like fusion, is a fool’s paradise!   Or more simply “chaos built it all, without so much as a brain, a tool, or a possibility for life without saying  “over billions of years”.  It’s called a disease of the mind! Their demand is of course: that life doesn’t need any boundary, balance, order, discipline, thought, function, awareness,  or anything else, “it just went POOF, here I am: without a brain”. By simply picking things off the store shelf, and just adding them on, without even a tool or any other reality known to be required, or we die. “life never finds a way/ life lives within the specific  species boundaries required, or it dies”.

 To know “life exists”, is the beginning. Which does imply thought comes first.  Not the chicken or the egg: thought comes first to design, and then build, with what is available and can be used.

Wrapped in the devil of arrogance (I am god, here), they both seek complete annihilation of life on earth.  How is that not so?

Can you build 206 individual unique bones for a human body, put them into place, and keep everything lined up as they grow by many times over? Can you wrap and tie over 600 muscle strands in order, and let them grow many times over? Can you throw a few trillion “bits and pieces” into a brain, and make it work? Can you make skin cover a body, and stretch or repair itself? Can you make “touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, movement, or identity”?  can you keep yourself from dying, by deliberately operating the “utility systems” that are required by your body:  heating, electrical, fuel, waste, telecommunications, immunization; and all the rest? NO, you can’t do any of it! Instead, you can be an ARROGANT DISEASE RIDDEN FOOL; and claim it don’t matter/ cause you, “are going to believe anything you want”. Simple as that/  “as university knows everything”;  establishing for humanity, “truth don’t matter”. Yet: Evolution is the accepted religion of this USA.

Taught in every school, as “the gospel truth”/ without a shred of evidence other than: the body of life will adapt, when it must/ if it can! That is merely the sign of “perfect design”/ the evidence of thought came first. The reality “every part, every piece is a miracle”: is true!



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