your choice

your choice

We honor life, with a search to conceive of its own true destiny. That is not the insertion into time, that results in closing the door to life itself, by erecting a prison to hide in.

The critical issue of time is: all the erections of trials and tribulations, that lies, stealing, cheating, betrayal, hate, and more put into our path. Each of these represents a door, that must be passed through to gain knowledge locked on the other side. It is a fight, to understand: why. Because humanity hides, runs away, sinks into greed and selfishness, tries to escape in lust, and fails the responsibility of thought, as a life: which is to “do the best you can”/ with what you have.

Disciplines are learned examples of responsibility; they teach, that truth is found only when the path you have chosen, accepts “the evidence must decide”/ not your beliefs.

Order is achieved through the steps it takes you, to ascend beyond self, and turn existence into the creation that is “I am ALIVE”. Respect for life itself comes next/ but that follows respect for the miracles of our existence as a world.

Balance participates, as the integrated principles upon which we stand against the forces which would destroy us. Thereby balance relies upon the anchors “of your heart and soul”/ to conceive of true value, and accept that as your destiny of choice.

LOVE limits the choice of freedom, to what has value, respect, and dignity for us/ not just me.

In all things, the essence of life is to be dedicated to the truth/ by its laws, we survive the creation of ourselves. Indeed it is true, that you must not simply be born/ but reborn into the identity that is the truth of you, as is the consequence of your decisions/ the reality of your ways. Without an identity, you cannot be “a separate life, with freedoms of your own”. Without a true identity, you cannot share the realities of love that are the basis and foundation of eternity.

Distance is the measure of time, within that time is your opportunities: not only to conceive of your own truth, but prepare that truth for its journey beyond time. Change is a reality of being human; as change means, “I have found a problem in me, that I must address, and purify”.

Purity is the road map of our spiritual world/ if you are pure of heart, your soul will lead you to the values of eternity; and give you strength to achieve that destiny. If not, you can be abandoned, to your own whims.

Some will always say: there can be no eternity, adding in “you are a fool”. Like the university religion called evolution, such statements are designed by “monkeys without a brain”/ their evolutionary god.

Reality states by the evidence: there can be NO doubt whatsoever in our Creation as life and world. The reality of complexity so far beyond human comprehension; as the only word that fits is “each is a, miracle”. Proves without question, it is true. The university lack of a brain, the substance of pure arrogance, bigotry, and lies: is a playground for chaos/ not life.

This whole world of life is now begging for help to survive; as humanity consumes the very last possibilities of hope. The primary cause: the university elite, simply want all they can get/ want to play god with life/ and don’t give a concern about anything but themselves; so they have sought to murder the future. Proving “they can have it all”/ and give nothing to the children; as is “let them die”. Every living thing on earth, is being condemned in the process of “university knows”. As media hides the truth, and politicians want a bribe: so they beg and worship the people who took control over governmental currencies, in a counterfeiting frenzy: and declared “debts DON’T matter to us”. Because the universities say: we ain’t never going to pay nothing back to life/ “we are gods”. Let the poor be our slaves, and have made it so. Failure is everywhere on earth, due to those facts of your lives. And still, the public worships “university knows” as they prepare you for HELL, in every conceivable way. A cult cannot question its leaders; and media, courts, policing, etc; insures no one else can question them either. Such is the road of an animal: “we must all believe the same/ we must all do the same/ we must all believe in our chosen protectors/ we must run in unison for fear, as our defense, behind the leader who chooses for us. And our world is now at the edge of pure chaos, in every conceivable way. Because that is exactly what you did do as humanity on earth/ never once considering the consequences of your choices.

Even so, your failures extend beyond reality, to the fantasies of your cult worship; “lets live in their dreams”. Let’s gamble with our whole planet/ our whole environment/ our oceans/ our biology/ our chains of life/ our everything: because as all cults do, “the leader is our god”. Even though the reality of evidence proves that god is satan: the destroyer of worlds. Which is pure arrogance, and a lack of respect for anything other than self.

We have then come to the final choices of your existence on earth. The days when you must choose beyond your freedom to destroy whatever you want. To recognize, the damage done has now limited your own reality to a choice that is LIFE OR DEATH for this entire planet of life itself. You won’t go on much further as you are: the universities have seen to that. So says the evidence of your reality. You WILL then choose: the university as your permanent god (reaping that reward)/ OR, to return to your CREATOR, as GOD over earth and all its life. One direction or the other, with no possibility to change that direction without the destruction of everything. Including you!

As always, the curse of humanity which is: to allow hate to continue, alongside of love; as is YOUR CHOICE. Will demand that eternity cannot exist, because death proves that is so.

Therefore one last statement, as to the content of death is realistic to your choices.

  1. The body is not eternal, and is abandoned “just like time past”.
  2. Life and body are not the same: just like your house is not your life. The body is your home in time, not your elemental conception of thought.
  3. Thought is the difference between life and death/ and it is not dependent upon mass (as is a body). It exists within the framework of energy (that which presents a freedom, by force).
  4. The containment of energy, is a relationship governed by what can or cannot be done: within the laws of truth.
  5. Respect for the law, builds a gateway to all things beyond.
  6. The discipline of knowledge, grants access.
  7. The value of love gives hope to existence, participating as an eternal cause to survive.

The failures explain: that does not give life a place to live beyond a body.

While thought itself, is not contained merely as an identity governed by barriers. It is thought that must govern itself by its relationship with the laws that determine what can be done.

I am not giving you that; as the curse that has become “university knows” would instantly try to play god, even more. The worthless fail; because they do not change.

There is this in accordance with “an eternal home”. As we search into destiny, and past the obstruction that is spirit: what comes to be is light. NOT photons of proof, that light exists. But the corridors of existence that are found within light itself. Light is an environment/ not a measurement. Light is within the definitions of a prism: the identity of various separated dimensions as are depicted in this world by colors. Which makes light, not only a conception of the three principles involved: discipline/ order/ and balance. It is also, where the energy itself resides.

Life exists by thought. Thought exists by its relationship to the laws that apply: by granting the freedom of knowledge, the certainty of understanding, and the relationships of wisdom.

Without the distinction of thought, no life exists. Even if that thought is so rudimentary, that it can be overlooked: it is still there.

So the real question of eternity is: “where your thought will travel, when freed from body”/ so then will your life go with it. But only by your own choice. Fail to “go with soul (a relationship with GOD)”/ and you will be abandoned to dissipate as do animals. OR, find yourself confronted by truth, and the consequence of what you chose.

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