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The right, and the responsibility to change our society as we see fit/ according to constitutional intent. Is as basic to our freedom, as life is to our home. Accordingly the values we represent as our way of life/ the foundation of our laws and our rights as a society: are formed and created through the decisions that we make.

A representative is: someone who seeks to honor society by making the best decisions he or she can in order to sustain the protect that society/ even if some are not happy. A representative establishes why, and seeks to tell society what they accept as true. The good of the whole super-cedes the want of a few. A politician is someone who tells humanity whatever it wants to hear, in order to get elected/ and then makes whatever decision either greed or power desires them to make. Hiding the fact, of consequences for the future. “See the difference”?

We need to change a vast amount of things in order for this world to survive. Not a game, that is our reality, and few are willing to pay the price/ because they believe whatever they want to believe regardless of the consequences for the future of life or planet. The failure to pay the price for a future we can survive: is extinction coming very soon. With no chance to alter that reality, once past the point of no return: we are simply too many people, and the consequences of extremely bad decisions cannot be undone.

So the question is: do you have a brain? Because if you don’t, and like all religious zealots do: the refusal to believe the evidence, and accept the realities of what is true; leads only to hell. With a brain: the reality/ not the fantasy, makes our decision for us. Because we have already gone past the point of options: what is true must now decide, or we are doomed. It is that simple; because we are surrounded by extreme threats, that will suddenly “flood over the barriers” and make us all drown.

You are not to “believe” in me or anyone: that is not how having a brain works. You are to accept the price for investigating the reality of evidence that is attainable/ and the consequences for being wrong: about decisions that fail to intervene, for life comes first. Simple as that, no leader/ no excuses/ no one to blame but you. You are to make a decision: that then identifies and creates the foundation of your choice. Which will be either FOR LIFE, comes first/ OR, for want, pride, power, hate, and all the rest which has brought us to the door of our own extinction. One or the other will rule/ as it has done up to this date: throughout the decades. The one foundation of human choice I have personally witnessed in over 99% of American society is: WE WANT to be rich/ to be winner/ to be whatever we want to be; without cost. Or more clearly “you want: a million dollars for a dime” rather than free. So you can claim to be: “the winner/ so damn smart, nobody is like me”. So here we are facing extinction: even though you won’t admit to it, regardless of the evidence. Because you are either certain “not in my lifetime (assassinating the child)” or you are certain “God, will never let anything like that happen/ even though biblically it already has once. Noah’s story has evidence: as all the fossil fuels we burn could not have been gathered and buried: without that occurrence.

Reality states: life is at the door of extinction/ I don’t ask you to believe that. I do ask you to investigate that as a fact which must be determined throughout society for the sake of our future. In a courtroom is best: so that all necessary steps can be taken to insure what is true, and only what is true must be given, as testimony. With penalties for fraud.

If you can find a brain among you: life or death for our world enjoins you with me, in determining what is true must decide for our future/ because we cannot allow deception to make us extinct. We must identify what our future can or will become; as best we can. Because extreme realities of experimentation are occurring/ and extreme resource loss is occurring/ and extreme environmental change is occurring/ and extreme water loss is occurring/ and the oceans are in extreme trouble due to the cost of humanity/ and people are mutilating nature (claiming chaos is good)/ and people are trying to ignite nuclear fire/ and extreme human population pressures will end all hope of recovery: if, we have not already reached the point of no return.

Beyond that identification of knowledge, whereby we can create an understanding among ourselves: for a distinct decision instead of falling into horrors. The reality is that we must create NEW LAWS, as a world. And remove from ourselves the threat of weapons of mass destruction/ along with endless other choices for life comes first. In a democracy WE HAVE THE RIGHT, to make our own laws by vote; within constitutional intent. As is true of the amendments/ or ten commandments: the correct words, can cover a lot of territory. And once the law is done correctly, it need not be done again.

WE MUST CHANGE, which means WE ALL MUST ACCEPT THIS IS NOT ONLY NECESSARY: if we don’t, we do die/ taking every life, and every child with us. That can only be done, with an acceptance of knowledge: that cannot be divided into fantasies or failure. We MUST know what is true, or we cannot make a fair and honest decision. Nor can you stick with that decision in order to bring about a new form of living, on earth. We must know what is true; as human society across this planet! Simple as that.

The masses will say: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE DON’T WANT THIS; because it is not what we want. We want to be rich, and more!

You will tell them instead: with threats as massive as these, which all the evidence demands are true. You cannot be rich any longer/ you can only be dead soon: taking with you every living thing on earth as your participation in the eternal destruction of a living world of life. To your eternal shame and consequences. Simple as that.

The exception to this work and this opportunity to resurrect life before it fails forever: is the honesty of our reality. The possibility you will accept what is true, and stop lying to yourselves is all but an impossibility; even if you might try. As does reality prove true. Even so, I must hope; as the reality of your final failure is just too sad.

Some will take exception to the idea, “universities swallowed and stole your brain”/ as is clearly the result of every cult.

However I will offer you this in exchange for those words: you accept and believe in evolution, which the universities demand is simply chaos (total destruction), becoming order/ they demand, “all life was made, by simply going shopping for it”; without a brain, or a tool, or anything we all know is required to build anything.

Their evolution is like me saying to you: that your computer/ your internet/ your wiring or hardware or any other piece of part of “modern life”; was all an accident. That happened because everything was being destroyed, and something survived total destruction as is true chaos. NOT A SINGLE BRAIN CELL INVOLVED. Yet you would not believe that for an instant. Yet you will believe that evolution exists, even though life is so much more complicated: NOBODY fully understands. See how degraded, and disrespectful you are?

Or we can examine global warming: with its constant media propaganda to assert “no such thing” even though the amount of ice that has been melted off this planet in the last decade or two is equal to 20 miles high/ by 20 miles wide/ by 20 miles long. Because you release heat. Yet the majority cannot find the evidence, because they just won’t care.

So I will try to help you until the biblical end of mercy: July 9, 2019 (by Daniel 12/ the countdown of days). Which begins with the great abomination. That first experiment (April 1, 2012 at NIF), which could have ignited a nuclear fire “just like on the sun”. Which will ignite this earth into a sun, upon ignition: because there is literally NO POSSIBILITY OF PUTTING THE FLAME OUT. When their theories and fantasies all turn out to be wrong. Ending all life, and changing this solar system forever. NO greater abomination could exist. Which makes that, the beginning of the end. Unless there is true change in humans. 

What you believe does not matter/ what you want to be true does not matter/ what you don’t want to be true, is useless/ every lie will fail; and only truth will decide the outcome of all these threats. Even if you won’t believe they are true/ reality itself will decide. As is consistent with the laws of this universe. You have failed discipline, causing order to be in disarray throughout the balancing of this earth. Those failures cannot be overcome with lies. Seek the truth or die. No belief/ no religion/ no exceptions; reality states “life or death” for earth.

You will of course say to me: “we cannot all be wrong/ that is the blessing of our group”. But alas, just like armies do; “the Nazi’s were only one”/ big groups do not have to be correct. Just like the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki “all was well”/ just before a nuclear bomb exploded. Every religion claims to be “the only one”/ and yet no religion has been able to prove that completely true. Because they are written by men, in the language of men, with the understanding of men, and largely for the purposes of men: they are even “heard, by the mind of men”. So unless men and their words are perfect, then neither can your religion be.

What we can depend upon is truth/ but that exists only when proven to be consistent by the reality of consequences. The consequences of human population growing by over one billion more mouths to feed every five years: has consequences. As do all the other threats we face; including weapons of mass destruction. Like a bullet: “you can’t put it back into the gun, once it is fired”: the consequence will be, what it will be. Your option is to make a different choice, before the point of no return has pasted.

I know: you are believers so you don’t have to take responsibility for your decisions/ or any decisions; “just going to claim its not my fault/ I had to do it, or discard it, or whatever the excuse is”. In terms of life or death for this world: THERE ARE NO EXCUSES; either you did do something for life/ or you did not. Simple as that. Do not spend time on believers: they cannot do more than want to hide in their beliefs. I have in the past made efforts. Even for a few, I drug them out of their hole “with chains and a bulldozer so to speak: making them admit to the evidence is true. But within a short time, they ran right back into their hole: so as to not make that decision. Go search for the people who own their own brain.

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