In the disciplines created by our own values, the foundation of what we choose to accept, believe, decide, or attempt are all determined by the relationship we share with the others. This is ultimately, the essence of a herd/ or a pack: dependent upon the animals/ creatures involved. Every animal is driven by fate. Fate is the consequence of what has become true, by the realities of every action or reaction that has been established. Whether chosen or not, as a direct result of values.

The difference between animal and human is: the conception of thought, as it intertwines in our definitions of truth. Therefrom truth identifies the creation of our own identity, and we form the basis and foundation of our lives from the destiny we did choose. Destiny means: we let truth, as the elemental desire of “our heart”, decide our journey, the consequence of that truth being, “this does survive” the test of time.

The elemental arrival of love as a destiny, is thereby tested to determine if in fact: you are capable of eternity. Nothing less will survive even truth, because the end result of eternity is: that we must value life itself, or it will fade away into oblivion. Love alone stands against the death wall, that is time.

Therefore we are tested, with all things relevant to existence. Existence is, the elemental truth: that we are either alive or dead. There is no true middle ground.

Given that direction, as the fundamental need: to interfere in the cause and consequences, that are human indifference toward life itself/ the destruction of this world, so that no others will ever receive the chance to make their own decisions about life or love. The reality of “university leads us here”; enters as the primary depository of human decision, in this day.

A decision means: the human intellect, with all its “yes, I can/ NO, you can’t”; is fraught with plotting, planning, deceit, destitution, prostitution (I will buy it), and every possibility of avoiding reality with lies. THAT, level of the human dimension (between animal “want”/ and disciplines beyond want) create behavior. Dependent upon where you choose to reside in your own existence.

Living beyond the dimensional restrictions, as is the ascension to being “ALIVE”; rather than life. Demands the elemental rise of truth shall decide for me, as I am its servant/ rather than, simple time. This asserts that time is a master over life, by its connection with truth; as opposed to its reality with death.

To assemble a proper knowledge of life, requires the acceptance of foundation principles that must not be dismissed. There are three rules:

  1. you must think for yourself/ which means there can be no herd or pack of people to help you decide for yourself. No congregation to proclaim “amen”: as is we agree. Your thought, is yours alone/ even if the others do agree, or not. This is the meaning of identity: yours and yours alone. Nothing less can stand against the eternity of existence.
  2. You must accept that truth decides your fate and your direction and your values. There is no other choice. The consequence of that is purity, and the reality of what can or cannot be proven true: is dependent upon the creation of your own heart. Heart means, I have found creation in me.
  3. Value is the distinction beyond belief, where acceptance lives and breathes in the essence of what can be real. Value identifies love, as destiny: destiny exists within the structural framework that goes beyond the wall of death, to complete the foundation that is life cherished by the reality we have become. Where we choose to live in thought, where we seek our purpose within the desire to be truth itself: becomes our home.

Within those statements are the elements of my own discipline; which demands of me, “you shall NOT lead them”. They must choose for themselves. Because nothing less is sustainable. Even if the world is lost!

What may seem disjointed to you/ as a direction that goes back and forth: rather than like “water flowing to the same place”. Is a deliberate decision, to interrupt your patterns of thought; and establish your own search for truth; as it exists to be in you.

Our world is in trouble; our lives; our nature; your children; our everything is threatened with extinction. Because the simple truth of it is: you cannot simply take everything and anything you want. The population rise is too great, and the reality is utterly unsustainable: because you have overridden nature itself. To play god. As can be seen in numerous threats of extinction across this planet soon to be dead: humans are not god/ and the universities are not “to be trusted”. Because they want to play god, and make up stories to pretend they are god.

Humanity will change, or it will die. Because that is what you chose: by even refusing to investigate the possibilities of a “university being wrong”. Or threats so severe we cannot possibly survive as life on this planet. NOT EVEN, when they are trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. Wrong means the earth does become a sun. Simple as that! How can you not care?

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