The future, as is entirely predictable without true change.

The book of Revelations is actually quite accurate in many ways. NOT because it is a religious book/ but because the descent into chaos, is predictable: when given the parameters of our reality. Even without ignition of a nuclear fire/ which can begin the event which eradicates humanity/ occur in the middle somewhere, because it can/ or comes at the ending: so that any and every life on the planet knows “soon we will be consumed forever”/ by the decisions people made. Not just the fools who believe themselves “gods”/ but all those who allowed them to believe they were gods; which includes you (with only a tiny few exceptions).

I have went through a preliminary review of the book of Revelations on www.justtalking6.info : being as bland as possible, so as to limit fear. I needed you to think/ not fear. We need not discuss it further; as once you enter in, the deed is done.

Instead we will look to our reality, and in particular the things which you do understand; without even trying. Such as is, over population of humanity (growing at a minimum of one billion more mouths to feed over deaths/ per every five years. At the constant human expansion throughout the 20th century of 3%).

That fact proves with absolute certainty: we all run out of water to drink. This is a finite planet, and there is only “so much” of anything; as is drinking water. Plus the fact, that endless threats exist to corrupt, destroy, and poison the drinking water we do have. Not a game, the realities are horrendous. That of course leads to an immediate need for war/ or we die in three days, because beyond that the human body fails to function, so you cannot war. It will be “the apocalypse (blood flowing like rivers)”. Even you, can see the truth: of what happens when millions or billions of people have nothing left to drink: IT IS, a finite (there is no more to get) world.

Being abandoned to die: people will go insane, and all manner of revenge “as best they can” will be taken. That will include the sudden and extreme re-evaluation of women and babies: as the enemy, rather than the creators of life here on earth. The onslaught will be horrific/ the cannibalism will be required as nothing will be left to eat. The hordes of humanity now at war for water: produce no food/ which means every source of food (everything) will be ravaged, raped, or ransacked. Ending in mass extinction, with no possibility of what you did eat being revived. Humans are now the “source of food”/ as did happen in the past (over population) on small islands: which then became cannibals.

Once chaos (hell) has been achieved: it will be completely impossible to restore any form of order/ we all got guns now, bombs, fire, biological weapons, a need to release nuclear bombs “to keep the insanity away”. Which won’t work. A dying world is a dying world. And that is only the beginning: as is proven by the human impact on everything/ once the point of no return (millions have no water, and will die, because if we give you ours/ then we die too) has pasted.

There is of course endless amounts more, of pandemics/ catastrophe’s/ biological mutilation due to mankind/ loss of everything life needs throughout this world: because that is what you chose. Did your leaders not proclaim they could be or were gods? Indeed they did, with every university leading the way: and the people will know, “this is the cause of why we die”. “gods no more”/ and reality will surge against every institution of leadership, and focus wrath against every form of “university”. Because the end of life, and humanity now becomes clear. While some will search for “let a few survive to rebuild”: the probabilities are very small. If there is ignition of a nuclear fire as is predicted in Revelations/ there is no possibility at all.

Such is the cost of your pride (we want to play games). Such is the reality of your want (nothing matters but me). Such is the truth of your selfishness (I can be god). And your hate.

There is an endless list of consequences; but it has no value/ as the realities above are just one threat compounding into a truth that will not be turned away. Life on earth is dead.

You can blame the universities, as they created the potential: by playing god and discarding reality. But the end result is: that humanity itself chose this fate. After all, “you just wanted what you wanted/ and to hell with everything else”. Wish granted!

For clarity I do not blame the universities/ I blame the people who are covered up within university. Thereby being hidden, as they strove to annihilate life on earth with threats we cannot recover from: by arrogance and complete disrespect. YOU let them, because YOU didn’t care enough. Their blame is shared, because throughout the forty plus years I have fought for life on earth: the only thing humanity contributed was. WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN/ or running away to hide. Blame me for making you fear; because more than anything else: you absolutely refused to change, by accepting for LIFE comes first. Who among you did anything more, “than hide”?

The male answer for all of it is WAR! But alas, “kill a billion people”/ and there are still 7+ billion more to go. Multiplying at a rate of a quarter of a billion people more, every single year. Alas: kill a billion people, and all the destruction that goes with it, will insure nothing can be rebuilt: because the resources are gone. It is a finite world. Kill a billion people and the plagues of disease that will create/ the realities that will occur as a consequence: WILL be more than you can imagine. Man has no answers, because war is literally his only one: when truth cannot be dismissed anymore.

That fact leaves us with women, as the only possible conception of “what then”? They are, different; but different in or of itself is not enough. They must search within truth, they must seek justice, and they must identify LIFE comes first; and not exacerbate men to the point they refuse their solution. It takes wisdom, and in a world that accepted evolution and fusion as credible fantasies/ there is little or none of it to be found. Nonetheless, I will hope for you until it is obvious all hope is dead.

Humanity will of course simply hope in the university as god: that way there are no consequences for what they did do. Fantasy, is the university solution. An example: As is proven by the fact in their fusion experiments: even knowing the extreme radiation that comes from the energy source they are trying to ignite. There is not even an attempt to contain that radiation built into their machines. “brain dead”. To your shame, the public lets them play god; and even accepts “they are our saviors”. Not to worry, they just want to take you to HELL with them. After all nobody likes to be alone: they need slaves.


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