At this point in time, there is no relationship more important than the one you formed with universities, and the cult worship that followed. Not because they are “special”/ but because they are so dangerous and deadly now; as to be the cause of our extinction from this living earth. A reality that can never be overlooked or reviewed without attesting to the fact: they have no right/ no legal right/ and no critical right, to threaten our world, or its nature, or its future! Simple as that, the term terrorists arise.

Since it is simple, plain, and without cause for complaint: that you all know, without resources life ends/ and you all know, the endless piles of trash or garbage you create. Then you all know the future is dead, because of what you have chosen to do: end of story.

Since you, they/ we, can never understand the endless complexities of biological life, as are consistent with genetics: the foundation of nature itself. The reality of combinations with content that matters; that exceeds the possibilities of a number such as ten with at least 50 zero’s behind it. No discussion is allowed, other than the universities attempt to hide that fact in their “23 and me” champagne. To disguise reality, and assert: “yes we can play god”. Indeed they do, by deliberately injecting chaos; in an effort “to make their own life”. Its called SATAN; because religious or not it fits.

That leaves extreme energy experimentation; which we can discuss, because it is simple and plain, and can be proven truth or lie. We begin with the absolutely obvious: which universities deny and refuse to obey. The first simple truth is: that all atomic energy comes from the spin of an atom: where the energy itself is stored. It is very simple physics. Because that spin is so extreme, it is and it always will be, IMPOSSIBLE to claim fusion exists. NO you cannot simply throw more stuff into a spinning nucleus/ it will bounce out. Or as an atomic explosion exhibits; be the cause of chaos released. The burning of an atom (which is what universities are trying to do_) is different; and will NOT be discussed. The second obvious truth is: that when you have a spinning amount of mass; YOU MUST hold that spin in place, with an opposing amount of energy, which is in fact even more than the centrifugal force generated by the mass in motion. That is called “dark energy”; and it exists in every atomic nucleus or they would not exist; because the energy would cause the mass to fly apart. “Think rock on a string, spinning at the end of your hand”. It is very simple physics. Given that truth, we know that burning the bond which holds an atom together as is what happens on the sun: is going to release the dark energy inside/ along with the kinetic energy of mass in motion as is the opposite effect. Which produces solar gravitational pull/ NOT, some damn imaginary element that cannot exist as universities claim. The fire we use on earth burns the molecular bond between elements/ not atoms as does the sun; which means all atoms are fuel for the sun, and that causes a reduction in mass of the sun over time. So the earth age can be calculated by how much fuel has burned; and how big did the sun have to be for the imaginary, claimed “billions of years old”.

These first three, are enough all by themselves are enough to prove: that not only are the universities WRONG in their conclusion that they can control the same fire as is on the sun; even discarding the radiation. But they are gambling with every life on earth, and we will all lose our home; and burn in the same fire as is on the sun; when ignited/ even causing the earth to explode and our presence in the solar system to be erased. That is the cost of their being WRONG. ARE YOU, prepared to let them be wrong? Because they won’t stop on their own; playing god is just too much fun.

Even if you don’t agree with me: these are clearly enough to establish, WE SHOULD AT LEAST REQUIRE A FULL DISCLOSURE; about what is so perfect in the university world; that they can in fact gamble with every living thing on the planet/ every future life/ and even the planet itself; along with the solar system that is our home.

UNLIKE any other thing in history: nothing the universities do in terms of extreme experimentation, in energy or biology can be undone. I remind you again. According to university calculations: instantly becomes 4,000,000 times  MORE, once ignition is achieved {In terms of sheer scale, the energy potential of the fusion reaction is superior to all other energy sources that we know on Earth. Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times more than nuclear fission. https://www.iter.org/sci/makingitwork  }  their words not mine.

The mutilation of DNA IS: the mutilation of nature itself! As is true of disease, the worst pandemics coming when species boundaries are crossed (which they do every day) “once out of pandora’s box”/ you cannot put the curse back in; and life itself will fail.

Oh wait; I forgot: you can wait and see, if the earth itself will ignite to burn atoms and become a sun. or mutilating nature is bad. Or all resources are gone! After all, its not like you have a choice: OR, IS IT much more simply; “YOU just don’t give a damn”/ until reality threatens you with absolute destruction. And then it will simply be: “just too damn late”. But don’t worry; cause that, is literally what you chose!

Oh wait: I forgot; you can just judge me; because the evidence simply doesn’t matter. The cost of being wrong, simply doesn’t matter. Extinction simply doesn’t matter: because “unless I can prove to be perfect or god”; I don’t matter. Which is true, I don’t matter; with regards to whether you live or die: the evidence does. Which means: if you judge me, and the evidence is true: you lose your life, your children, and your world. Now is that a fair trade or what? Better ask the universities after all: you have no brain of your own, they stole it.

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Jim Osterbur

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