We have come to the last few days, before biblical prophecy ends mercy. That fact identifies a critical truth, and is supported by the critical realities of threats we cannot survive. The curse of university knows; as has been the driving force behind all the primary human created threats we face: has kept you blind and deaf. Media propagation of “be calm/ be happy/ believe in your university gods”; has been a scourge, or a plague of foolishness/ while the courts have been proven criminal, traitor, and in support of world terrorism; instead of life or planet. The puppets of politics, are drowning in their own lies, and the public has been so overwhelmed with lies and failure: that they are afraid of their own shadow (the consequences of resurrecting reality). Which fundamentally describes “we live aboard a ship, with a thousand anchors driven in by university pride/ while the cult worshipers of “university knows” have been throwing in rocks; literally to sink this ship. Because they want to obey their religion as is “the university is our god”. The waters rise, and your time to drown comes soon. To your shame.

I am left with bribes, as the last resort to any influence over you. The price of your two primary demands: “make us rich/ and DON’T tell us what we don’t want to know”. As is you are bankrupt, without the slightest chance of recovery without beginning over completely. That is true for nearly all this world; as is easily seen in the world derivative market at over one quadrillion dollars: which is only the most outlandish, or visible lie; there are many more. And this world will end without true and significant immediate change/ your extinction is assured, without truth.

You are biased: because you want what you want/ and you don’t want what you don’t want; and that is all there is too it. Simple as that!

Unfortunately for you, and this entire world of life: reality does not care what you want/ it only reacts or acts according to its own truth. Which describes a state of chaos beyond anything this world has known before; will soon ignite every horrifying prophecy in the bible. While that speaks of religion: the horrifying realities it has predicted are not religious/ they are facts born out in our reality of time. Armageddon is “nature in chaos”/ and your geneticists are at war with nature, mutilating DNA as fast as they can. The Apocalypse “describes war so intense, it leaves blood flowing like a river”. That can easily be described when the water runs out/ as will clearly happen in countless ways; along with many other threats, and a world overflowing with people. HELL erupts, as is consistent with the ignition of the same fire as is on the sun/ here on earth. A nuclear fire that will not extinguish itself, or be controlled; end of this world by fire, was the prediction. And let us not forget “the rhapsody” : wherein some people go flying off into space. While they perceive it as a good thing/ the reality is: once a nuclear fire ignites, your universities say its a million mile long flame/ which WILL then suck humanity into that flame (your atoms are fuel), as it spews or consumes, the earth atmosphere into space. The list is long, violent, and horrendous: but hey, you got yours, by assassinating the entire future of life on earth/ what could go wrong? Why worry about eternity, HELL you paid your insurance bill “and got religion”; so you’re good; right.

For forty years +, I have listened to you scream at me: “you DON’T want to know nothing/ YOU want to be rich, and NOTHING else is going to matter”. Period! So here we are, with time running out, and every child/ every living thing, entirely dependent upon what you do, or refuse to do for life and planet. Your own life hanging by a literal threat; as this earth prepares to die from what you have done/ or failed to do, as is question the university decision, theories, etc.

Alas you just want what you want. And what you wanted is apparently: that women should become “landmines”/ that the majority of men should become slaves, to their debts/ that children should be abandoned and die, both inside and out/ that every living thing should become extinct/ that nations should be measured by their weapons of mass destruction/ media believed regardless of extreme bias/ people without a brain, discarding value should be leaders/ and life itself should be granted to the university diploma; because they are your gods. The future dead/ the planet itself, lost. Because that, is where you are: so says the evidence, which you can prove for yourselves.

No, I no longer provide endless “pieces of evidence” for you to go through: after forty years, we both know, truth and reality, don’t matter. YOU won’t believe anything you don’t want to believe: period. Not even for the sake of this entire world; as four decades do reveal. Doesn’t matter if I prove it. Doesn’t matter if the law fights with me as the evidence/ and I never lose a single legal argument: behind closed doors, only the whim of those in charge takes control. Because humanity never once joined the fight for life on earth. You want what you want: to hell with reality, is your scream!

Nonetheless, I have determined: that it is simply too sad, not to have any hope for you/ until the end. Therefore I will live as if there is a future; until the point of no return/ when you will stand at my door screaming “fix this”. And I will then tell you: IT IS TOO LATE, the end has come; and you will die instead. Because that is what you chose. You just didn’t care enough! Simple as that.

You do, have a few days left to make a difference/ but in reality: I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU PRAY TO GOD, at this time. Because literally nothing else can bridge the gap between what you should have been doing; and where we are at this time.

That is not a religious statement. It is simply a statement of reality: every miracle proves GOD EXISTS. If you accept it/ then JESUS proves that we are not created and forgotten, but loved. That is your own decision, to make. I accept it as true.

The religious of course will state as they always have: “GOD, will never let this planet die” that fact cannot be questioned. Yet the biblical Noah’s flood demands: that humanity, and basically all life on earth; except for a very tiny few, were destroyed: a second end predicted. Noah’s flood is a proven fact: due to the fossil fuel record of death. As to create those fossil fuels: all the life had to be gathered together, and then buried in the same places across the planet; some being thousands of feet beneath the surface. There literally is no other way; only a world flood could have done that. The geological record has many definitions of record as well: bias makes it hidden, as people only believe what they want or expect to believe.

But hey, “they know/ they can’t be wrong/ they are believers” just like the cult of university knows. That is the addiction of belief: I get to believe ANYTHING I want; so I can never be wrong!

Do what you can do for you; as eternity comes for us all/ and it might just make a difference to your fate or destiny: if you are proven to be not quite as contaminated; with the tragedy called “university knows”. I make no prediction, but mercy is mercy; until that day ends.

Daniel 12 is the countdown of days until the end of time. The great abomination rose on April 1, 2012. it was the first experiment, with the first machine that could have ignited a nuclear fire: same as on the sun. here on earth. Ending life, the future of all life, and changing the solar system itself. There is NO possible abomination greater than that: so it is “the beginning” of our countdown to the end. Unless as mercy provides: you find your heart, and search for your soul; to build a better way before the point of no return passes us by. When mercy itself will end, by biblical prediction/ not mine. These are “the facts” of our time. “your gods” have become your Satan. satan is an arrogance so extreme, and so belligerent: that not even life or death for an entire world, will make a difference in what “he does”.

You have a choice, until it is proven true: by the reality now “of a deadline”/ that you will not put: ALL life comes first, the planet must be saved! Before the insanity of what you want/ the pride you prefer to living truth.

IF: YOU REFUSE, to care enough for this world: to investigate plain, simple, truthful facts that you can identify for yourselves: that our world is IN DANGER. If your value is so little as that/ then life has been lost, and you (apart from a very tiny few) are merely “the ghosts” of those who came before.

A reality of truth absolutely undeniable: YOU KNOW! As is the fundamental primary, initiating argument in this day: OF PEOPLE WHO ARE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO IGNITE THE SAME FIRE HERE, as is on the SUN. you are acquainted with FIRE/ and you know the cost of, THEY ARE PROVEN TO BE WRONG.

While it won’t make a difference to humanity. The reality of igniting a nuclear fire on this planet will become shortly after the life is gone. That our entire planet will “expand out as a supernova” and explode. Due to the laws of thermodynamics and the gaps formed by oceans. Ending all trace of our lives, even destroying the solar system itself. Because you were BLIND by the universities; AND MEDIA made you deaf.   YOU really can’t get more Satanic, than that!

Nonetheless: YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY TO STOP THE INSANITY/ TO END THIS WORLD TERRORISM, and more; IS A DECISION YOU MADE OR REFUSED TO MAKE. Which does make you inherently guilty of the same choice you made. To let it be/ or fight for life! The reality of satan, by THE FAILURE OF YOUR choice: is then YOU. TO HIDE AND RUN AWAY, from a world in danger; just proves you are NOT worthy of your life.

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Jim Osterbur

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