reality states

reality states

Reality states, that if the burden of evidence/ the essence of knowledge and understanding, already displayed here on this site is not enough for you: to accept the need to do something for your world, your life, your child, your future. Then nothing can touch your life; as you have given it completely away to want. Even though that will be impossible for you to sustain. 8 billion people taking everything they can gather every day; 365 days a year/ with all expecting or wanting one hundred years to do so. 8 billion people all saying “we will just go get more”/ on a very finite planet, that is truly being destroyed: are delusional at best. Nothing in this world can save you, without true human change: of basically everything. Because you, humanity on earth: have changed this world. Nature can no longer undo all the harm you create; it is that simple. You must undo it, change; or you will go extinct. Far sooner than you expect! Even now, war begins to sizzle; in a world stockpiled with weapons of mass destruction/ and endless numbers of people who believe they want to use them. A world that adds another billion people “by the numbers, that are real”; every five years or less. No excuse will be tolerated from anyone: either fight for your world, life itself on earth with the disciplines of law and justice/ or die. It is that simple.

I can do little more for you; because I cannot make you change. Only you can do that. Only you can accept the price of continuing in time, is to respect this world, and its Creator. “Save yourselves, live with truth (this can survive, and keep us alive) as your leader”. Simple as that.

Biblical prophecy as is Daniel 12 “countdown to the end of time”. States that the point of no return (nothing can be done now) will occur on July 9, 2019. that prophecy is governed by “the great abomination”: which is clearly in front of you on this homepage. Humanity believing it can ignite the same fire as is on the sun (one million mile long flames/ burn your skin from 91+ million miles away in summer). That , same fire as is on the sun: which if it does not extinguish itself, as they predict “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. Turns our planet into another sun: same energy/ same fire/ same result, once ignition has been achieved. Altering the solar system itself!

Likewise, if we pass by July 9, 2019 without significant human definitions of “we understand, and will accept change is needed”. Biblical prediction extends to judgment day end of time on earth: will be May 6, 2021. Biblical prophecy not mine.

Not a game, threats capable of extinction; on every side.

Just so its clear: you cannot hide behind the invisible wall of your religion (can’t get me here) and survive. Whether that is “old style religion or the new university is god”. Because the simple truth is: what you want or don’t want/ will not save you from yourselves. Truth, respect, and honest values for the sanctity of life can save you, if you hurry. If you refuse, even that will fail. I do not devalue your religion here. I merely recognize: beyond the point of no return, nobody comes back from the consequences that will establish our extinction. As to religion itself: only what is true will survive, or enable you to survive beyond the state of time. We are given freedom to choose for ourselves/ which does mean, if you choose extinction: even if you don’t recognize the reality of what you are doing. That is the choice you made. GOD rarely intervenes in the freedom of humanity to decide your own fate, or destiny. Noah’s flood was real; as is proven by all the fossil fuels we use. “life” gathered together and buried sometimes thousands of feet deep; could not have been accomplished, across the planet; by anything other than a world wide flood. And as proven by fossil fuels and more: there was an abundance of life to die!

As for me, my own existence on this earth is greatly affected by what you do or refuse to do for life and planet. Just as it is for you. We are in this together/ because we are too many people on earth, for any other way. This is about life or death for the entire planet; every living thing; and every future living truth. How could that not be true?

As for me: while it can be said, that more intricate details and information should have been given sooner/ it is true, that more information that convicts you of your failures, or allows the university to endanger life even more; has a price, you don’t want to pay. While that information is now available in large part: the reality is, you are so close to extinction, it will no longer matter.

As you look outside your door and say “what extinction/ we are doing great”! I remind you simply, just as life can end in an instant when you were not expecting it: so too is the reality of our day. The list of threats is long, the short list is on www.justtalking5.info but there are more. Just like igniting the fuse on a “stick of dynamite” has no immediate effect that endangers you. Few fail to understand, the consequences of what that fuse on fire does in fact mean: when attached to an explosive. Soon you won’t be able to feed yourselves/ soon there won’t be any water for you to drink/ soon overpopulation will demand war/ soon the ocean life will disappear/ soon the ignition of a nuclear fire will exist, to take all life away/ soon pandemics will appear, and life itself will be mutilated beyond repair. And that is just the beginning of what you have been doing as a world; led by “university knows everything; and their priests of media, who insure along with the courts and policing, politics, and religion; that nobody asks a question”: of your university gods/ or “their own god books”. After all, they are perfect; right!

Life or death is up to you, for this world. Simple as that. You are the explosive that will soon make life impossible here.

My soul is now spiritually linked to “female as well as male” believe it or not; is completely irrelevant to me/ as it is true. THAT has provided the last several years of work on your behalf. Or more simply: while there are benefits and costs/ changed values, realities, and disciplines; I have paid enough for you.

The reality of “spiritual female and me” comes down too: my participation in this fight for life on earth, was at the stage of war (only male choice left, in ways you do not comprehend)/ which was guaranteed to fail. Because war requires NO thought on your behalf. The only alternative was to ask: what is, “the female way”? That, did not turn out as expected, but even so: it was not war, which gives life its chance. The constant of today is “she gets to decide”/ as I had failed. In that regard: Today, even you can identify large pieces of what the biblical book of Revelations was talking about: when viewed through all the things humanity has been doing. There is a video; as bland as I could make it; because I am not allowed to lead/ on www.justtalking6.info if you wish to look. As to this work: it dies on July 10, 2019; as the potential for change ends/ my responsibilities end with that date; as will these sites stop soon after. You can donate to leave them open/ or donate more and I will help you communicate to the world if enough; until that date passes by. This fight for life and planet has been over forty years and more. I did my share. I spent my lifetime. I gave away the possibilities for all other things; as life or death for our world comes first.

Live or die, it is your choice. It is your world, and the consequences you created: unless you fight your way back to CREATION ITSELF, as is RESPECT FOR GOD and JESUS.

Because they are the value, that keeps this world alive.

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