The realities of relationship; foundations that live or die.

Relationship means: we have decided together, to believe, and to agree; that we are more friends than enemy. The binding of trust (you are as important to me/ as I am to you) establishes that, by expressing an interest in each other’s life, and building with time, the participation of equal value, that is true. We earn the right to accept: I can depend upon you/ and you on me. Family exists within those words; and extends to the people who belong to the same purpose of living; as the desire called love.

LOVE is an ascension of trust! It is little more, and it cannot be much less, than a critical beginning that will not occur without truth. Therefore truth is the essential ingredient in all that can be love. There is no trust without truth, and without trust we cannot be bound together as one. Without trust that is identified by truth, an open heart will not exist for long. Without an open heart, the very essence of love which is soul cannot be released; to cherish each other, as the blessing we can be, when our world, our everything important, is shared among those who care.

Each of the connecting anchors, is then needed to achieve and keep a relationship that will be valued. To assemble the relationship that is life joined as, equal for each one.

Repeating, those anchors are:

  1. A decision, to live within the framework of friends/ which does require time and a close enough distance, “by heart”; never to forget.
  2. A desire, to understand the framework of friendship is the acceptance of disciplines that make the purposes in living, to be as friends “without a flaw”.
  3. The binding, of both time and participation which shares the security of both me and you as equals.
  4. The value of an orderly life, which grants with certainty, that I can depend upon you; when there is a need/ a reality defined by honesty which lives within truth.
  5. Family understands, we balance each others lives, so that when one falls, another is there to pick them up. To gain with respect, the value of forgiveness, along with the presence of time without judgment. That I, “may become I” once again.
  6. Love is the passage between “you and me”/ the place where hearts meet. The home, where we both commit equally, in these moments “separated from the rest”: that nothing is more important than the sacred meaning of “us”. Where distance has no further meaning; at least for now.
  7. Truth is, at its core essence, the embodiment of purity. What is true, and functionally pure enough to establish the value of this existence is a law we can depend upon. Grants the foundation of life itself: that we know, and understand, the essence of our future as one. Because this truth exists in us.
  8. Heart then begins, as is the rhythmic translation of a decision, “to meet as friends/ but achieve as lovers between male and female, the critical values of soul.”
  9. lover means: without reservation, “we are, the essence of freedom shared/ granting to each other, not only caring; but the value of our lives, as the destiny our souls can define”.
  10. Freedom lives or dies in the creation of discipline/ as without order quickly becomes chaos instead of joy. The demonstration of freedom is then limited by order, to the balancing of what does or does not have value to life. Freedom gives joy. But chaos takes that joy away. Consequently only truth must decide.
  11. Joy constructs a definition of trust, that cannot be undone. It is therefore a destiny within the law; as what is universal law, can never be wrong. The essence of a value without question arises to grant complete freedom, “the rise of love without restraint”, within its bounds.
  12. Destiny is then the construction of law, by the understanding of purity, as created in truth. Where purity lacks the functional reality of barriers to all other things un-pure: there must be rules. Because rules where a minimum can suffice; give life the option to continue, its journey. To establish the foundations, that are eternal: and identify those who can survive.

Within our journey as humans on earth, it is likely “few, will ever know the values purity can provide”. Because that has nothing to do “with the others”/ and it does have everything to do with you. What you choose to do, or not do: determines the purity of your heart. The purity of your heart decides, whether soul can be known by you; whether love at its core essence, will ever be shared by you. The place eternity will provide for you. All of it is determined by the values you choose for, and live as; your life.

You should always remember, as do I: that mercy is the acceptance of a life that is not pure enough, to continue as it is. Mercy is a door, to the world in which you can achieve happiness; as you are. The distance between true joy, and eternity itself: resides as a second chance. To discover, in your own ability as a decision: to fully trust GOD. In a place, that is not simply “free”. As to realities of life and living: by granting we are indeed miracles who simply exist as a gift we received called time. The possibilities of what can or cannot be: are erased by trust. That is not belief (whatever I want). That is by the law of what is true, a life that lives within truth can begin a new journey. Not as body, but as life itself separated and contained within thought. The essence of every freedom, that could be known.

The question is then energy. Or more distinctly, how does thought contain itself/ how does energy become “my own”?

Thought contains itself as an identity defined by truth. Energy distributes itself, according to the participants within which it exists. Choose wisely.

In the lesser elements of time, there are some simple rules of procedure, which then aid and abet the values of every relationship.

  1. Do not judge/ listen, and then decide within the reality of each situation, if you can or will honestly contribute anything.
  2. Do not measure: as is consistent with pride. No game, or its trophy; takes precedence over a life.
  3. Do not jump in and make a decision for someone else/ even when you are certain you can do better. Each must live the life, they choose, and accept the fate or destiny they have formed. Do not let them blame you, by making their decision.
  4. Require participation; it is the basis of every opportunity called friendship. “pull them in”, with equal acceptance, as a life same as us.
  5. Want (I,I,I…..) is the foundation of every lie; remove it from your life. Live equal.
  6. Power is the opportunity to make other lives cry. Its only real value is as a herd; but that requires the assembly of “animals” instead of independent thinking. Real power is truth, “we are the life, we were intended to be”; find it, and change the world where needed.
  7. Selfishness rises or falls, dependent upon whether you must make the decision or not. To belong to life, as a value that must not be broken: each will make their own.
  8. There are lesser rules as well
    1. Do not assume something is abandoned, just because it has been set aside.

    2. Do not assume ownership, just because you are family; that is what children do.

    3. Do not disrespect (you are not valuable to me) each other, or fall into the traps that play games with, or ridicule someone else’s life.

    4. Cherish the time, it is our most significant expression of self; as defined according to what you spend your time on. Possessions have very limited value, unless it keeps you alive.

    5. Every child is a gift, the beginning of what we can each be, to the other.

    6. Every death is a moment of reflection that determines your own measurement of value, they did or did not represent.

    7. Life is not a game, these are the steps you take toward eternity.

    8. Nothing is truly abundant anymore, other than sunshine and sea water. Beware of what you do, as it impacts the potential of much more than you see.

    9. Without peace, there will be war. The difference is justice, respect for reality, the dignity of your own contribution, and the value we place on life, the environment we need, and the chains of our existence as does nature provide.

    10. Discipline brings knowledge/ order presents the steps that lead to understanding/ balance provides the opportunity to change what can be changed; as is consistent with wisdom.

    11. The stories of men and their universities; hold numerous lies, deception, and failure/ as the primary input is the fantasies in their mind.

    12. The essence of religion is “GOD” / but unfortunately, the reality of religion is a maze of everything they want; instead of a limited sacred respect for what we can prove is true. The miracle of life and environment; establishes two truths, that are irrefutable. The miracle of nature is sacred (don’t touch this). Which means, the reality of university: wants to be god instead of life. So they construct lies, set out to destroy the evidence of reality, and control the conversation by mutilating nature, planet, and purposes beyond themselves.

    13. The rules of marriage are:

      1. Never lie. It destroys trust, and that is your bond/ your relationship shared, because you have proven to care.

      2. Always respect each other, and dignify your relationship: by understanding, what is my honest right to choose for myself/ CANNOT be undermined by you choosing for me. Without damage to our marriage.

      3. Do not manipulate, tempt, or control: these establish your decision that what you want for yourself/ is more important than my own decision for us or me. That is unfair.

      4. DO remember that time is the essence of our experience, and our relationship here on earth. Without time, there is no relationship, other than as a memory.

      5. Sex is a reality that blends life and body, with our own expressions toward each other. With sex we are joined in the treasury we create for ourselves, because we cared, and because we shared the experience without lust or greed. Given to each other with respect and dignity.

      6. The decisions that we must share, because they do affect us equally as a participation in this world: cannot be done alone. There is however only one good solution: let what is true decide, so that the outcome can be as predictable as possible/ without a surprise.

      7. The elemental decision that is religion, becomes a value to those who find it/ and must not be discarded or disgraced. Because it is “my right” to express or experience the validity of my own decision: that is to determine what like can or cannot be when I die. This is “for an eternity”/ join if you wish, but do not interfere! You may testify as to your own reality of decision.

      In terms of children, there are only three rules

      1. teach them what they need to know, that they may learn how to begin their lives without you/ and among the others, who will not care enough.

      2. Listen to your child, and teach them to listen to you as well: or they will leave you and few return for any length of time. Be fair/ be equal/ be kind: just as you expect them to be as well. Let there be honesty, let there be “our reality” even if it is not “as equal” as others have to share. Life is equal/ reality is not the same.

      3. Do not let your child interfere with your marriage/ your decision/ or the work that must be done> survival comes first. Anything less, will be regretted. It is your job to say no. Just as it is your job in marriage to say no, when reality demands it must be so. Protect the future/ but don’t try to control it: life has its own ways.

      in terms of teenagers, there are three rules as well.

      1. Do not judge, which means to measure your child or another. It is not your job. It is your job to instruct the reality of any situation, and identify the critical steps, and the fundamental values; that people need to take in order to predict, and protect the outcome of their own decisions.

      2. Do not interfere! Every young adult is required to build their own future. To do so means they must make decisions, that educate them in the more demanding realities of life and place, that will soon come. They need the body and mind to be prepared. They need lessons on how to behave and prosper with what they do have.

      3. The consequence of sex is: a reality all its own. You cannot dictate what nor when that will begin. But you can identify, or testify to the lessons you have learned. You can shape the future somewhat, with birth control; as best you can/ because they will make their own decision. They will be lied too. They will be tempted, manipulated, and controlled at some point/ and maybe worse: so the question is, “what CAN you do then”. Because when caught in a trap, the first instinct for many is to hide. That will NOT solve anything.


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