Some ask WHY? Am I not continuing to fight for this world? The answer is simple: you judge me not worthy/ therefore you use me for your excuse. You want to believe in those who bribe you, by stealing your money through counterfeiting (pretending asset accrual is real/ debt creation is not: well unless you are a slave). Not even an all consuming fire/ a radiation that will kill you instantly/ nature being mutilated, resulting in chaos that cannot survive/ water being lost/ food in jeopardy/ resources destroyed/ chains of life lost/ extinction/ oxygen depletion/ the atmosphere becoming unattached to our planet/ and much more “just isn’t enough for you to even conceive: your leaders have failed”. Your universities must be investigated for the cost of being wrong. Like patients with doctors, and any serious health issue: “nobody wants to know, this, or these could fail”. They just want, “what they want”.

In contrast to investigation: the university continues with its cloak of superiority. Functionally they are like inviting a terrorist into the middle of a crowd, even though he is clearly wearing an explosive vest. Media/ university/ even the public at large all say: “he has a diploma, he belongs to a fraternity/ so he won’t kill us all”. While media continually shouts: “are they not gods”! Even though he says he would/ like universities say “we will ignite sun fire on earth” and so much more. Why do they, take that risk? Because the fantasy is: people who make up a university; want to prove they are just better, than the rest of us. They want to play/ and they want to prove they can handle “being god”. By making play with nature/ life/ survival/ or energies such as sun fire: a choice to discard this living world itself, when they fail. Because their lives are the only important reality of time. Time need not go on; because once they are dead: the whole world is worthless. You can’t be more selfish, than that.

“a thousand times/ over forty years: bias against me has ruled the day”. Because nothing is more important than your belief/ your bribes/ your wants/ your greed, selfishness, lust, or other. So you just hide and run away from reality; to ridicule me when out of my sight. “its what people do, when hiding from fear”. Because you cannot defeat me: when the evidence comes to bear.

I have fought for life. Today, with little time left before you cannot reverse chaos/ horror/ and tragedy: you continue to play games.

This time: YOU fight for this world/ and if you have a chance to make a difference: now I will join you instead/ of you waiting for me “to lead an army”.

The difference is: I don’t lead. Because reality knows: every individual human is required to make the changes necessary to save this world. NOT an army, but a respect for reality, and a disciplined response to: “we must choose LIFE, all life, which includes environment and everything nature can be conceived as; comes first/ before any other decision is made. No mob will cure your trouble. Only a true and literal decision, to be honest, and accept truth as our leader.

The constant forty year cry of all (but a tiny few) humanity is: I DON’T want to fight for life/ its too big, there is nothing I can do! Yet when I prove they can do something which simply begins with communicate our need: they all change and say, “and I can’t stress this enough: I DON’T WANT TOO”. And walk or run, away.

Your ability to survive the decisions that “university (a diploma behind every leader)” has made is non existent. Soon that will be proven beyond doubt. They will never surrender playing god; it is the only thing “they worship; because they play god”. That leaves life or death for this entire living world, in the hands of those who actually “have a brain”. The destruction of an entire world of life, by choice: is proof, “no real brain exists”. They bring you as their religion of evolution says: “chaos, is your god”.

If you “cannot breathe life”: which knows better than that/ then you do deserve to die. Even if the planet or the future does not. Congratulations: because eternity WILL remember your choice. “did you not want to be remembered”?

While people believe whatever they want, and make decisions “for this instant”/ the reality of what you did, or did not do: will always remain true. The only thing you can change is yourself: thereby, your future. There is no future without change/ because what is true about the decisions that have been made is: we will soon be extinct. Regardless what you believe, the evidence is real. So, do/ or don’t do for life; just know, truth never forgets. “Only mercy, can do that”.

Just so its completely clear: there is no army to defeat/ no universities to kill/ no politician or nation to blame; as this world did in fact create its own threats, by volunteering to be bribed. No individual, can save you/ or defeat you: as the simple but true fact is, “unless humanity is honestly going to change itself”/ there is no hope. Neither can you run off into the hills or wherever to hide: as is true of trying to ignite sun fire on earth, “a million mile long flame as is said to be on the sun”/ will seek you out. Just remember, “it burns atoms for fuel”/ and it won’t go away. If that is not enough, there are plenty more threats; each of which can destroy all or nearly all life on earth. Weapons of mass destruction are just one. Time has run out: make your decision. NO going back!


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