While it is true, that major change requires major upset in the way things are being done currently. The reality of letting fantasy and lies determine your future has been proven to be: the edge of catastrophe coming soon! That fact leaves no doubt, that a change must occur: so says the evidence. Major change however can be simple and fair to the vast majority: with three simple rules, employment remains.

  1. You cannot keep what does not protect life and planet/ therefore major amounts of employment will exist in these areas/ particularly for insulation products, tree planting, water cleanup, and so on.
  2. You cannot continue in ways, methods, or practices that are not sustainable for life and environment or its oceans. Consequently tooling and change will be required.
  3. The investigation of facts, to prove truths: requires the diligent search for evidence, as substantiated by consequences that have been established, or are conceived as “gambling with life or planet”. Those who find what needs to be found; shall be paid.

With three simple rules, the return of “real money” exists.

  1. Limited capitalism is the public vote: which then decides the maximum and it can decide the minimum yearly income anyone working shall be allowed. No more billionaires. Our choice. That applies to the interim: that is what must occur, until the future is declared by vote.
  2. Getting control over the currency is mandatory. Which means: you shall create a constitutional law, which establishes, the currency of government shall be directly tied to the census count. So that each and every single one understands; what is fair to us all.
  3. There shall be NO more governmental control over the creation of debt. Taxation shall be determined by the people: who allot a specific percentage of GDP to each real category. Such as all gas taxation, cars etc: shall be spent on roads and the like. NO sharing between categories. Simple and plain.

With three simple rules, the return to democracy exists:

  1. There shall be redress of grievances; it is the law! That law, IS OUR POWER TO THE PEOPLE. And we will exercise it as we see fit. By establishing the facts, we find our way with truth.
  2. We MUST make the laws which serve our society for ourselves. Because those laws make us obey ourselves, as a society born into democracy (we choose/ NOT someone to vote for me/ I vote for myself on the law). It takes few, as an example the bill of rights/ or ten commandments. Once they are done, little is required in fact.
  3. We MUST take ownership over the judiciary and the military. That means as the constitution provides: a judge sits ONLY during good behavior/ and we decide what that is for ourselves. The military shall be given its primary orders, that they shall enforce: as we dictate that to be. They shall NOT go to war, or any policing action: unless the public establishes that choice. World law shall take control, with international policing.

With three simple rules, we limit the influence of the few on the majority

  1. All media shall be owned by the public. Those who can find what the public needs to know: shall provide that news on an open forum, which anyone can access. What is important as determined by all who desire a public vote: shall then be put upon “open mass media” as communication to be noted and understood. You are paid according to value; as a reporter/ and it is open to all.
  2. There can be no further “electoral college”/ it is dead, so that democracy can rise. Electoral candidates are required to provide a detailed explanation of what they are going to swear “they can and will do”/ and by what method will that be done. NO description of the person shall be allowed: until this primary process is over.
  3. NO more criminal extortion, fantasies, or any other method of controlling or manipulating our lives; of any kind. And that includes all forms of advertising and entertainment.

With three rules, we take back healthcare for all.

  1. The medical corporation is dead. We the people shall own the facilities, and contract the labor: they owe us/ redress along with eminent domain; shall provide.

  2. The pharmaceutical industry is gutted: we own the patents, and pay the inventors accordingly. Which means we manufacture the product and determine the price. While all other innovation is determined by whosoever provides that service: individuals or other.

  3. NO more insurance as it is. Every medical or any kind business billing shall be divided into NOT LESS than twenty percent personal payment/ and all the rest can be insurance. So that you know, and protect A FAIR BILLING/ rather than discard that bill, because it doesn’t affect you. Every doctor, nurse, whatever: shall be openly and always publicly graded by their patients: and receive payment accordingly. Every medicine or practice of medicine shall receive the same: so that ALL THE PUBLIC is truly informed.

THESE ARE BASIC STEPS, and by no means unattainable; in a democracy.

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Jim Osterbur

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