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Of the many basic lessons, that must be achieved in order to understand nuclear realities, the most important are these.

  1. That energy: the transformation of time into its base construction: that is what does move vs what does not move. That reality of movement/ as well as the ability to remain secured: is contained within the ability to use force. What determines physical force, is then the basis of time.
  2. The foundation of all physical forces in this universe is based upon nuclear construction: which is called “a proton kinetic mass at the center”/ surrounded by a neutron containment vessel composed of dark matter-energy. With electrons surrounding it as a means of transferring small amounts of that energy into the basis of what we call time.
  3. The actual construction of an atom, which holds the energy that we know is released in an atomic bomb: is not a simple fantasy. Instead the only known method of establishing and containing that energy is to “spin the proton”. A proton is a physical mass, and as the energy equation states: mass times speed = energy. Exactly how fast the proton must spin to establish the energy released in an atomic bomb: could be calculated but it is irrelevant. We can use Einsteins speed: which was introduced as, a proton spinning at the speed of light squared. Therein we now have energy of motion. At a speed which transfers incredible amounts of force, from very tiny weights in motion.
  4. In conjunction with this force, is the necessity to balance its motion/ and contain that proton as separate from the physical world apart from electron interference: so that it retains the energy, and then participates in time, by building the necessary interactions to achieve order, discipline, and balance. Time is not chaos: order/ discipline/ and balance destroyed. Time is the measured interaction of sustainable realities.
  5. TO BALANCE, DISCIPLINE, AND ACHIEVE ORDER in the atomic world: there must be an opposite force, which can then retain and control the kinetic forces. Science calls this “dark matter-energy”. Because they cannot visually identify it apart from finding an occurrence which cannot be explained in any other way. An atom MUST have an outward force to establish energy, AND the opposing force, which controls all invading peripheral influences: so as not to lose or endanger the spin/ or the atom decays, and loses its energy to exist.
  6. Dark force or anti-matter-energy is now viewed as a “black hole”/ wherein the known kinetic energy such as light, is drawn in, never to reappear. This black hole then proves the occurrence that it does in fact appear as a greater force, than does kinetic energy. So the question is: how do they meet, and what keeps dark matter-energy from completely overcoming kinetic forces?
  7. One method of conceptualizing kinetic energy versus dark energy: is to recognize, the differences in hot and cold. Kinetic energy is “hot (pushing out)”/ while dark energy is then cold (drawn in). To achieve a stable, sustainable atomic environment, there must not be an elemental exchange between hot and cold. Not even a little, or the atom decays into “without value”. Therefore a gap between the proton and the neutron does exist. The electron portal, at each axis point (least active spot); is the only bridge between the two.
  8. What you must now comprehend is: while the electron performs all the various functions which give us time; as an intermediary between the energy that is available, and the order that is disciplined, by natural balance between the two. The human disease of interference has now begun its assault on the very basis of earth time itself. They want to discard the disciplines of order/ removing the balance that sustains our existence: and burn the atomic bond that resides between kinetic and dark energy, so that a nuclear fire can arise. And have built machines to do that very thing. They want, to bring the nuclear fire on the sun, here to this earth. A fire that cannot be extinguished, because the fuel is an atom.


  1. THEIR claim for fusion is: that they can combine two atoms of hydrogen into a helium atom/ and the resultant heat loss is enough to “fuel the sun”.
    1. It is an absolute lie: because they prove not to know how the energy of an atom exists. Ask them?
    2. It is an absolute lie: because the only physical medium for containing energy in a balanced state is by spin. Which makes the combining of protons in two atoms, to make one new atom or proton; utterly impossible/ cannot be done.
    3. When pressures and temperatures are applied at a nuclear level, the spinning protons collide and explode.
  1. THEIR CLAIM: is, that a graviton (an element that is NOT found in nature/ nor have they ever created) exists. Even though their claim is then that the graviton is fifteen times bigger than lead. Pure fantasy.
    1. There is a reason why atomic elements stop at a specified weight. The inertia of motion makes it impossible for them to be self sustainable. The physical forces are simply too great/ the neutron coating (read my book: “building time; James F. Osterbur/ at kindle books) cannot contain it.
    2. There version of an element graviton: is equivalent to comparing a standard size marble/ to a basketball. Do you see the problem?
  1. THEIR CLAIM: is, that the entire sun is engulfed by tremendous temperatures and pressures: from the inside core, out. Making the fuel which powers the sun fully engaged from its conception. Which means no fuel is left to power a supernova event (more fuel added)/ NOR is there any fuel available for continued burning as is the known reality of thousands of years that we can prove it has. Or more simply you cannot burn all the fuel/ and still keep the fire burning. Once the fuel is gone/ the fire goes out.


THE SUN, sustains itself by creating a nuclear plasma that cannot be defeated. Or more simply, that nuclear fire exists, because the atoms being consumed are rubbing against each other, to frictionally release their energy over time. ONCE THE PLASMA reaches a sustainable state, the nuclear fire cannot be extinguished. Www.ITER.ORG exists as a last ditch effort, to build enough plasma in concentration: to cause that ignition event.

  1. They have built a machine with the intent to use 50 million watts of electrical energy to create a large plasma event.
  2. They have stated (even if now removed) that their fusion event will cause an instantaneous 4 million times more release of energy than the equivalent of coal. A bomb!
  3. They have established 50 million watts of input, times 4 million more: equaling an internal to the machine release of 200 million watts of pressure and heat. Which means the vessel will be breached/ but not before the atoms involved are forced into a tiny area, which then becomes the frictional cause of a nuclear fire.
  4. Just the radiation from this event will be enough to kill all of Europe in a few hours. As is consistent with what we do know about our sun.
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