Defining the moment, that changes our world.

More critical than the reality of evidence, is the active bias against all things “we don’t want”. The reactive bias against all things, “we won’t accept”. The foundations upon which belief (the bias of I am right), identifies “what we do want”. The consumption of what it will mean to me: if I lose the ability to attain or deny the realities which “give me what I want”. And the relationship of superiority, which then allows me to avoid, accept, or destroy whatever information, we then choose to govern our world by.

Throughout my time on earth, one of the primary constants have been: reality only matters to people, when they have no other choice; but to accept “this matters”. Everything else is avoided as long as possible: for the sake of selfishness, pride, power, greed, lust, hate, and so on. Those few who deliberately, and honestly seek and live for love, are the exception/ not the rule.

Instead the majority conceive of either “predator or prey”; as the opportunities of their life. So then we must consider the evidence, and ask why? What are the barriers, to becoming “human: a thinking reflection, of the values which gave us life itself”.

The first barrier is: “I want to be free”/ NOT indebted for the life I have received. The reality of a “two year old child” that otherwise believes he or she, is safe. The first step beyond the barrier into thought, is then to accept life has a price/ but it is not your freedom, it is your future. The value of that future is determined by your relationship with the evidence of our existence. A reality that is absolutely certified: by the miracles of all things living, upon this miracle called earth. If you never pass beyond the predator; which has become “university evolution” and other university methods to harness and control their prey: you fail, your own life.

The freedom to choose is then: either for, chaos or discipline/ which is fundamentally tied too: “love or hate”. The value of love exponentially an expansion beyond yourself, even beyond this world, where creation forms destiny. OR, as is hate, the critical enclosure that brings all things into the prison of self, and identifies everything else as either predator or prey, to me or what I want. Hate then strives to destroy it, by whatever means possible.

The second barrier is: WANT itself! As want is the foundation of every lie. Want is then used by selfishness, to form a vast amount of barriers erected to hold out, all forms of evidence or reality that would cause you to accept anything you do not choose to want. With want (I, and what I demand for me; is the only thing important here) in charge of everything; the values of “I” control the assertion of environment/ the definitions of living/ and the relationship everything has to me. Which elevates me” to playing god”. Therefore it is, my superiority.

The reality of love has no superiority, rather it exists as the equality of life itself grants the definition of same or other. Decides the question of respect, and conceives of the appointment called “sacred”.

The third barrier to life itself is: PRIDE. Because pride makes life and living a game to be won or lost. Where there is a game, reality is dismissed. Because reality does not play games with anything important. Pride makes a game out of everything unimportant, and claims these things are all that matters to living. This is then taught to children as the maze they must endure to survive. Depriving them of reality as the source of order in their lives/ the balance called “common sense” which gives to the educated, their ability to find and secure peace in their ascension to value.

The fourth barrier is POWER. Power is the intent of the predator, to form a herd/ thereby surrounding the “food supply”, with gates the prey cannot open. Power conceives of war, and war conceives of the right to murder, maim, and kill: because we must. Power is then the conception of the righteous, to control the others (not us/ them) by rules, rather than war. The herd destroys the human, because it allows no independent thought. While the predator destroys the herd, because they are its focus as a game to be played.

The fifth barrier, is SELFISHNESS! The very finite fence, that will prove, I have more power than you/ therefore I will steal, cheat, tempt, manipulate, control, lie, abuse, or use “you”; to obtain what I want. After all, I am the superior one, as is proven when I have gained, what you would not have given to me.

The sixth barrier is, LUST. As is the greed of wanting or taking the body you have, regardless of the life you are. Lust exemplifies the decision: that I have more value than do you. Therefore I can take whatever I want from you; and give you nothing in return. Lust uses sex to produce the effect: I have control/ you have none, as is proven “here and now”. Its only accessory is manipulation; “to make lust as sex; a game”. Instead of each life has value/ lust eliminates value, because what is judged worthless, can then be used or abused or even killed without regard for that life. Pedophilia is lust driven into the youth (they cannot defend against me/ therefore I win; I am god here), because of your fear, and your own failures.

The seventh barrier is DEATH. The valueless grave, that seeks out each individual participant; and makes them obey, the truth: your freedom is gone. Death separates life from body, which means: the home (body) which gave you existence/ has failed to survive. Therefore your existence is challenged with the possibilities of what can come next? That opens the door to imagination, and therefrom religion jumps forth.

We then question: the possibilities of existence/ the definitions of imagination/ and the realities of religion as to what conceives of truth by the evidence: instead of, what is want;

chosen with deliberate bias as the imagery we conceived to be desired, for myself.

The possibilities of existence are spiritual: “elementally defined, by and within the terms of Creation itself”. Or more distinctly: life entered our bodies to grant the freedom and individuality of movement (I can enforce my will/ my own decisions) and grace (I am an individual/ with my own choices). Therefore the body arose, without my knowledge or design: and the living did follow. Given that truth, the very essence of life itself is then separate from the body of humanity. Proven by the intensity of what, and how, the process and development of thought does explain. That leaves only energy, and the containment (identity) or release (decision) of that force; which then becomes our own invitation to join, “the living”.

The imagination is a development of past and present information, that is critical to the interweaving of conceptions not readily understood. Imagination reflects upon “the looking glass/ mirror”; and allows for seeing the image from both sides; if you are willing to be obedient to the law. That law is: accept nothing but truth; because in that truth, you may search the values that exist, within the journey that shapes truth itself. If you fail the law, what is left are merely hallucinations created by want.

Religion is the development of congregation: together we can decide, what we believe we want our future beyond death to be. Like all elements of a swindle: there must be some definable instances of truth, by which the herd will then comply. The herd does not survive eternity/ only an individual identity can do that. Consequently religion is like a garden: what can or cannot be is determined by what is actually true. Instead of what we the herd believe is true for us. Food grows in a garden, to sustain your life (if you weed it/ care for it); as such religion does participate in the basic definitions of our potential as life beyond time. But it is not “a ticket to ride”/ which means, you bought your way into eternity. You cannot! Instead, the careful and deliberate search for reality based truth, conceives of two separate possibilities: as is “love or hate”.

While the realities of LIFE ITSELF, identify both CREATOR AND CREATION; as the participation of a level in living, granted by thought: that is clearly, more than we can conceive of.

Those who have only apathy to this: mark themselves as an animal (we only want/ there is nothing else).

Those who hate apply themselves to being an enemy of life; as is trying to prove themselves as god: the taker of life, “so there”.

Those who love: search for the beginning. A path beyond themselves, which lives beyond time. Because we are grateful, and the essence of love as is the gift of life itself: passes beyond, all understanding. How could we not?

The spiritual dimension IS: separate from our own. The passage between them is governed by purity of purpose. Your ability to survive the experience is determined by the fundamental essence of your desire. Truth alone governs “creation by law”; therefore participation is governed by your acceptance of that law. Rather than the freedom to interfere or deny that law.

The critical development of time is: to prove the identity of who you desire to be. The critical development within the spiritual world is governed by “the doors” into which you will choose to go. It is not for the majority; as they fail to identify themselves with truth/ but it is an invitation, to those who prove themselves as a participant in law. A tragedy to those who do not accept law is life.

Doors refer to: an envelope of life! More distinctly once opened they “mail you, into the truth you seek”. Once opened, there is no way out; unless you understand the environment of discipline, the law itself requires of you. I have opened many doors; and learned. I have opened one door, and failed: which for the last thirteen years or so, has in fact changed me and my life here on earth/ perhaps eternally. That door was into the elemental truths of female! I simply needed to know, what man in time could not define: an honest way for life on earth to survive. I expected to understand; as we are equals, and similar in life. I did not expect severe differences that are NOT open to any male to understand; it is a different life/ I could not do it. Nonetheless, they had an answer: to male cannot keep this earth alive much longer. It was “let female try”/ and reality does prove they have a right, to try. The answer was my desire, NOT to invade or become “female”/ neither was envisioned as an outcome. Unfortunately, women have been trained by universities to “be male”/ not female; and they have betrayed themselves, for power, pride, and acceptance. Even though it is not in their best interest.

With regard to you, the humanity on this earth: the fundamental is, that we are surrounded by threats so severe, the evidence proves we will soon be extinct from this earth. That is a very serious matter; that you consistently hide from, by running away. It will not help you survive. Only accepting the responsibility to change what must be changed; can evade the certainty of extinction. What is female, needs to return to female: so that a different solution to our reality may present itself. This is the best men did do/ and after thousands of years of trying: the evidence they cannot change it by or of themselves, is certain.

My reality is apparently as mediator: as I cannot escape the impact of female on my life/ nor is it possible or desired, to escape the impact of male on my time. Which leaves me in the middle; but chained to; “a no man’s land”: that quite literally, has joined female to me. Reality insists, and has been proven true by the fact I failed to convince you to change: that “this spiritual woman inside of me” is now in charge. Earth is at stake/ every life, and every future life could be lost: there is (as has been proven to me) no possibility, I will return to being in charge.

That eliminates my impact on your future/ but conforms to the exception: with this world at the brink of death. The spiritual realities of our Creation have taken notice, and come to your aid. I am then a translator, or messenger to that purpose; and little more.

While you rampage, and ridicule; about how that cannot be. I simply remind you: go examine your threats, with truth/ identify your reality honestly so as to be certain/ understand the cost of being wrong/ and accept the disciplines that are required for the law which serves our world to remain intact. Thereby we, this life on earth, do survive.

The universities will manipulate; media will control; governments will mandate; religion will complain. BUT THE FOUNDATION OF THIS ENTIRE WORK, throughout its length is: that threats so severe/ and so extreme/ as have been created by “university knows”: ARE GOING TO MAKE US ALL EXTINCT. Leaving this last and final opportunity to understand what is wrong, by the evidence proven with truth: to change yourselves into what can survive, for life and planet. Instead of the literal human reality, that is killing our world.

I ONLY ASK YOU TO LEARN WHAT IS TRUE/ and then make decisions that will let life and planet survive this time of threat. YOUR FAILURE TO ACCEPT THAT CHALLENGE; can only be deterred by a continued cult worship of “the university is god”. In which case, by all forms of reality now in existence: you will be abandoned and discarded by GOD . So says the spiritual world to me. As does the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12. “the great abomination has rose” with the first experiment that could ignite sun fire on earth”. That occurred at lawrence livermore laboratories (one hundred and ninety two large lasers, all pointed on the same small spot: 180 million degrees/ at half a billion psi) in San Francisco April 1, 2012. by that prophecy, HELL begins July 9, 2019. Which is when my investment in, and support of these sites will end. Simple as that.

I AM NOT, the decision you will make/ I am merely the messenger: time will soon run out. The education I have received, the reality of investigation I have been allowed: are strictly for this purpose and no other. The consequence of being held within a female truth: has NOT been “fun”. It is, a reality of constant change; until such time as the ability for male and female to join for their own survival, has been achieved. The lessons are not “simple”/ and the tools required to learn, are not easy; as is the evidence of female tits on me. They are exceedingly “strange”; and without any obedience to me. It has not been an “easy life”/ but there have been rewards.

YOUR DECISION IS TO INVESTIGATE THE REALITY OF THREATS; THAT WILL MAKE THIS EARTH EXTINCT. Because those are the choices, your leaders have made/ the reality of money and time spent by your universities, to prove they can be god over life. The question: can you escape “your university worship, as a cult”?

the university cult says: that cannot be so/ and have made wild and unproven fantasies, to continue spending the trillions of dollars that these experiments cost. To maintain their power, and their pride. Even though the experiments at lawrence livermore laboratories have already proven that large portions of their primary fantasy is wrong. Unlike all other university endeavors: THEY CANNOT go back, and change the experiment to try something else! ONCE IGNITED, THE NUCLEAR FIRE THAT IS POWERING THE SUN, will never extinguish itself. That is the price of BEING WRONG.


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