It has come to my attention, that at least the minimum amount of knowledge, necessary for a rudimentary definition; as to the spiritual world, must exist. Even though this type of information will lead to those who “try and fail, ending in death or insanity”/ a majority who will build their excuses from it, by “offering lies”/ along with those who will see it as an impossible trap, because they cannot accept, the reality of it, will confront them in death.

Nonetheless, for a few, it will aid their lives; and to those, their own possibilities are enlarged.

We begin with the certainty: a path forward into eternity is found in the disciplines and evidence of truth, and truth alone/ because only truth survives beyond time. The journey is endurance, as is consistent with both order and discipline: to prepare you for the spiritual world. The decision or destiny is created by love, which then balances the foundations (laws) capable of granting an understanding, that is consistent with life. Living is: the passionate embrace, of everything true value can be. Life is: the critical acceptance of a decision to be “free”. Death is: the chaos of freedom without its anchor in “the governing laws”, as is determined by truth of your existence.

The spiritual world is: the separation of self, from identity/ by participation in the variants which drive lies out. Whatever is left, that is true, and sustainable: will then become spiritual, after the body is separated from its life.

The passage into the spiritual world is then either by death/ or for the distinctly rare few: it is the very narrow tunnel, that lives outside the realm of death; only purity will allow. It is an intensity of soul, few can assemble. Which is a gift: because the spiritual world is a dangerous place. Never to be entered lightly, or without the complete commitment, that is: I will accept death, if I must.

The question is HOW: can the descriptions that are fundamentally inconsistent with this world, be taught; in a manner and way that will do less harm than good? The primary elements are: want will destroy you, therefore you must surrender it entirely. Want is the foundation of every lie, and lies are death; as if a murderer lived inside. Pride is an enemy; as pride distinctly rules over life as if it were a game/ and there are no games in life or death. It is one or the other, and NO allowance is made for those who “want to believe they can be gods”. Pride forms the basis of an attack, and it will be considered war. Power is an insurgency, in a world without mercy. Mercy extends only through GOD! These are simple fundamentals, but they are true.

So lets begin the journey, having attempted to provide the basis of assembling “a very limited degree of purity” in you. It is by invitation only: as you must pass by death to gain entrance/ unless of course you die instead. After searching years: My first invitation was by image/ a reality that appeared without any effort on my part. A first experience, demanding separate yourself from the others: the image was allowed that/ then questioned, found lacking, and was ready to be discarded. When it found my flaw: “false teeth” had been implanted/ and the question I could not answer was: did that violate a sanctity of body, as they were not made “by GOD”/ as nature provides? That failure alone caused a descent into chaos: I could not answer it/ because I did not know what was true. The correct answer is: each one owns their own body in its entirety, and you may do with it as you please. The image, was a lie/ “there are NO images allowed to lead: only decisions”. But it proved a very valuable lesson: there CANNOT BE, any form of doubt or fear in you, or some form of tragedy will occur to you. There can be no “beliefs: as is this is what I want, or expect”/ only truth survives as it is: NOT as you expect it to be. Whether you survive it, cannot be known in advance. I did, learning: NOTHING can be left outside the realm of a true decision in me. Causing or building the statement, “I am what I am”/ as this is my truth.

Having attained that level of truth and decision/ the acceptance of only the sustainable evidence provided by reality can be followed. The distance between life and death can be found. The separation between life (thought; “very simply”) and self (body; “humanity”), can be formed.

The vessel around death, is purity/ and it cannot be less than what is consistent: to the demands of or in a spiritual life. The quest is knowledge, but the value is understanding. Doors {entry, into the vault of knowledge, that formed when life was created} exist in that realm: to be chosen only by you.

The critical truth regarding each door is: that you shall not exit/ until you truly do understand the laws which govern this question. BE CAREFUL, or you will die, or become trapped. I leave it there.

We turn to the narrow tunnel, as a participation beyond the limits that are time. The critical question is: how does this exist? You need not know how to find it, as this is “by invitation only”.

Ultimately, the critical understanding is: that you must conceive of an environmental awareness

within the looking glass, as a mirror would provide”. When identifying the framework of a question with two equal opposing answers: the value is set, by balancing both purpose and desire.

The mirror shows in language that it reflects an image from the opposite side of what you see. As is conceptualized by the brain being behind the eyes/ rather than in front of the image that is you. More distinctly: you can hold a translucent surface with words on it up to a mirror. In that action, you can then see the reaction that is: what the mirror reflects it what it sees on the opposite side of what you see. Or more specifically: in that translucent material is an environment which enables both opposites of the word to exist. You see from the front/ and the mirror reflects from the back, at the very same time. Life and death are similar. The spiritual world, “lives between them”.

The human question is: “is that all”/ how will I survive into eternity?

The critical answer is: that mercy allows for “many rooms, within the same house”. Or more distinctly, the value of love will not be sacrificed strictly for purity or truth/ but exists within a framework that can survive. The realities formed above, exist only for those who can become “children of GOD” . By proving you can endure the freedoms/ the realities of your decision/ and ultimately the truth of your own chosen identity. Within the universe of laws, and love: that has been established.

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Jim Osterbur

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