Spiritual means: inside the barrier, between life/ death/ and eternity. It is a place where truth meets energy, by the consequences of law. Law governs the universe, and it holds truth as its ultimate witness as to the facts. Truth is then the foundation upon which all judgment, or mercy arises.

So the question is: can the evidence of truth, law, and spirit be found? Or more simply, since the universities claim “everything arose entirely by accident”/ can they be proven wrong, with the evidence at hand?

Well let’s start with our own reality: since nothing is built from chaos/ since it is well known, without order, discipline, or balance through justice; there is only war/ and war is chaos in limited forms. Since the law is fundamentally acknowledged by all branches of knowledge and understanding; even among men: as a vital element in the preservation of society and life. Since it is critical to the essence of life itself, that there must be “more than just body” to identify the creation of miracles as do surround us. Even the slightest rudimentary examination of the facts will prove that law, truth, and even spirit can be found in support of our existence.

Law, truth, and spirit are all elemental to the transportation of thought, into the varieties of conception, that are necessary to rise above simple existence. Or, what is real and not imaginary, does matter. So it is simply true: the universities are wrong. Life plainly arose from thought, truth, law, order, balance, spirit, and love (there does need to be a value worth living for). But even that is not enough without energy, environment, disciplines, justified participation, mass, and time. So not only is chaos NOT the foundation of life or anything else but destruction/ it is plainly not even a possibility. Which functionally means: it descends into LIE AND LIAR; as of course does evolution.

Every form of university construction concerning the reality of our existence; is more fantasy than truth. The only thing they have gotten right is the evidence of a “big bang”/ as the distribution of mass throughout the known universe. They failed all forms of “time” in that regard: NOT EVEN accepting their own big bang initiated, with materials thrown in connection as: “for every action there is a reaction”. Or the center of the big bang explosion would be essentially empty with all mass distributed around it. Which divides their assertion of time for this universe in half.

Next on the list of ignorance is the reality of atomic spin. The evidence as is proven by an atomic weapon: of energies so extreme they are unlike anything in the orderly transition of time as we know it to be true. We know the weight of the atomic matter put into a nuclear bomb/ and we know the yield of energy that is exploded. Thereby we can easily know what the spin of an atom is. As that is where the energy itself is stored. So then the question is: HOW did that degree of spin arise into the balanced state of an atom. Fortunately I need not calculate anything as your universities have all established their own belief as Einstein stated. ENERGY = mass times the speed of light squared. So they either must prove Einstein wrong; or we have our speed. What is important about that speed is: it rearranges the values used by universities: to identify their measurement of time in this universe. As we all know: their calculations are based upon the speed of light. But if in fact the speed of light squared was correct/ then instead of billions of years in existence. This universe is MUCH LESS OLD. How is that not so? Go ahead and calculate that for yourselves. The energy came from somewhere; if not the big bang/ then where? Just saying its all from chaos is not enough.

Even so, the primary impact of fools and liars in charge: is to remove the reality of miracles from you/ so that you throw yourselves in the trash. Killing eternity, to join them. How tragic is that? Decide for yourselves.

LIFE IS then a relationship with energy/ NOT chaos; as everyone with a body knows. “ever been sick”: that was a touch of chaos; disrupting the order and disciplines which make your body work. “ever been sad or lonely or depressed or other”? That was your mind experiences a touch of chaos; disrupting the balance of what is or is not peace and happiness consistent with a miracle of existence. ENERGY is the potential difference, between what moves, and what cannot be moved. Within that potential, there is an opportunity for spirit. Because life is about the potential for movement overcoming the residual effect of being anchored and without movement. To achieve any such change in existence, the spiritual delivery of thought into energy must occur. Or more distinctly: “there are more things you do not understand”.

What exists as spirit, exists without time. It is humanity that exists with time/ not life. Life exists within the boundaries formed by the cause and effect: of more things you do not understand/ and I need NOT explain it to you. Suffice it to say: “your university gods” have done you no favors at all! Even if you say, we live longer by their medicine. The reality is: how are you so certain, they didn’t make you sick/ therefrom enslaved? With endless chemicals, and more. Take a good look at age; and decide: if time is enough/ or life is something more.


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