WANT, is a terrible thing; the foundation of every lie. PRIDE is an enemy, because it will never surrender the truth; as that means, no pride (we are the winners) will be left.

“lets summarize” the reality of “scientific fusion”. The value is: they want to create unlimited heat, without the environmental damage or pollution that is fossil fuels. In addition: unless the current reality of human fuel usage can be changed; everything the universities have championed, and led this world to be; must change instead. Simple as that/ and the only possible means of doing so has become: “we need the same fire here as on the sun”. So the theory, that makes that fire possible as is assumed to be controllable: becomes called fusion. Because unless you can control it/ the world dies once upon ignition. For the last fifty years or so: physicists have gained their power/ notoriety / money, pride, and position/ opportunities to build their toys, and pretend they can be gods/ and assumed “we will find a way”. Convincing governments to spend trillions of dollars on this singular concept: that there are conditions “only fantasies” can prove on the sun/ which will keep that fire from consuming us. Such as “there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire: so it will just extinguish itself”. Such as: “the core of the sun is made out of materials that are roughly fifteen times bigger than any element known to man”. Such as: “you can combine the nucleus of atoms/ to make a bigger one: with heat”. Such as: “the core of the sun makes that heat, because it must contain a much (15 times more) denser element, than anything proven to exist. In order to produce solar gravity.” And yet they claim the sun is made almost entirely out of hydrogen: lightest known gas. And they claim it is the making of helium that releases all the energy: yet no helium in any concentration of note is seen coming from the sun. These are the base expressions. They leave out, “the pollution” as is; all consideration of the radiation in evidence from the sun: as is lethal from 91+ million miles away.

IN CONTRAST TO THOSE CLAIMS; is the concentration of reality that disproves every theory/ and recognizes ignition will mean the end of this planet called earth. Because unlike the fantasy of fusion; the nuclear fire that does exist using the sun mass for fuel/ is real. Unlike the assertion of a one hundred and fifty million degree core; that is “fantasy dense”. The reality of a hot core is/ a core without density; as the heat requires room/ as turbulence caused, with expand with radiation to make room [pushing out/not pulling in]; thereby spreading mass apart. When all the fuel is on fire, the fire burns out quickly; even a nuclear fire; because energy emitted literally means: consumption of the cause creating that energy, has occurred. The list is long. Being wrong ends with this earth on fire just like the sun: because everything is fuel for an atomic fire (it burns atoms).

The reality of density is: “to remove space”. In contrast to their prediction that bigger “nucleus” means more dense/ reality does prove that wrong too. In conception: there is no base level difference in composition, which forms the mass of an atom. Instead elements exist according to size, actual distribution of the mass in particle dimension, and how the neutron interacts. Without spin there is no method to contain energy in an atom. The atomic bomb, by energy release, illustrates “the spin is beyond the speed of light”. Without an internal pull against that momentum, it would be impossible to retain any energy in motion. Making the assertion that they can simply insert more mass to make a different nucleus: absolutely impossible. The sun burns the atom, by “rubbing it, to create friction”. That specific method will not be dealt with here.

As is consistent with the general relativity of things: the atomic nucleus can be compared to the earth and its moon. The same basic speed of association between the two, can be applied to achieve a result. It is worth noting again: that the einstein theory of E=MCsq is merely a rewrite to the formula for kinetic energy; which is E=M X SPEED. Or the difference is, einstein replaced speed with a constant. “not a great difference”. In other words: just because something happened, does not mean you should depend upon it as law.

The correct atomic profile is: a spinning mass (kinetic, proton energy) surrounded and enclosed by a neutron (dark opposite energy pulling inward): with electrons circling that pass through the center axis core of the proton. The electrons that pass through the spinning axis of the proton create and keep open “a door” through the neutron by which incremental amounts of physical energy escape: establishing time. These axis electrons govern the others that provide a molecular bond: as it passes through the nucleus. This also governs the spin which maintains and stabilizes bonding electrons. Electron Spin is governed, in the axis tunnel as the electron passes through the spinning proton. Electron orbit is governed as a result of spin impacting the mass amount of electrons, in full orbit; that can be sourced in and out (shared) as an orbit around the whole of one or more nucleus, that then produces “the element”. Orbiting electrons, are the source of electricity/ the spin is a source of magnetism. The spin coming out (positive) of the axis core is greater than the spin going in (negative). Differences in “neutron wrap/ atomic environment, surrounding dimensional shapes” ; alter and shape the axis doors (how much kinetic energy is available at any given time)/ which does result in elemental differences.

We can shape this environment: with the following description. The axis electron goes through the spinning proton core with an orbit similar to the shape of a capital “D”. That fact does two distinct things: because of centrifugal force: the straight line through the core is slightly elongated to rub the core when agitated producing kinetic heat. And the sharp turn at either end of the straight line through the core causes a fundamental shift in the orbiting electrons which is the component called electricity. Having given you these conditions of atomic reality: I AGAIN REMIND YOU, that those who present fantasies, and explain to you that they know they can “play with the same fire” here as is on the sun. ARE IN FACT PLANNING YOUR EXTINCTION. Stop them or die in HELL. This is not a game, they will ignite that fire; unless you change this direction.

There are many other considerations as well; but as the past four decades have proven: you are incapable of details/ and blindly go, wherever the least resistance to whatever you want exists. There is no purpose in going into details. If you believe that is my excuse, my failing to address your need to know: then purchase the book

(building time; secrets of the atom: kindle books) I wrote to dispense with that. NOT because I want money/ but because you have to commit something, thereby making it harder for you to turn back, from truth. an electronic version is still available at no cost. contrary to your expectations, I have nothing to gain here but leadership/ and I don’t lead: make your own decision.

The one critical truth associated with my own work is: THAT HUMANITY DESERVES TO UNDERSTAND THE ONE FOUNDATION ELEMENT OF THIS RESEARCH. Which is, to be wrong in the slightest manner: when playing with the same fire as is on the sun. RESULTS IN THE SAME FIRE BEING IGNITED HERE ON EARTH. Ask them if they know everything about how to contain and control a forest fire? A fire, THEY ARE trying to ignite, by their own estimates IS: 4 million times greater than that. If they DON’T know that much, HOW WRONG can they be?  Unlike the constant that is “university technique”; they don’t have millions of times to “try this out”. THEY HAVE ONLY ONE TIME, to experiment; because if the fire does not extinguish itself; life on earth is over!

It is the fire itself, that releases solar gravity; when an atom is torn apart.

The FOUNDATION TRUTH then is: once ignition has been achieved/ if everything does not go perfectly; every living thing dies in fire. HELL is born!

This reality of their fusion research is: plain and simple, gambling with every life, every future life, the planet itself, and even the solar system; as the addition of another sun (the earth) will prove.

I will add an opposing theory to their work: the fundamentals of mass are, “the originating reality called the building block of an atom; as is the proton”. Had to originate from a condensate in abundance, before this universe was established. Where there was nothing but darkness: the question is, “why was it dark”? The answer becomes: within the darkness, there are “blocking particles”/ to keep the light from shining through. When those particles “condensed, from the darkness into the building block of mass”. What is light, could then shine through, to a far greater distance in time. The building block of mass, was gathered into one distinct dimension, and the reality called a big bang originated from there. The essence of light, is a far greater identity of structure; that will not be discussed.

EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET DESERVES A VOTE: if their science is worth risking our whole world?  NO going back:  a one time only experiment upon ignition.

In accordance with that demand: lawsuits have been established; only to be denied because the core of human leadership wants what it wants, and refuses to believe the universities could be wrong. After all, that “would make them look bad too”/ and they don’t want that. Hidden behind closed doors, “the law does not exist”/ only power, want, and pride.

EVEN SO: THE FOUNDATION OF DEMOCRACY IS, “that we all have legally guaranteed rights”; and among them is the clear and certain right to protect ourselves, our nature, our world, your children, our future from harm. THEREFORE TO DEMAND: THAT WE HAVE A RIGHT, TO UNDERSTAND AS BEST WE CAN; THE REALITIES OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG, in an experiment that can destroy our world.

Or more distinctly: we have a right to stop an experiment/ so that the validity of science can be assessed in a court of law, “to prove as best we can”. Exactly what the possibilities of being WRONG are. To decide as humanity on earth, if we let them proceed. THIS IS OUR WORLD/ it is not simply there’s to play with/ gamble with/ or destroy, because they want to play god.

OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE, even our everything. WE DESERVE OUR SAY, BY OUR VOTE, as a world.

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Jim Osterbur