Religion may as well be reviewed, in the simplest manner possible. Because when chaos threatens, every religion says: “listen to us/ we can do it”. But thousands of years of history, and a variety of religion; all prove no you cannot.

Religion means; TOGETHER we believe that we have the solutions, to what causes grief and failure in humanity. Ultimately, “that makes us superior to you/ so you MUST listen to us”. The world disagrees, offering violence instead. Or religion insists, offering violence instead. Or, the battle lines are drawn: and each stays on their side of the line, so that peace may seem real.

The constant question is: WHY, is the majority of any religion wrong? After all: they agree “this must be correct”?

The constant answer is: ultimately, the majority will always follow and create the solutions to get whatever it is that they truly want. Lying; making up stories; stealing; believing in fantasies; or whatever it takes to get what we want. Want is the foundation of every lie; as a consequence the majority can never find the correct answer, because lies are inherent in the process of people wanting what they want/ regardless of the consequences. As is the reality of our day. Its not that religion does not know/ they do! It is, that religion wants what it wants: and they don’t care, “not even about igniting the earth on fire just like the sun”. That is not what they want; so they believe it just cannot happen/ even though the evidence is absolutely clear, the machines are built, and people are trying to do that very thing every single day. “just not going to believe it/ until forced”. WE DON’T WANT THAT to be true/ and you cannot make us believe our university gods (the majority of intellectuals deciding our fate)/ are wrong! We want them to be right/ so they are; and if not we will kill them. Even though the entire planet will die when it is proven they did in fact do: exactly what they said they would do. Which is create the same fire here as is on the sun. Even though they cannot control it, whatsoever after ignition. Their fantasies will not govern reality: simple as that.

So then religion is not about “GOD”/ it is about the god you want “your god” to be. Whatever that is/ as indicated, and proven, by the variations in religion across the world. The problem is: “GOD” is not whatever you want GOD to be! Rather GOD IS the Creator of truth and its law; thereby truth defines the critical essence of our own ability to comprehend what worship and reality of respect should be. NOT what you want. The laws which govern and balance our planet/ discipline its life/ construct nature/ and form the essence that becomes your own ability to think, in the freedom that is your right to decide “your future”. These form the function and the fundamentals of a reality to religion that does not at this time exist. None of that is governed by “what the majority thinks or wants”/ which is why, true religion remains buried under the debris of human selfishness, lies, and greed.

The value of life, and the realities of death decree: with love this planet and its everything, were created by discipline, order, balance, and thought. This is the rudimentary example of “where we begin” to search as “one life, each life; to GOD, our Creator”. As would be consistent with religion (the worship of GOD) because respect demands it should be so.

In terms of religion that exists: only one, identifies love and respect, as its core elemental purpose. As its transition between what exists, and what can exist forever: as is indicative of love that cannot be changed. Therefore wheresoever the truth of a love that cannot be changed exists: there, will be found, the true potential for a child of GOD . Because the true search for life eternal, begins in love. That love would be, or begin your journey with JESUS as identified in the bible.

NOT a religious statement/ a statement born on the testimony of facts that are an elevation of love. But love cannot keep us alive/ only truth can do that. The laws that give life, do not change in time or eternity: which means if the essence of law is not broken, life does go on. Time cannot go on forever/ it is a measured existence; and cannot be other. The body dies; as it was designed to do/ giving time to the young, to all life.

True religion is then born on the realities of love, law, Creation, and GOD our Creator. These are not governed or determined by a majority vote. Like truth, they are what they are. Like truth, you as well: “are what you are/ as your own choices determine.”

The question of love, lives or dies with your decision to forgive (when, and where honesty rules). The failure to do that locks you inside your own prison walls: creating barriers whereby “nobody comes in to harm”/ which also means you cannot escape the prison of yourself. Elemental to life is: your decision to accept the consequences of your direction should be: thought as a significant purpose or desire to learn, rather than judge/ respect/ reality/ love/ hope/ truth/ discipline/ order/ balance/ courage/ and happiness (because that is the value of life, presented by love).

We are the participation of thought, within the flow called life/ and its direction is determined by environment. That flow is facilitated by your decision, which then establishes your direction. The environment is established by what the rest of humanity has been doing/ or realities which humanity does not control instead. Flow means: although we have created a direction: it is now up to the elements of truth by which we have invaded with our decision that will define the consequences we chose to create. Flow establishes, while you can start the process/ you cannot control the outcome, unless true knowledge exists. The purpose that is “life, and planet comes first”; identifies love, as the heart which beats with grace, for one and all. So the rhythms of time, elevate and ascend through the steps we take to enhance life and planet. OR, they descend with life and planet into the consequences of chaos; as has been the alternate direction of your choice. Today, the constant of leadership and humanity is entirely one direction by the vast majority: it is all headed into chaos/ by your choice.

While religion is a topic of conversation that divides all humanity at different levels of caring. The constant is: you won’t find any real compromise without understanding. ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE! And as proven through the decades, that is the one thing you hate more than the rest. Because truth does not change, nor does it give any alteration of the truth a chance to rule: it is what it is. You hate that, because you want what you want; which does not include truth. “games are more fun”/ hate is more fun/ love is something we take, instead of own/ respect is up to me/ thought is whatever I want it to be/ and so on.

Which ends with all religion is fundamentally a game; as chosen by the men who play it.

The difference between me and you is: I don’t want/ I DO let truth decide; and when it is unclear what that truth is: I wait with a decision; until it is more clear. Unlike you, I don’t make up stories “to fill the gaps” in my knowledge or understanding with: I, want this to be.

Only truth survives, in eternity. Which means literally “every lie in you must be removed” or you will never be eternal.

That of course is the one statement of religion that is consistent: can life be eternal? The critical question being: what does truth say?

I have answered numerous times, in various ways a large number of the realities and relationships that gain an interest in the answer: as did JESUS do. As is this is a path which you may follow, to achieve your own decision. No other answer can be given: because eternity cannot be proven here in time. YOUR decision is required/ your eternity is then determined, by your answer.

By your love, and inherent value to life and living and truth.

Passions exist, because they highlight the purpose of your heart; which then aids and abets the relationship of your soul to “life itself”. Hate takes that away.

Of all the horrendous religions that have participated in humanity: it is arguably the worst that evolution is a decision to invade your own heart, and then steal your soul. By removing the evidence of miracles. Replacing it with pure sewage, and claiming chaos is your god: so that they can then do anything with life, without your complaint. It is a pandemic of failure; and few do not participate, to your shame!

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