The constant of man, when threatened by anything is : “you can’t scare me/ I will scare you: I will do even worse”. Their ears shut/ their eyes go blind/ their minds fuse together in one continuous scream for war: kill them we must not fear. UNLESS they truly are scared, in which case they commonly run away to hide. If the opportunity is available: they will ridicule and berate the competition, so as to gather some minimal courage together by proving “I got away with this”. Those who ridicule then become the leaders, because at least they were not completely hidden from view. If they are allowed to feel safe again: the one who made them fear is now an object to be discarded, incarcerated, or plundered (can’t stop us now). The answer of fear in men is murder: you can’t scare me now! But unfortunately, for life on earth, the threats of today are so far beyond the limits of what murder and war can do/ that it is pitiful, and utterly useless, to even conceive of such things.

While it is true that humanity has been able to discard (we won’t care)/ incarcerate (you shall not make this public)/ and plunder (we take what we want): NONE of the threats have disappeared. You will soon be extinct, without true change. The point of no return by biblical prophecy is July 9, 2019/ and that ends all my own responsibility to act, or react for life.

So let’s talk: you believe everything is fine, and it will go on forever/ in a very finite world, that is now overrun with over 8 billion people/ with a nature and environment that is being ravaged and raped in every conceivable way. You have played god, and lost: your home will soon be gone/ your food supplies will be ravaged and lost/ your water supplies ended/ all resources in your garbage mountains; and that is just the start. Simple as that, because you chose it, and would not step back from the edge of your own extinction. It takes a brain to do that; and the university cult, and their followers, won’t allow it.

As to me: I have tried media in various ways, their answer is always “the university is god”. I have tried the courts from tiny to US supreme court, their answer is always “the university is god/ the public has no right to know”. I have tried the policing, military, and terrorist watchdog groups: who assume even with the evidence in hand, that I must be the terrorist/ because I am not bowed down to the university is god. I have tried the politicians: which gather together in fear/ because they would have to admit to being wrong; and they can’t have that. I have tried religion, who insists “our god would never let anything like the end of this world happen”; but alas their true god is the university. And as always they can’t be questioned; “they are god”. I have tried the public at large, and apart from one in ten thousand or so; all agree: “we don’t care, not even for my own child, not even for a world threatened with our planet becoming a sun/ we want to be rich”. Or, don’t tell me nothing/ I want my excuse! The foundation of it of course is: “we will run away and hide; so nothing bad can get me”.

Alas, you can’t hide from an entire planet in chaos (which will include cannibalism and more), or being engulfed by a nuclear fire. Because that is what you chose to do; by allowing the universities to play god. By believing they are your savior, and cannot be questioned. Just like doctors: get a bad diagnosis and “you believe” regardless of the reality. Because you want the doctor to be “one hundred percent correct”. Because you want the doctor to save you, and you have no clue how to do this yourself; so it is easier never to ask questions/ so you can be excused from a bad result.

Alas, in terms of killing this planet and all its life: you have no excuse. You have chosen your god “as the university”/ and you have worshiped those who brought you to the edge of extinction: by claiming or accepting “the universities cannot be questioned”. Simple as that. Even though the evidence is insurmountable, that ALL OF HUMANITY, must change what it does.

These are the facts of our day, and the research of it has lasted over forty years: as we have deteriorated from a place of peace and life/ into the cascade of death that is approaching from every side. Like sliding down a mountain/ or falling off a cliff: once the point of no return has pasted, there is no going back. Not with prayers/ not with guns/ not with tears: death by extinction will be clear.

The zealots of your, “university knows cult”; as has been consistent throughout the decades: will continue to utterly refuse to assemble the public. So the universities can be questioned: what happens when this goes wrong? Because after all, the universities have gotten away with “murder” a million times before/ changing things but never facing the consequences for what they did do. Because nature and planet both, overrun their truth. Today however, with new tools and new methods, and realities that are obviously gambling with “literally everything that keeps us alive”/ the opportunity to survive a major cult choice has faded into oblivion. Nothing says that louder: than the decision to bring the same energy source here upon this earth as is fuel for the sun.

With endless fantasy, and NO hard facts other than theories based upon fantasy: they gamble with our planet. In a literal ONE TIME ONLY EVENT; that is the ignition of “atoms on fire”. Pretending to themselves that they can control it: even though everything is made of atoms/ which means everything is fuel. So no means of throttling, or extinguishing the fire exists. NOT TO WORRY they say, “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”. Wrong of course is the earth becomes a sun; and you, your child, your everything will be incinerated.

But alas, as always; as the decades have proven true: you cannot question the cult of university/ nor even ask them “what happens if the fire does not go out”? As if you didn’t know for sure! Or what happens when the geneticists who are deliberately trying to destroy genetic order/ discipline/ balance and more: get their way. Like the physicists who say “the fire will just extinguish itself”. The geneticists say: “we will learn how to be gods this way/ just like we have always learned by destroying something to see what happens”. Alas, they want to destroy life itself: what could possibly go wrong with that? Is it worth letting them play god? Open their doors, and look inside: the reality will not be less than what physicists are trying to do (ignite the planet into a sun). It is likely, that the physicists who destroy us with fire/ will be more merciful than the geneticists who make mutilation and hell by terrors unleashed in everything called life. A horror you cannot even imagine. But hey, I know as I have been told from the very beginning “you got better things to do/ let someone else”. YOU just want what you want. And YOU SURE AS HELL; don’t want none of this. So you run away.

Alas, every single threat is still here, and growing into a cataclysmic unstoppable extinction event: without mercy for anyone. But then: you just don’t care; you are going to be RICH; LEAVE US ALONE! Now ain’t that right? Of course it is, as I have literally, been told BY 99% for forty plus years.

I remove my complaint “shame on you”. As this is your choice, and you earned the full extent of what you paid for. As a worker/ you deserve your pay. As a worker for what you want: by discarding life and planet, you made your choice. Freedom allows it, and a choice backed by freedom is not shameful/ it is a decision with consequences. The fact you have broken the laws which keep you alive; simply identify the truth, that what you want, was bound together by lies. So what you get will be the consequences of what those lies brought together for your future.

I will try not to be sad for life on earth; I did do, the best I realistically could do. Alas, you would have none of it. A choice you made.

A reality of constantly calling me a fool, for the majority: for even trying to fight for this world. As each insisted “you can’t change anything”/ or take all you can get. Religion of course said: if this is the prophecy, then it cannot be stopped; so we don’t have to do NOTHING. And they went on their merry way, absolutely certain “god would never let such a thing happen”: and that proves, “they DON’T HAVE to do anything”. Not even for all life, all future life, or the planet itself. “cause they KNOW” WHAT GOD would or would not do. After all, they got a university to tell them. And everyone knows: if the television doesn’t complain/ then all is safe, because they tell us all what to think. Now isn’t that so?

“it will be great” after all: when the religious person stands “at the gate of eternity” and is asked, “WHAT, did you do for life”? They will proudly respond, “I DIDN’T DO NOTHING”. Gee, what could be wrong with that/ after all, that will be true. Besides, don’t you deserve to “be god too”/ it will be great: right ?

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