eminent domain


Eminent domain: the right of government to take what it deems is necessary, to insure a “safe and successful” society; by establishing what society needs, is greater than the individual good. Which does include the taking of property: when it is proven to be necessary for society itself.

That description had been used for corruption, arrogance, tragedy, failures, foolishness, illegal interpretation, and betrayal. BUT it is also necessary and vital to the resurgence of the state of IL as depicted in this example.

Our enemies; as have stolen state government: to use for their own purposes, by enslaving the people here for their own desires. As does the nobility of every cursed government throughout history commonly do; has simply been repeated here in this state of IL/ in this USA. The only difference is: the university diploma is now the sign and seal of the nobility (we are superior to you/ so we get everything). The certain signs of that can easily be found at the university of IL in Urbana. Where the clearest signal is the emperors box on the football stadium for roughly $129 million plus expenses (used 6 times a year) and again on the remodeling of the assembly hall wherein nothing was essentially done BUT the university elite collected whatever the contractors did not take out of $153 million in renovations or so. And there are many more/ not including all the toxic and lethal horrific acts against life itself, paid for by making us their slaves! And not a single word from media against the universities who destroy our lives: by making us their slaves. Alas, the fantasy of university is “we just create a debt for them to pay/ counterfeit currency/ or just don’t care; because there are NO consequences for us”. Only them! They have to pay, “because we stole their government from their control”.

So, we begin this journey back to democracy, (WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS GOVERNMENT/ WHICH MEANS WE ARE THE AUTHORITY WHO DECIDES). By establishing, although we are now bankrupt by those who hated us: “or they would not have stolen our lives, our property, and our future”. We are the government of this democracy, within the USA; and we do have certain legally guaranteed rights. Among those are redress of grievances a first amendment law of the US constitution/ and a fifth amendment law of the IL constitution. As a state with state sovereignty: we the citizens of IL have the due diligent right to redress of grievances: in the determination by law, to define and identify: who has made us bankrupt, and why?

Redress of grievances: is the legal right of the people themselves to enforce, “you swore before you received this job in our employment” to do the job for which you were hired to do. To do no harm to the democracy which we have made. To abide by the laws which we have created. To assemble as best you can, for both life and society in accordance with the preamble of this state, the rights and restrictions of this contract called a constitution. What we need to succeed as individuals here/ all individuals being equal, although never to be considered the same.

REDRESS BY LAW IS: to bring our employees to court, that we may examine their work/ investigate the reality of their cause for making these decisions/ and determine for ourselves what went wrong and why! It is not for little causes; but when major failures have occurred as is plain and consistent with this day. The right to exhume and examine our democracy, and declare it sovereign (over every employee) by the descriptions of our constitution: is imminent and fair. We are the owners of this government called the state of ILLINOIS. We are the authority that decides what the punishment shall be; by our citizen vote.

In accordance with our bankruptcy: comes the truth, that within those university walls; is an endless sewer where a great deal of our debts/ thereby the cause of our slavery stems from. A complete and true accounting, whereby the value of every dollar spent in honor of and for the disciplines of our society: shall be established.

Wheresoever, those dollars fail the rights and realities of what our democracy, by constitutional contract: to be fair to us all does not exist. There shall be a repayment. We the people by eminent domain: acting under our own authority as the owners of this democracy/ the sovereignty of our guaranteed rights. Shall then take whatever we deem necessary or fair. One of the first such claims for recompense, will be: any and all property associated with the universities/ as is consistent with damages done, shall be ours.

The leaders who had so little respect for our democracy as to create this insurgency against the people of this state called ILLINOIS: shall then go to trial, to determine the criminal conduct that is apparent. The political corruption that is constant. The failure of theories/ fantasies/ foolishness/ and a complete disregard for any reality other than: to make us their slaves. By surging against this democracy as soldiers in a war: to gain pensions/ healthcare/ EASY WORK, if at all/ and all other gains, that are and were intentionally UNFAIR to the rest of the citizens of this state called IL.

Such are the rights, and the realities of government: when established as the democracy we formed in both state and nation, as our ancestors did do. OUR EMPLOYEES, shall NEVER be “the government”! Not a single one. They are our employees. Therefore the courtroom claim is: our employees SHALL establish, what they did or did not do in accordance with their oath of office: a sworn I WILL DO THIS, for you/ with penalties for failure. We can see the failure/ therefore now comes the penalties: as is the law.

The criminal conspiracy to make one group superior to all the rest/ by enforcing “they get everything” and we get the debt: shall end.

The damn welfare program; wherein the universities get whatever they want/ do whatever the want/ discard or disrespect whatever they want/ steal whatever they want/ fail us all, enslave us all, and provide little or NOTHING for the base elements of life and living as is needed to survive, is over. The trillions of dollars spent in space would have been better spent on infrastructure. The trillions of dollars spent to mutilate nature with genetic manipulation: IS A TERRORIST ACT/ because you cannot fix what you destroy. The trillions of dollars spent to poison us/ make us sick, so you can extort our money as healthcare/ destroy a world with irresponsibility/ and just plain curse us all: no longer exists.

NO MORE SLAVERY; which means, the universities shall not receive any state aid/ nor can they receive state funded student loans. All further money to be collected by a university: shall be earned. They can claim a realistic percentage of the income their students collect: FROM a job for which the universities did train them or substantially help them to achieve. LIKE every other job in capitalism. The damn free pass/ free lunch/ free everything; for a few bastards and whores, is over.  BACK to reality, no more fantasies or fools in charge: represents the truth of whether the people of this state “are mice or men”.

No more communism: as is “only a few make all the decisions”. No more propaganda: wherein only a few decide and edit EVERYTHING we hear or see/ we the people will own every form of media, and decide for ourselves what is justified/ rather than worship the cult of ‘university is god”.

The cult worshipers will all say: “look at all that the universities have done/ YOU CAN’T make them stop doing anything/ NOR can you question them, because you are just too damn plain stupid”.

REALITY SAYS; yes let’s look at all the university leadership has done. We are bankrupt: so says the federal reserve statement of all accounts: as was described L5 summary of US assets and liabilities. As is pure fantasy. The numbers don’t lie: divide the debts by workers. Divide the assets by citizens: we have been counterfeited/ and our securities stolen. Our infrastructure was discarded, for university toys. Our lives are surrounded by threats of extinction: true/ substantial/ and absolutely real. While the best universities have provided are weapons of mass destruction/ evolution, a reality described as “less than a pigs brain could conceive of”/ fusion, already proven false at lawrence livermore labs: yet they keep gambling this entire planet. BECAUSE the money and the power are too damn good to surrender. So your gods choose to kill us all instead. JUST for starters; as our oceans, food supply, water to drink, oxygen to breathe, the entire chain of life, environment in jeopardy, atmosphere ready to disengage from the planet itself, and more are all “the university is god”. All they left out is “god of HELL”.

take a look around you: “save them all”/ will quickly be the extinction of every single one: BECAUSE THIS IS A FINITE PLANET, WITH FINITE RESOURCES; and you have already destroyed “mountains of garbage” to prove how damn great you are. “look at me, I got a trophy”. stop looking and its thrown away; along with every child, and every living thing. because the day comes quickly when you will never “just go get more” again.


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