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The summary elements of my work, as is testified too; by the last twelve writings. Lends itself to both life and death as a relationship between what can and cannot exist beyond time. Death is the ending of time on earth. Life is the miracle of existence, that is governed by truth, the essence of thought, and the control over energy which brings both freedom and composition.

The summary of humanity on earth: is a curse, to this earth. As the foundation of human existence now proves to be: you didn’t care enough to stop the insane. You didn’t care enough to identify “right versus wrong”. You didn’t care enough to fight for life, or planet, or the future: because all you truly wanted, was selfishness, greed, lust, and power. The end result of that decision is extinction for all life/ the destruction of our environment/ and with the ignition of a nuclear fire it will be the end of this planet as well; along with major changes in what was, our solar system. Hard, or impossible: to be a bigger curse than that. Congratulations, “you win”/ you got to play god. Alas, it was satan/ but you just didn’t care.

So then I discard the majority, and seek only a tiny few who did not fail life and love. Those with enough courage, to stand up and say: I fight for this world and all its life TOO/ as in, “I put my name on it”/ or I am here. This is my decision, regardless of the cost to me.

In that vein of discipline, the order of life is explicit: to gain an eternity, it is absolutely necessary to accept. When time ends for you, regardless of the manner that takes to separate body from life: your decision must be, to abandon this time and your body, for a life beyond time by your own decision. That requires a complete trust in GOD or JESUS; as they both live within the same realm of eternity. They are inseparable; therefore truth allows for trust in either one.

That fact identifies the truth: when eternity comes, as it must/ because the body is not capable of “forever”. It is best to recognize and accept: the value of our home here is over. The passage beyond time will close, if you let life itself escape without your identity enclosed by trust. It is a simple truth: the body is earth/ the life is “from miracles” that cannot be determined as less than “established by GOD”. Therefore it is concurrent and fair to assert: that life will go back to its Creator/ with, or without you involved. Go with it.

The critical question is: WHERE will our own truth take us, in this journey beyond time? The critical question is: do you accept thought as life? The critical question is: do you understand “captured energy” is the freedom to move, and to exist under your own opportunities called choice or decision?

We begin with truth, to recognize only what is honestly true, can be sustained as life. The lies of humanity cannot/ therefore the spiritual world exists to remove those lies, and identify the critical basis and reality of the truth, “that is you”. The spiritual world is: our association with Creation itself, and all that laws gave to our rise as an element of life. That means: those laws will judge us, as either worthy or not to become “stable” in the relationships we created with truth; as soul. MERCY is the intervention of GOD in that process/ to allow for love to survive, even if truth would not grant that permission. Mercy is an alteration of eternity to present a home, that is not necessarily eternal. An experience or expression of where your love will truly go, when removed from those who contaminate it.

The conception of life is entirely as thought will allow us to conceive. What we perceive as our home, our body, our time, our purpose or desire or anything that expresses or experiences life itself. Is the direct result of the processes that become our own relationship with thought and its existence as our time. Thought then lives, because it is the basis of life. While we exist, because our identity is transient/ until solidified by truth. Thought recognizes Creation as the miracle of what we cannot know/ but do understand as “more than humanity can be”. Humanity then assumes belief, is the understanding of something GREATER; than we can be; as is beyond ourselves or the life which surrounds us. Which is then called GOD , for lack of better truth and knowledge. Thought assembles under our own direction, as the flow we created within our decisions. That flow defines the consequences of our own choice. What we accept from the others alters flow/ lies accepted misdirect flow, as is the direction of our thought; and cause turbulence.

Thought lives because it recognizes the value of life. Thought exists, because it can: simple as that. More is not coming!

We then turn to captured energy, and the essence of why. The critical moment is, the achievement called conception. It is not the birth of time/ it is the birth of you: even though the body must form to the recognition of “humanity” before it becomes controllable as a home for you. No more information is given; as your universities would use that information for vile and horrific things. To your shame.

Regardless the value of a few, is the cause and the reality of why life exists on earth. We are a “mining planet”: the place where “human dust is sifted” to find love alive. Love is the greatest treasure in this universe. Love is, the value that makes life worth living; even for an eternity.

A word of warning: the constant human game of “yes, I can/ or no, you can’t”; is an endless disgrace/ as it presents nothing of value to life itself; turning existence, as well as life itself; into a game. To your shame.

Life is not a game, life is a decision to love/ or to hate/ or in human terms, merely to survive. The value of an eternity is determined by love/ your love. The decision to purify that love as best you can is conceived of within religion; but rarely exists as the reality of your own choice. People want what they want/ and to be told they “need to change, even a little”; is almost never found to occur. Instead they lock themselves into the truth of where they are, or fail even more. Change is not the enemy/ change is the description of balance; as it forms from truth, an ever more direct relationship with GOD through SOUL. Nobody is perfect, and we all must change continually if our purpose is a desire for love, in the essence that life gave us to be.

The critical path is truth. All indications are: as is consistent with the worship of “university as god”/ that you despise truth, and utterly refuse to change for the sake of life on earth. You have chosen: “we don’t care enough”/ not even for your world. You can change that, until the point of no return has pasted. Biblical prophecy puts that date at July 9, 2019; when mercy ends.

It is biblical prophecy through the countdown of days that is Daniel 12. that countdown starts with the great abomination begins. That occurred on April 1, 2012. it is not my prophecy; although I find it highly probable. As the reality of igniting the same fire here as is on the sun/ comes ever closer to the day of no return: not even for this planet or solar system. Numerous major extinction threats concur: NOT the only cause for recognizing this world shall soon end. Which makes change a now or never event. No going back!

I am not your excuse/ not your savior/ not your enemy: I am merely bringing you the message that is extinction comes. OR you will change yourselves to what life and planet must have to survive. That is your personal decision/ because you are the critical threat, that makes extinction of this entire world possible. Change or die, it is literally up to you/ and the choices you are making for every child, every life on earth. A reality that will not be forgotten in eternity; as you draw ever closer to destroying an entire Creation work: of GOD HIMSELF.

As always you may believe whatever you want/ but you shall not escape what truth demands instead. Simple and plain, and forever.

I suppose it is necessary, to offer a few tiny tidbits of my life: to remove any and all attempts to use such devices to compromise this work; and lead you to assumptions that are untrue. Even though I am not your decision/ we both know, that those in opposition will use me for ridicule or whatever they can. People believe whatever they want, unless you make them identify another cause exists.

So, in fighting for this world: I let the “protectors of police, military, courts, and others assume I might be “a terrorist”. After all: they will NOT listen to anything other than a threat. And my listing of threats, even though they have nothing to do with me: let them believe whatever they want. As expected: instead of finding any truth in the realities of this world/ the leaders, were all content to find me an enemy instead. To their shame. Once one of the military (ruby ridge style sniper attack coming) new stealth (remarkably quiet) helicopters came: to snoop around the house where I live/ it was obvious, a need existed to remove the threat they intended me to be. The courts failed on all counts, and proved insurgency instead: by worshiping the universities and demanding the constitution was dead. Realities suitable for ridicule of me; was my answer; “as a fool” cannot be considered a real threat. entertaining: allows you to enter area’s not otherwise accessible”. Such as to gather the evidence of corruption in the courts.

Elements of dress, were used to discard the public, and move them away: after an effort to find help with regard to the biblical prophecy called the “first death” in Daniel had pasted. I cannot abide in a “wait and see” attitude/ when the cost of being wrong, is in fact horrific. Too late is too late. And I have no issue with what people say. That first death was the law can no longer save us. The second death is: mercy is over.

As to other factors of human assumption; my reality is never “what you believed it was”/ because my cause is not want. and you have no comprehension of spiritual things. Unfortunately the human mission in life is: “if you aren’t part of our herd (all the same)/ then you must be an enemy, or a fool.” the cost of that is: truth does not matter/ and gossip is extremely easy. All other issues are related to tinnitus (ear damage) directly the result of my 9 month old nephew dying from a brain tumor. Or those choices would not have occurred.

My “growing tits”; are not chosen/ it is a reality assigned by my new relationship with the spiritual world of female. You cannot understand it/ so don’t try: it is however where souls meet. Believe it or not/ begin there. Having failed to find a male solution to keeping this world alive/ I opened the door to female truth, this is just one result. As is, the demand to continue up to this point. Tits are the sign of woman”, a reality that proves she will NOT be left out (they shout, “woman is here”/ as there is absolutely nothing male about them; other than attached to me. Becoming “unmatched pieces”.) of this demand, humanity must change what they do, or go extinct. Even if it drives people away! The value of the evidence is its own decree. Life has its own ideas, about living. While truth always remains true. Nonetheless, this is complicated. A reality formed by need of both genders to survive.

Even so, my own passion to keep this earth and all its life from dying; remains true. The purpose here is to overwhelm with knowledge, to the point: this work becomes hard to refuse an investigation to examine the facts of what threatens our world.

Other than the spiritual element, which means (I have escaped death for now). The only real difference between us is: that you build on the outside (yes I can) to prove what you can or cannot do with self: by playing games, whenever possible. I have used my entire life to build only on the inside, searching, to a degree even proving what can or cannot become of a life beyond time/ where the essence of self no longer exists. Love is not about self/ but about the potential of what “we can” be together. Not the loss of self/ but the gain of “us”.

Belligerence of course refuses to listen, learn, accept, or believe anything they don’t want to know (you can’t blame me). But reality states: whosoever you are, you do know enough, to have investigated the realities that threaten LIFE AND PLANET; because that has been reported enough by media to indicate: “they could be WRONG”.

What does it take to make you change? Answer is, “I don’t know”/ as is proven by reality. Therefore the fundamental truth is: “spiritual woman is in charge of me”/ as a balance to man. A purpose that approaches life from a different view. Last chance to change, is that important. IF she can make you hear: it is worth the price. if not, I did do the best I could do for life and planet. simple and plain: that is my choice/ the reality of my time on earth.

Life is not an elevation of time/ life is an elevation of thought, as the beginning of all things real. Reality serves life, by translating “truth and consequences” into something pliable enough to both understand and manipulate. Which by applying energy and mass (as human) we become free, to choose for ourselves.

Your chosen reality is to serve the universities as god; by becoming their cult (we cannot question our leaders/ we do not want to make our own decisions: THEREFORE can’t blame me). BUT unfortunately for you, that is no excuse/ you gave the leaders your power to decide: which makes their decision your decision: because that is what you chose. You then chose: to mutilate nature/ ignite atoms on fire/ poison and destroy the earth/ wrecking every chain of life/ and much more. Just like them. NO excuses will be accepted: you chose.

As to the few of us who do belong to GOD our CREATOR. Recognize and accept: “you can’t go to heaven or whatever you call it”/ unless you die. You cannot be eternal in any conception/ unless you abandon the human body; because it literally cannot be eternal: a fact of time, proven by old age. You cannot retain the option to live/ unless you “go with life itself”/ when it leaves your body. Life, by its own truths; is the only thing that matters to survival.

Your truths, with few exceptions; (littered with lies) are irrelevant. If your faith is NOT in the GOD OF TRUTH, as did Create us all/ then you will not go to HIM when you die. You will go where your belief does take you/ and for most, it will be wherever your heart lives: called want/ pride/ power/ lust/ greed/ lies/ hate/ etc. These live without a, GOD of life/ therefore so will you. Chaos will rule your existence/ or dissipation into nothing will remove the reality of you forever.

Love will lift a few into a new world, even though want has removed your hope. Love is the only key that opens the possibilities of mercy. That mercy extends only from truth. It is a reality that will not be denied. Anchor yourselves to truth. Accept death as the means to participate in creating the next generation: because we must. Do not greatly interfere in anyone’s death: because instead of staying with you, or you with them (not helping)/ they must turn to GOD instead. If our reality was not “body and life”/ there would be no death. Each is separate, and your respect of that fact, is required. The children need their time too/ just as death created the option for you to have your time as well.

a word of warning: my parents asked me “where do I stand in a relationship with GOD”? I answered honestly, but they expected to be more. Instead of simply changing to improve their relationship with GOD/ as would have been easy to do. They chose to hide, demand “not enough for me”/ and run away from the purity of both life and love. I choose to have hope both will survive eternity. I have prayed; but prayer is merely a request to be heard. And I will never ask to contaminate “GOD’S world”; if they simply cannot stay.

Some have it hard/ some have it easy: but neither is excused from the realities of truth. Those who have it hard, are forced to recognize reality as it is; and deal with the truth that surrounds them both inside and out. If they survive/ they are far better prepared than those who have it easy. In eternity, truth does not allow you to change your mind. Rather you chose what you chose. No going back.

The summary of my experience among you is: I say, “you cannot let this planet and its life all die/ these are extinction realities”. You say, “we don’t believe in you”. I say: that is great, because I don’t lead/ JUST LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE, and prove it is wrong. You say: we believe the universities are god, and they won’t hurt us; they are our saviors”. I say: simply investigate the cost of being WRONG, and then decide if you are willing to gamble “the extinction of everything/ even the ignition of HELL, on earth”. You say: we believe in our media, they will protect us/ and tell us everything we need to know. I say the courts must obey constitutional law/ they say “absolutely not”. I say: the public must defend itself by examining the facts of all these extreme threats coming: we clearly cannot survive, that surround us all. You say: “we don’t want/ what we don’t want; GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD: WE DON’T CARE/ WE WANT, make me rich or get lost. Or I have a gun, “to fight a nuclear fire”. If not for the spiritual female inside/ what was left other than war? War means to prove you cannot dismiss me now; that can be done in more ways than one.

My mom has died today; so, I add a little as a footnote, to the relationship we had. Both parents were lovely people throughout our growing years, and beyond. But loneliness gathered, and they struggled but; replaced their children with grandchildren, and life was good again. That ended, and their struggle renewed, even though I had moved back in with them. The critical truth being: ear damage removed many options/ and the need to fight for this world was my only true desire.

Their fight for friends, was “good for dad, until those friends died/ poor for mom, as no backup plan existed to replace her children. So they searched; and asked me “what would the bible say of me”? The answer was less than either desired; but better than most/ “simply change to seek GOD more; sums it up well”. They obviously thought, “we have done enough”. Which led mom and dad to close the door on all other such conversation entirely/ lock it, and throw away the key. They expected a reward, rather than “work harder/ be more pure to the essence of GOD”. They both then changed some.

It is a lesson in rewards, and a reality of human existence as it is. Remove the reward expected, and the people revolt; casting aside what they did earn. I know not why? Life is its reward, not because of the things people do, or do not do: but because it is a true miracle of existence, that is more than a gift. It is “being ALIVE”. Something beyond imagination.

Nonetheless, each and every person must make their own decision/ and accept the reality or cost of that purpose and desire. I have chosen to fight for a world; because without this world as GOD provided/ there is nothing but extinction, by horrors, left. That removed my time with “all other relationships”/ except GOD, through the spiritual world. Except miracles, that prove everyday: be thankful for what you have, and participate in keeping this world alive.

I am grateful to both parents/ thankful they were mine. Truly hoping they made it into eternity for life, through their love. But utterly dependent upon GOD as to that truth.

The lesson of life is: do your best for your parents, whenever possible. Live your life for duty, honor, happiness, and hope through love: always.


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