too late

too late

There is, a singular moment in time and space, when the existence of life begins. But it does not continue, unless everything that is necessary for survival, exists with it. So that the realities of choice can survive, the freedoms of existence.

This is particularly true of nature, in its every form: as is known in countless ways/ for instance, drinking water is just one.

In biological terms, it is known today by the fact that countless biological functions and forms do not exist: unless there is “a billion to one, concentration of specific chemicals to trigger and control the reactions that build a body of life”/ that allow the formations which become critical to both thought and life.

Everything life needs/ everything biology must have: is being destroyed/ mutilated/ or changed in ways that will not support the existence of life on earth. That is not a guess, and you do know life and earth are under attack. Not a game, and it does not take a genius to find out we are in trouble, and facing extinction.

What the majority do not know: is exactly how dangerous our situation is. Because media keeps them calm, while university continues to destroy our very lives. Claiming fantasies and stories littered with lies and fabrications of imagination: are enough to play god/ and gamble with this entire world. It is not! The politician cannot see it, because they are inundated with lies created for themselves; as is the truth we are bankrupt, and every penny is counterfeit. A creation of claiming in America: that debts don’t matter/ and assets climb in value, 9 trillion dollars a year. Which equals $90,000.00 per each of one hundred million citizens / it just ain’t so.

Religion refuses to believe, because they gave themselves over to the universities to proclaim exactly what religion was or could be. Evolution took over most; and declared the university is god. They don’t want to be proven wrong; so they go “quiet as a mouse”/ sneaking in, instead of shouting GOD, IS CREATOR HERE.

Media is just the religious zealots of university religion shouting, as priest do: “they can’t be wrong”. While courts and policing are simply happy to maintain “their good lives”{ making certain not to jostle the boat }. which means to allow any university claim to be questioned for its reality/ NOT going to happen, so they say.

We then come to the public: the majority of which are so used to getting bribes (just don’t say nothing about reality)/ that they lost their minds. And fear with fervor, the consequences of truth.

That leaves only the few, who are largely scared to death: that they should become separated from the herd. The herd has little room for those who are not “the very same”/ and it is dangerous for a herd to be infiltrated with “unknown immigrants”. They won’t react or think like us. Life or death is then a choice: are you animal/ or are you human?

That is the perfect saying for university: while they call you animal, they don’t demand that you think. Instead they alone can “think”/ and you are required to obey; OR, they won’t give you any bribes. Which they make by counterfeiting our currency into oblivion. More simply: they give you lies/ in support of their lies/ so that you won’t stop them from lying. Simple as that. But more specifically: the demand to be human, extends from the need to stop the madness, BEFORE we go extinct. It is not a game/ even if the universities refuse to acknowledge the consequences of what they do. The realities, they simply throw away, to disguise their imagination rules their stories/ not truth itself.

The biggest examples of that are trying to ignite sun fire here: claiming they know what is inside the sun; “fantasy elements that cannot be proven to exist”. And a whole lot more, that is pure fiction.

Mutilating nature, as is changing DNA by inserting anything they can find: to watch the process of crucifixion as that life process begins to build whatever it must/ before it dies. To your shame for letting them.

Destroying every resource means: the children are dead/ no exceptions, no mercy: the future has been abandoned, for the ease of those who live today.

Destroying the planet means no life will survive/ thereby proving they can be gods. It is simply “god of death”/ not life, that you worship with a diploma.

The list is very long, and I find no value in constantly reminding you: BEYOND THE POINT OF NO RETURN, “when you cannot avoid the truth anymore”. There will be no mercy to rebuild/ or stop the realities of what was chosen from murdering everything on earth.

Last chances do exist, and we the world: are facing that extreme moment soon.

The bible says: it comes July 9, 2019. Waiting to see if its true: simply means your option to make a change is now over. You were too late!

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Jim Osterbur

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